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Shield of Winter Spoiler Thread

This is where you can discuss SHIELD OF WINTER freely. Spoilers allowed so look away if you haven't read the book!! (Note that there is also a second spoiler thread here.)
As always, be friendly to your fellow commentors and have a great duscussion. :-)


library addict said...

I enjoyed this book overall and would rate it a solid B/4 stars. While not one of my immediate favorites, it’s definitely in the top third of the series for me.

I loved the sweet romance between Vasic and Ivy. I also loved the scenes with Kaleb and Sahara as well as Sascha and Lucas. The scene between Kaleb and Devraj when Kaleb declares peace was wonderful. I also liked when Hawke met with Kaleb. Happy there was lots of Judd (but sad no Brenna).

I would love to have had an actual conversation between Sascha/Lucas and Kaleb. It’s clear that Lucas still does not know that Kaleb is the Ghost which disappointed me. More so that Hawke is keeping secrets from Lucas and Riley. I would imagine that Hawke must know about Anthony since Mercy knows and in Play of Passion she and Riley made it clear they wouldn’t keep secrets from one another. I hope this issue is address in the next book.

My biggest issue with the book may seem silly. It totally yanked me out of the story when both Lara and Tamsyn were not named in the book at all and instead were referred to as the “pack healer” and at one point “the other woman.” I know the cast of characters is huge, but would including their names have been that much of an overload? It just struck me as very strange.

I liked that none of the empaths were able to cure the net by instinct (as Ivy had thought they’d be able to) and that Alice didn’t magically remember. The trial and error they had to go through worked for me. I was hoping to see more of the empaths actually working together and with Sascha. We were told about it, but I wanted to actually see it.

I felt the net sickness issue had this big build up in the previous books and then the “battle” scenes in SoW ended up having little emotional impact. A lot of people died, but no one we were emotionally attached to. It just never felt like the huge threat it should have been as more of the book centered on the issue of Vasic’s gauntlet. I guess because its failure was the more immediate concern to the main h/h.

So sad to hear that #14 will probably be the last book of the original story arc. I would love to see Aden paired up with Silver. That idea had never occurred to me until reading this book. I was hoping Silver would maybe get a novella, but I think she and Aden would be a fantastic couple! I think a big chunk of the story will also deal with Ming. And Father Perez and Nina. Plus what—if anything—is going on between Nikita and Anthony? And I would like an answer to one of the loose threads in Slave to Sensation: who was Henry talking about when he was tagging the records and made the cryptic statement about the youngest boy being cause for concern? And the answer to why the ocean changelings (blanking on their pack name) wanted to form an alliance with SnowDancer. Finally, how many leopard and wolf pupcubs will Mercy have?

As for the future tangent books I hope we get Adam’s story. And I would love a D’Arn/Sing-Liu novella. And Teijan. Also Bowen. I could go on and on and am probably leaving somebody out, but those are my top choices off the top of my head.

Anonymous said...

My all time favorite is still HoO and in my perfectly biased opinion Kaleb was just a much "deeper" character than Vasic. We've had flashes of Kaleb throughout other books and I think that helped as well.

I absolutely loved all interactions between other characters, but was very disappointed when the meeting Lucas/Sascha and Kaleb/Sahara was skipped over. It was clear what the result was, but I'd have liked to actually read about it.

I had a great kick out of all discussions about earthquakes, bathtubs and manuals, it was done in such a way that it showed the reader: hey look, they have all those powers and emotions conditioned out (or attempted to) but in the end they are just men.

The part about the empaths and combating the illness seemed a bit sluggish at times, but I think that also made it more believable. I like action, but on the other hand, its not realistic to expect that the Es would know all of a sudden what to do and the population would be miraculously saved. I loved the role Sahara played in this and the way she develops individually.

Things I'd have liked to be included: a meeting between Kaleb and Sienna and the lunch between Sahara, Ivy (maybe invite a few others as well :p)
(well, and of course a book that would have had twice as many pages, but that would seem greedy....).

Anonymous said...

The question I have is who is the empath protecting Nikita? Since Sascha is not part of the Net, she can't.

I like how Ivy will provide a home to the Arrows, I hope we will see how the relationship between Vasic & Ivy is interpreted/understood by the Arrows.

