Thursday, June 30, 2022

Storm Echo - North American Release Date Change


Alt Text: Dark blue background scattered with white pinpricks, and book cover with image of a man and woman's face in silhouette against blue shaded background of the Golden Gate Bridge, with text: Storm Echo - A Psy-Changeling Trinity Novel. Text next to cover: Release Date Change (North American edition).

Hi everyone. I have some not so great news - the North American release date for Storm Echo (hardcover and ebook) has changed by two weeks to August 9th. 

I know it's not what any of us want, but it's totally out of my hands - the pandemic had a ripple effect on the back end of publishing, and we're still seeing the effects. Honestly, I'm happy it's only a two week delay! Please be patient with me and with other authors who are currently dealing with unexpected delays. 💜

At present, I have no news of any changes with the international release date. I'm also checking if the date change will affect audio.



1 comment :

library addict said...

Two weeks more isn't so bad.

Looking forward to reading Soleil & Ivan's story. Now just 41 more days...