Saturday, January 19, 2008

Weekly Catchup

I tidied my desk yesterday and it looks beautiful. I have to stop and admire it often. Everything's so organized, I love it!

What've you all been up to? Any plans for the weekend?


katie g. said...

My dad and some family friends are coming to visit. I'm really looking forward to it! Unfortunately, it's supposed to snow tomorrow (in Alabama, no less!) I hope they can still come. We'll see...hope the weather isn't too bad :)

Kimberly said...

Work to do, though thankfully not crazy as last week and I'm not so sick anymore.

Girl's night tomorrow. Dinner (crepes and fondue) and seeing 27 Dresses.

I finally got my copy of Untouched by Anna Campbell. Can I say how excited I am? She's amazing.

The postal system, which lost my first copy of the book on it's way to me, is not :(

ShellBell said...

Currently attempting to assemble a new desk - my current desk is too big and takes up too much space! Will probably take me at least another couple of hours.

Will also spend the weekend sorting out my wardrobe and deciding what can get chucked out!

Shan said...

I'm so jealous of your clean desk! I was supposed to go into work today (Saturday) to use the quiet time to clean off my own desk, but we're in the midst of an ice storm. So instead I'm sitting in my living room, surfing the internet and watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

It's a tough way to spend a weekend. :)

Bridget Locke said...

Well today I was a lazy bum. Tomorrow it's off to my best bud's. Monday I have off, so I will probably clean and do some reorganizing.

Have had a headache all day. Stupid weather! Sinus headaches suck!

And I'll probably write too! After not being allowed to even type for over 2 months, my muse has come back with a vegeance! Score! :) 23 pages in 3 days. I think I'm on a roll! *knock on wood*


bel_78 said...

This weekend I ended up visiting an art exposition with a friend. The artist ( was very good.

I also managed to take some photos of Nalini´s first book, that somehow managed to make its way to a very well-known bookstore in Argentina,"El Ateneo" (I´ll email you the photos in a few minutes).

Now I suppose I should study a bit, but I really feel like taking a nap (=siesta :) ).


Nalini Singh said...

Katie - hope you had a good visit! Did it snow?

Kat - 27 dresses?! Is this for a special occassion?

Shellbell - how did the desk assembling go?

Shannon - such a hard life *grin*

Kaitlin - 23 pages? How awesome!

Bel - the photos are beautiful. I'm going to have to put them up on the blog!

Kimberly said...

27 Dresses was fantastic. I want a gorgeous reporter who looks like James Marsden to follow me around.

Aside from male hottie, the movie was excellent. It was funny but not stupid, girly but not ridiculously so, romantic but not sappy....good stuff :)

Anonymous said...

Cleaning your desk Nalini? I hope that isn't work avoidance tactics :) I'm kidding...I can't work unless my desk is clear (it's the control freak in me :)


ShellBell said...

Shellbell - how did the desk assembling go?

the desk is assembled, and amazingly enough it hasn't collapsed on me yet!

Nalini Singh said...

I probably shouldn't admit this, but I didn't realize 27 Dresses was the title of a movie. I thought you were looking at 27 actual dresses! I'm such a dork *grin*