I wonder if Walker will be helping out in training the young Arrows again.

I wish we had seen more of Ben. If there was a way to jump forward in time, I would love to see his story.

In terms of future couples-speculating:
* Aden & Silver
* Stephen(?), the failed Arrow and a sea shifter

Unknown said...

i really liked this book but the hardest thing about it was the fact i was reading it during office hours (yes, that's how addicted i am to Nalini Singh's novels), i was just crying and laughing and awwwwing all over the place. lol. But seriously, am now really intrigued by the idea of silver, i mean we have been seeing glimpses of her in the past books but what intrigues me is, what sort of person is she that she worked for Kaleb all these years, gained his trust (well at least a wee bit of it) and respect and just survive working for that man... hope she has book...
Oh Vasic, my sweet Warrior-Priest, just tore at my heart strings (please refer to the crying all over the work place bit).i loved his story and am now eager for Aden!! but who could be his perfect match i wonder...Gosh i hope we find out next year (hint!!!Please pick up this hint Ms. Nalini Singh)!!!

Benedicte Denmark said...

I have loved this book and am sad to hear that the next one will be the last in the original story arc.

I agree with the above assessments of perhaps an Aden/Silver pairing. Some more about the Arrows who have left the net. Will they really rejoin it?

I missed a lot of details in the meetings between the established pairs from the various factions and would love to have some deleted scenes from this book. I am sure Nalini has had to cut out a lot of what we were missing to manage the books length.
I adore the fact that Vasic got his love story in the end and I have cried tears laughing over the various solutions to the TK power surges resulting from the sex.
I have loved every book of this series, but I have to admit Kiss of Snow and Heart of Obsidian are my favourites. I shall have to re-read the entire series over the summer - again.
Nalini Singh - you are one of my absolute favourite authors of all time. Please keep feeding us stories from this universe......:-))

VRValicento said...

I loved this book more than Kaleb's. I'm not a big Kaleb fan, although, I'm liking him more now. I loved Vasic and Ivy and how their relationship formed. But now I want to know who's next. My vote is for Aden. Who else can show the other Arrows that you can have a REAL life? I'm thinking she needs to be a human or changling because he needs to feel too.

Anonymous said...

These books keep getting better and better. I love how you always keep lots of the characters in all the books. I love reading this seires and I don't want it to EVER end! Please keep writing this series!!! I am so happy!

Anonymous said...

Uhm... I would like to know what are Nikita and Anthony doing off scene. It seems to me like Nalini continuous to drop subtle hints. "Interesting"

I loved Aden in this book and can't wait to read more about him and Silver.

Anonymous said...

Ditto in the love. Ditto Aden. BUT I want to see Alice happy. After her crappy Futurama moment, she deserves some happy. Now to reread the series....

library addict said...

@agatha asiimwe and @VRValicento: Nalini has already stated the next book will be Aden's. So the speculation is just about who the heroine will be.

julieann37 said...

I loved Shield Of Winter!Yes it would have been nice to see more of some characters, and I have no doubt Nalini had to streamline the book or it could have gone on to be epic length.Can't for Aden's book, the novella Night Shift in November can't come round soon enough.I didn't think I would like Vasic but I do, are Nikita and Anthony "Mates"? so many characters,sp many possibilities!Is Alice all human or is she an actual empath?Would like Alice to have someone even though she feels its too soon-I would have loved to have seen the scenes where the changeling male wolves were bring her presents.

Donna73 said...

God I hope Aden is paired with Alice.
Yeah, yeah I get the whole break of Silence and that alot of Psy have emotions etc but I really think Aden needs pairing with a human.
There has not been one book that features a Psy and a human couple.
Psy and changeling yes, human no. Correct me if I am wrong.
I just think Alice really deserves her HEA after all she's has done for the psy race in general. So if you read these comments Nalini PLEASE consider Aden and Alice.
I am sure Silver is a cool leading lady, but her character with her family being spies and her being Kaleb (the deadly psy) personal assistant is just makes her character too near the whole Arrow assasin's character, and all that "shut down of emotions for Silence thingy".
Aden needs the human touch and Alice needs some-one strong and deadly to heal and care for her !!!
I really hope I get my wish xxx Donna xx UK fan

Anonymous said...

