Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Question Time


Alt Text: Grey-tone background of city scene and quote: "Ellie calls me a tiger creature. It makes her crazy that Raphael won't tell her what I am and spoil my game." "You and your sire are clearly both as bad as one another."

Which couple from the Guild Hunter series would you love to go on a double date with?? I'm picking Andi and Naasir!😀



Mel said...

I'd like to go with Venom and Holly or Ashblade and Janvier.

Anonymous said...

I think Elena and Raphael so what do you want when are they going to have kids

library addict said...

I want to say Mahiya & Jason, but he probably wouldn't talk much, if at all :)

So I will go with Sharine & Titus.

Eva said...

Venom and Holly!

SunnyQueen said...

Please someone grant me an ARC *_*

Patricia Schlorke said...

Sara and Deacon or Honor and Dimitri.

The newsletter blurb is awesome. Can't wait to read the book.