Sunday, June 15, 2014

Quick Update

Hello my lovely readers.  I'm back home but jet lag keeps whacking me sideaways (I fell asleep in the living room armchair yesterday - twice!), so it's going to take me a little while to catch up on everything, but I will be doing a detailed post mid-next week about the Psy-Changeling series and what's coming up next. 

But two things quickly - book 14 is not the end of the series (writing this till I'm ninety-five, remember?! :D), and book 14 is Aden's book. More to come!


Elaine said...

I understand Aden's book will be the end of the story arc. Looking forward to that, and on to the next story arc.

Thank you for your stories!

Anonymous said...

Aargh ...... I never know whether reading your blog is fun or torture !!! Now you have me all eager about Aden's book.

I am still dying [so dramatic!!] waiting for Archangel's shadows and it seems eooooons away ... and here you have given me a new reason to feel impatient ! **sigh**

Waiting is not easy.

Is Aden's story going to be last for the story arc ? Not that you cannot write more on the series but just wondered about the arc itself. B'cos there are those dangling ends - those ocean changelings - to name one.

I don't know if you get bored hearing this - but I love reading your stories and they are now my number 1 re-read ones - dog-eared ( Earlier copies ) and all ! :)
Luckily the ebooks do not show such wear and tear !

:) Have a great day and keep those wonderful stories coming .....

Always V said...


Aden's Story is not the last ~ not the end ~
of the series ♥ Yeah!!!

This means I'll be reading your books
until I'm 100 + years old! By then
the only one or two names I'll still remember
will be KALEB & KALEB & . . . ♥

Please take care of yourself
Take some ME TIME too ♥

Katfrog said...

I loved "Shield of Winter" and I cannot wait for the next book. I know, I know, you actually need time to write the next book. Just know that there are lots of us waiting (mostly) patiently.

While I love Aden and want to see him find happiness, will you be going back to changeling focused stories after this? I'm interested in who finally mates with Kit, and possibly Cory.

Rosa2012 said...

Thank God!!!! I have read in a group of goodreads that Aden Books it was the last, and I almosto crie
Thank you so much for your awesome books, have a nice day

library addict said...

I hope you get over your jet lag soon.

And I know you have joked about writing stories for yourself until your 95, I just hope you continue to publish them for the rest of us. Looking forward to Aden's book and on pins and needles as to who his heroine will be (fingers crossed it will be Silver ;))

Hades Moon Girl said...

I'm so happy to read that you will continue the series past this story arc. I love the way you tie together so many details and build from the very first book. I always felt there was so much more to tell.

I'd love to know more about the other changelings and what will happen with the forgotten now that they are acquiring new skills. I'd also like to know what happens with Kit and all of the children. Last, even if it is in a novella, please can we know what the heck is going on with Nikita and Anthony???? I just think there is something going on there. I also think there is much more to Nikita that we've seen so far. Why she sent the book to Sasha, why the gift to her granddaughter, etc.

Anonymous said...

Already impatient for next year and Aden's book. Aden & Alice? maybe!!!
Will we see some babies born?
Emmett & Ria were pregnant in POP
and Zach and Annie also expecting! and ofcourse Mercy and Reily!

Anonymous said...

This just made my day! Turned my frown upside down! Your stories are amazing! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

you answer my question aden and alice and I like aboot nikita is not as silent and so is Anthony I would love to see Anthony get a story