I thought Shield of Winter was a great followup to Heart of Obsidian. A lot of plotlines tied up and questions answered.

Donna - There is, indeed, a book already with a Psy and human pairing. It's Bonds of Justice with Max and Sophia.

I seem to recall reading in one of Nalini's interviews that Alice isn't ready yet and that if she's to get an HEA, it's probably in one of the tangent books. But who knows. Maybe she'll change her mind.

I've been intrigued with Silver, too, ever since she first appeared in Caressed by Ice. I find it interesting that her family is all about loyalty. The Arrows, too, are all about loyalty.

For me, it doesn't really matter who Aden gets paired up with. As long as Nalini makes the pairing work, I'm there.

Angelica Hamilton said...

My all time favorite book would still have to be Kiss of Snow. However I am sooo curious about Mercy and Riley and how many pupcubs they are having. I'm excited for Aden's story and can't wait to read it! I own all the books published so far and have read them multiple times, I can't wait to see what happens next!

library addict said...

@Donna73 In addition to Bonds of Justice with Max (human) and Sophia (Psy), there's also Blaze of Memory with Devraj (human/Forgotten) and Katya (Psy)

Unknown said...

Loved this book! HoO is still number one for me but Vasic's stoic numbing sadness has always moved me. I thought the scenes of the outbreaks were wrenching. That kind of mindless violence and slaughter is horrific. Those passages forced me to put the book down and breathe. Working as a RN in a trauma hospital...I've seen those injuries first hand. But I loved Ivy, Jayla and Sascha's determination. I also enjoyed the interactions of so many key characters. I agree with several others on the wish list; how many pupcubs are there? More about Silver (wether she gets with Aden or not) and will someone please kill Ming. I love the arc of these books and I'm so happy to have the privilege to spend time in a fascinating, vibrant world. Thank you Ms. Singh from the bottom of my heart.

Unknown said...

Loved Shield of Winter! Can't wait for the next book to come. And yes, what's up with Nikita and Anthony? Mercy and Riley's pupcups?

I wish I could teleport to Nalini's home and get all the answers. Can't wait for the next book!

Anonymous said...

I also loved Shield of Winter! Great story and I was so happy to see Vasic get his HEA. Ivy was also so much fun, kind of goofy and endearingly sweet. One of my favorite Psy-Changeling heroines!

For the future, I really hope to see Aden paired up with Silver Mercant. I'm not much interested in Alice and I think she needs more time to heal from both the physical and emotional trauma she's gone through.

Also, more Hawke and Sienna please! I loved seeing them in this book.

Maritza Mo said...

So many questions.
What is Ziezen's designation
I feel a bit let down with the quick rap up of of Lebons kidnapping attempt.
So so so many new characters were introduced in story. I feel like the next story arch is being set.
I way to know who else is related to ziezen
Does anyone remember what happened to adrens parents are they dead?
What's adrens real designation. He's obviously strong if he can toe to toe w kale and vasic. :)

Okay that's it for now. I'll gather more questions later.

Maritza Mo said...

Oh man I kept saying adren. I meant Aden! Sorry all!!!

Anonymous said...

I loved Shield of Winter! Read it in one sitting and a lot of lost sleep. But, now I am sad because it's over.

I assume is 14 is the last then it will be about killing Ming. I would love to go back to Snowdancer since my favourite book (Play of Passion) take place with them.

The idea of a Aden and Silver pairing is very intriguing :)

I can't wait to find out who the next book will be about!!!

library addict said...

@Maritza Mo: Aden's parents were the first two to defect. They were officially killed in action, but really spent two years heavily shielded in the net then once another Arrow was ready to defect they dropped out to form their own small net followed by a fourth person. (Per chapter 43 of Tangle of Need). So they're part of the group in Venice, but they've never officially been introduced on page.

library addict said...

Oops that should be chapter 42. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Maritza -

Zie Zen's designation is telepath (Tp) as stated in the Cast of Characters at the beginning of the book.

