Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Website & Favorite Heroes

The website is in the process of being updated (we're still tweaking) - something's happened to the Psy Behind the Scenes page, so don't freak out if you go there and stuff's missing. It'll come back...I hope... ;)

Today, I thought I'd highlight the posts that have gone up in the MtP Hot Men Contest since I last posted about it. Check them out! (And if you haven't entered, why not?!)

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Livejournal: Ilona

I thought I'd join in and do one of my many favorites today.

3 reason I love Lucivar from Anne Bishop's Black Jewels Trilogy

1. He's so rawly, unashamedly male.
2. He's hot (those wings!)
3. He loves Marian like crazy and he's not afraid to show it (that garden scene in the novella was so romantic - such a practical Lucivar way to show how much he cares).

Makes me want to read the books all over again!


Jaded Bee said...

Could you tell me which one of Anne Bishop's is the one with Marian and Lucivar?

Anonymous said...

Lucivar is awesome - but when I read about him I get the big brother vibe, personally. Then again I identify so strongly with Jaenelle that's no surprise :)

Nalini Singh said...

Jaded Bee - it's Dreams Made Flesh, a novella collection. I talked about it on the blog here. It's a really wonderful, wonderful collection!

Casey - so you're a Daemon girl? :)

Tigerlady981 said...

Marian makes her first appearance in Queen of the Darkness, but we get her back story in Dreams Made Flesh. She is such a fun character. I love the byplay between her and Lucivar. Which is my favorite between the two brothers tho? Probably Lucivar too. ;)

Jaded Bee said...

Darn, we don't have Dreams Made Flesh at the library I work at, or any other library around here it seems. This sucks.

Anonymous said...

Nalini - I love Daemon. (Don't get me wrong Lucivar is kick-ass, but he's like an older brother.) So yea, I am a Daemon girl. :)