Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Book Club open. What are you reading and loving at the moment


Anonymous said...

On the basis that a change is as good as a rest, I am in a pure crime phase as the moment, come on Lee Child. Currently reading "Die Trying" and it's got me hooked :)

Anonymous said...

right now read odd hours by Dean Koontz it brilliant gotta love a writer who can make a good story and mix in a bit of horror

Anonymous said...

Lora Leigh's Breeds series. Re-reading right from the beginnig. I love those Breeds *sigh* Just cant seeme to get enough. And also a bit of historical by Sylvia Day Was really surprised that I could like historical too!!! Great writing by her too...

Diane said...

Nothing and I don't know what's going TBR is growing and growing!

Always V said...

Over there on the website I hang out,
we have your thread ~ "NALINI'S HOUSE"
and the Spoiler Ban on Shield of Winter
is up! So everyone ~ all of us your huge fans ~
are rereading SoW again so we can talk about
how and what we LOVE so much about this book♥

One of us is upset because it seems that
any Empath can neutralize KALEB's powers :(

I've been arguing that
Theoretically doesn't count~
Sahara is the only one on the planet
who can harm the dual cardinal . . . ?

So crazy lovin' Vasic & Ivy Jane ♥

tanja mueller said...

Rereading Angel's Flight . I can't wait for Archangel's Shadows, because Ash! and Janvier! and Ash! love those two, so happy they're getting their own book.

library addict said...

I enjoyed Bridget Gray's No Strings Attached just wish it had been longer.

Just started Tessa Bailey's Baiting the Maid of Honor

Lizzy G said...

Rereading Shield of Winter because it is such a game changer. However recently tried a new author recommended by Ilona of Ilona Andrews writing team. The 3 book series by Rachel Bach was A-Mazing! Fortune's Pawn is the first book. Set in space (which Is usually an automatic no for me), the series follows the mercenary Devi who is trying to earn a spot as a Devastator the top regiment of her race. She only has to do a year on a trading ship known for having the worse luck in the galaxy. It seems simple, but looks can be deceiving. This is one really good series. I cannot recommend it enough!!

Unknown said...

I seem to be reading several at once, I have a Terry Spear werewolf romance on their go plus a Christine Feehan Leopard book, though I think I prefer the Carpathians. I'M also reading Anne McCaffrey's Get off the unicorn short story book.

Connie said...

Just finishing up Shield of Winter by a certain fabulous author! Beautiful book! :):)

Then City of Heavenly Fire, the last in TMI series by Cassandra Clare. I don't read a lot of YA but I like her books and City of Lost Souls ended on such a cliff hanger!

Happy reading everyone!

loves a hero said...

The Grey Court series by Dana Marie Bell...excellent storyline with a lot of humor :-))

Anonymous said...

Me ha encantado saber que no se acaba después del libro 14, estoy esperando ansiosa por el mundo post-silencio.

Pero sobre todo me muero de ganas por conocer la historia de Aden, desde que empezamos a conocer a esta Flecha me tiene muy intrigada

Gracias por hacernos soñar