Aden is officially a Tp, but we know he has hidden powers. It has not been explicitly stated what it is so far in the series. You're right that Aden is quite strong in power. He managed to get through Kaleb's shields and he managed to keep up with Kaleb while attempting to block off the rot at Sunshine Station.

It was either in KoS or ToN that it was stated that Aden's parents were killed in an explosion. However, their bodies were never recovered so it's quite possible they could be in hiding somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Darn. What library addict said. I'm too slow and my memory isn't as good...

Anonymous said...

I just loved this book
Ivy is so strong, she's fighting with everything she has for Vasic, as he deservs it
and Vasic ... oh my God he is even much more than I ever expected
his story is so heartbreaking but still there were so many things to laugh about in the book
The idea of not only giving hope to the arrows, but a home
is incredible believe - and Adens- that she could and would give a home to the Arrows even he wouldn't survive... as an sign of love and honor for him...

I'm also glad that we get to know Sahara a little more, she gets more colour, more deepness as she didn't in HoO
And I love Hawke and his sense of humor;
Judds loyality is clear but still he is so present - always will be
The wedding scene ... the parents of Ivy ... it was just a stunning book all over
And I'm really glad I love this herione as much as i love Vasic - first Time after Play of Passion
after I was first a littel dissapointed by Sahara, don't like Adria at all...
Sienna is a good character but I had wished someone else for Hawke, someone who could realy keep up with him - and normally an 18 year old can't with an 35, and for Sienna someone younger she could have grown with... still I like her
and her scene in the book was really funny

Can't wait for Adens book, I think Silver might be a good pick, in my Oppionion Alice is far two old ... and she still loves Zaid truely and deeply.. as she said for her haven't passed 100 years

otherwise it might be interessting to read a psy - changeling couple after the fall of Silence too

Thx for this lovely Book Miss Singh
you are the best <3

Leena Shalloe said...

Dear Nalini, Thank you for Shield of Winter. Loved Vasic's story. Wish you didn't have to work to book length restrictions. I feel that the ongoing story is now big enough to warrant a much longer book. Maybe No. 14, eh.
I have just one question which has bugged me through this series: how do you pronounce 'Vasic'?
Thanks again for being the great author you are. x

Anonymous said...

I think Aden will end up with Alice. Alice states in SoW that she once loved a powerful man who broke her heart to splinters (didn't verify the quote, so it might be slightly different). That could be Zaid, who choose to become Silent. Aden being the leader of the arrows and the one who ensured their wellbeing for as much as that was possible, would be a good counterbalance to that.
I'm also very curious about his psychic powers (from Kaleb's perspective we learn somewhere in this book that the amount of power he spends on repairing the net is unexpected from someone who isn't a cardinal).

Donna73 said...

Hi again every-one I had forgotten about Max & Dev's books but still the Human ratio within these books being paired with either psy or changeling is pretty low.
Again I just like Alice and she lost her love, her very life was put on forced hold so I think she definatly desreves her HEA and Aden fits the bill.
Since she has been in cryo, I think her age is still young enough that she does not technically fit the "cougar" bill if she ends up with Aden....again win/win.
I just wish these books would continue !! I really wanted Kit to get his HEA aswell xxx Later every-one ;0) xxx

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who wants a scene with Nikita, Sascha and Naya?
I want to see how Nikita reacts when faced with her granddaughter.
Please write this Nalini.

library addict said...

@anon: I would love a scene with Nikita, Sascha and Naya. See I knew I was leaving something out of the loose threads list.

Anonymous said...

Loved the story!! I thought Vasic and Ivy were great. It was also good to finally have a look into the world of the Arrows. Would love to know more details about Abbot and Jaya though - perhaps a short story about them???

Arlia said...

