Monday, January 28, 2008

7 Random Facts

I was tagged by Ms Jaci Burton to reveal 7 random facts about myself. Here goes!

1. I washed my car at 8 a.m. in the morning a few days ago. Why? So I wouldn't I did last week, and the week before and...

2. I don't like "raw" cheese. I'll eat it on pizza, but don't give me a cheese sandwich.

3. I'm really good at making piles of stuff. Manuscripts, books, clothes. It all ends up in piles. Why? It's one of the mysteries of the universe.

4. I love handbags. I'm such a girl.

5. When I was little, I used to eat flowers. They tasted good!

6. I've walked on the old city wall around Xian, China.

7. I wrote my first complete romance novel when I was eighteen. I submitted it, too.

Instead of tagging specific people since I think a few of you have already done this meme, I'm tagging everyone who hasn't! :-)


Rue said...

I did the meme.

loonigrrl said...

*gasps in horror* What?!?! You don't like raw cheese??! Craziness!!! I swear, I think my diet wouldn't be such a struggle if I could kick my cheese addiction.

Btw- totally jealous about #6.

Jill Monroe said...

Nothing wrong with piles of stuff!

That's a great story about you writing your first romance at 18!

Jennifer K. said...

7 random facts, huh? Let's see.

1) I rubbed a stone carving at a castle in Ireland ... twice ... to show that it was a bunch of Irish blarney that you'd end up pregnant with twins within a year if you rubbed it. Hah! I won.

2) I was in an elevator ... alone ... with Sherrilyn Kenyon at the N.Y. RT convention a number of years ago and managed to not press stop and beg for an advance copy of her latest.

3) I've been proposed to, twice, in different countries by guys I'd just met. Something's wrong with me in the U.S., obviously, as I've received NO proposals here.

4) One of the reporters I work with told me a couple of years ago that he'd related a story about something I'd said to him to a classroom full of kids he was talking to about his job: Save the flowery language for fiction. Just the facts, man, just the facts.

5) I really like cheese and haven't washed my car in a long time as there's a drought on here ... and I'm just lazy.

6) I'm not a cat person, but I ended up with three cats (one has since died) and now, a dog. Cats are easier.

7) I'm a terrible housekeeper and have decided that if I ever win the lottery, I am SO hiring a nice lady to come be my keeper. I think I'll hire a team of hot guys to keep up the yard and pool, too. Well, once I have a house with a cool yard and pool, which I will, of course, buy with my winnings.

Whew. That was hard.

Nalini Singh said...

tf -you had fun with it!

Loonigrrl - I've tried but it's not to be. But melt it and I'm there! #6 really rocked. It's beautiful up there and wide enough to ride bicycles even! You look over the side and you can see the narrow market streets.

Jill - do I detect a fellow maker of piles? ;) Thanks about the romance - I'm pretty proud of that :)

Jennifer - I want to know about those proposals!!