I loved this book! I can always count on Nalini Singh to never disappoint me. :) There's so many series that go downhill the higher the book count, but I'm so glad this isn't one of those.
One thing that I guess I was a little disappointed about was not focusing much on the other characters. I soooo wanted to read about the meeting between Sascha and Lucas, and Kaleb and Sahara. It would've been so interesting! Lol, I would've loved to read how Kaleb and Lucas interact with each other while their mates are there, maybe a bit colder or similar to how maybe Lucas and Hawke interact (growling and whatnot :P).
And maybe seeing the side romance between Abbot and Jaya more, sort of like how Walker's and Lara's was done in Kiss of Snow (which I loved! I reread those scenes over and over).
But so many questions! I can't wait for Aden's book now, and I hope Silver, if she's not the heroine, she at least has a significant role, along with Alice. We hear so many mentions of her, but we've never actually had a full scene with her perception or anything! I feel like that just makes her more interesting and mysterious.
And Nikita and Anthony? What is going on THERE? LOL, Kaleb always stumbles upon them talking or arguing. I wonder if Sahara is thinking the same thing, being that she's with Kaleb, telepathically a lot of the time. :P
I hope they get a book. I think Anthony would humanize Nikita a bit. And I'm getting really interested in Nikita's relationship with Sascha. This book said that the mothers of empaths had a hard time keeping Silence with the E's in their womb, so I wonder if Nikita had the same hard time. It would really explain how Nikita keeps trying to be cold, but still ends up caring for Sascha.
Sigh. This book answered so many questions (I guess Judd couldn't keep breaking furniture indefinitely, LOL) but it opened up a lot more.
Now to reread the series to make the wait for the next more bearable. :)

Arlia said...

LOL @Donna "will somebody please kill Ming."
I completely agree. I think he served his usefulness some books ago.
Oh, and I forgot to say, I completely loved Ivy! Usually, it's a little difficult to relate to a character that hasn't already been introduced in previous novels, but her personality really worked with Vasic, and vice versa.
And I really liked how Kaleb and Sahara's mating was more fleshed out in this book. It really helped, seeing as HoO is one of my all-time favourite novels (not even KoS can beat it—the age difference still creeps me out a little, but I'm glad Sienna can hold her own).
I can tell Kaleb and Sahara are going to be one of the Power Couples that are always mentioned in secondary scenes in the next couple novels. :P

Arlia said...

Oh, and I wonder if Zach knows that Kaleb was the one that pulled the train of Annie. That would be a really interesting scene to read. ;)

Anonymous said...

When it comes to Aden and Alice ... I think it would not just be fair to both of them
Aden deservs more than being the second choice, the reminding of a former lover
And poor Alice too - as much as i admire her - whne she says
For her its not a hundred years but yesterday when she loved this man...

A love that still seems not gone...

Silver would be really interresting

Yeah Nicita - Sascha - Naya would be really great to read
and I think as Nicita says in a chat with Anthony - I'm not sure if its book 8 or 9 - they had Es in the family nearly every generaton...
so maybe even she had some latent e - kind of 1 or less - on her own
And I think she has choosen the only way to protect Sascha she knew - even if it ment to let her daughter know that she ment nothing to her
I can't imagine Anthony and Nicita on more than a depp -trusting relationsships like Friends oder something, as I think they were both too long silent and did both a lot in their lives and a lot things that were not good

What touched me a lot was Zie Zens Story... with his Sunny and his family feelings for Vasic...
And the truth that Kaleb als ghost must have somehow worked with the Rebells ... as I gussed after book four

Abbot and Jaya are simply sweet, I laughd so hard when he was playing cards to give Jaya joy, and company...

Ivy and Vasic are just incredible, I love them both

Anonymous said...

Finished SoW last night and am still thinking about it, so that means a re-read before I start anything else. I remain curious, with all of the conversations with Judd, why his Tk-cell ability was not an option. I thought maybe it was because Judd is outside of the PsyNet, but then solutions were sought with The Forgotten. Perhaps I missed where this was considered and will catch on re-read.

It is definitely feeling like the beginning of the wrap up of this series.

Anonymous said...

Clarifying previous comment / question ... in reference to Vasic's gauntlet removal ... why was Judd and his Tk-cell ability not considered?

Starting that re-read. ;)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous -

After Lianne's assassination attempt, Judd specifically stated that he could only work on living tissue. The gauntlet is a biofusion of Vasic's central nervous system and the machine itself so knowledge of engineering was also required.

loves a hero said...

en was looking for help to save Aden....listening to the other comments while I agree Alice is still in love with Zaid and I think Silver is an interesting character Aden should have a loving "Mate" whatever her species.....not sure Silver could be that demonstrative .....even out of silence.

library addict said...

Leaving aside the characters we'd like to see get future book/novellas, these seem to be the questions/unresolved issues for Book 14
•Xavier & Nina
•Nikita & Anthony – what, if anything, is going on?
•Nikita meeting Naya
•Who was Henry talking about in Slave to Sensation when he was tagging the records and made the cryptic statement about the youngest boy being cause for concern?
•Why did BlackSea need to form an alliance with SnowDancer?
•Lucas finding out Kaleb was the Ghost
•How many pupcubs will Mercy have and what types?
•Annie/Zach knowing Kaleb was the one who rescued her
•Aden’s parents
•What is Aden’s real designation
•Where is to Shoshanna?

Anything else?

Anonymous said...

I'm curious about the "broken" Arrows. For one, the Arrow Net in Venice is showing cracks. They have to rejoin the larger PsyNet sooner or later. And Stefan was sent to the sea station Alaris because he had some kind of psychological issue. Yet he taught Judd (who in turn told Vasic) the bathtub trick. You don't suppose he bonded with someone (a sea changeling perhaps?) while stationed there?

library addict said...

I thougt of something else. In one of the early books (can't look up which at the moment) Faith says she thinks the Ghost will become important to DarkRiver. I wonder if that was only because he would bring Sahara back or if there's some other reason.

Anonymous said...

It would be simplistic to say that Kaleb/Ghost is important to DarkRiver just because he brought Sahara back. He's bonded to her, and through that bond, some interesting consequences arise. Kaleb and DarkRiver (and by extension SnowDancer) are allies now. If one needs help, the other will back them. And in some ways, they are also family--but at this point, that fact is probably too awkward to acknowledge, on both sides.

Always V said...

So crazy in love with ♥Shield of Winter ♥
Love Love Love everything about this book.

I've set myself up in such an ideal place
to enjoy the story to the max!
Got my book from Nalin's hand♥
completed with the signed message ♥
Finished my first read in NOLA!

I love the way Ivy Jane claimed Vasic's heart.
He was already dead long before they met.
She got him to fight for their future.
I really love how she let him know
how mad she was at his giving up
yet still gave all of herself to him ~
wholeheartedly loved him ♥
got him to repeat
"I will fight."

Note: being a high gradient TK ~
is like ~ already having extra hands ~ true?

Thinking ahead to Aden's HEA ~
I'd love someone as stubborn as Ivy Jane ~
as all the Es are in general ~ for Aden ♥
I'd prefer someone new ~ like Ivy Jane ~
or someone as little known as Sahara ~ for Aden ~

The Ming-Is-a-Dead-Man-Walking Operation
will be a Spectacular scene in Aden's book ~
I hope LOL I'm so looking forward to it!

Back to what I LOVE about SoW ♥
Don't you love Rabbit's starstruck reaction
to the alpha wolf? To Hawke? So cute ~

Vasic & Ivy Jane traveling around the World!
OMG! So Lovin' it!
Loving it better than Kaleb's earthquake!
Or Judd's destruction of furniture!

Loving every scene with Kaleb & Sahara ♥

♥Thank you so much ~ Nalini ♥
For this most gorgeous story!

Unknown said...

Loved shield of winter, but wondered why Vasic had to lose an hand, didn't he lose enough already? Also I would have thought that if he had concerns about serious brain damage that the children, Keenan and Noor could have healed them like they did Katya in Blaze of Memory.

This book is one of my top 5 in this series my favorite being Hostage to Pleasure.

I really hope book # 14 is not the last. So many unanswered questions, the twin cubs, Marless, Ben, Keenan, Naya and Noor how do they turn out, John also?

what of William? Is he the new generous of Arrow? Does Kit ever become an Alpha somewhere?

And of course who kills Ming, Sienna, Vasic, the arrows, everyone??? This series could go on forever as far as I am concerned.


library addict said...

Eek, forgot one of the biggest issues!
•If/how Kaleb gets the NetMind and DarkMind to merge

simone said...

To Always V:
I loved the Rabbit - Alpha Wolfe scene! And imagine a pub jumping off a tree onto (or into) the cake...

emily said...

I love this book. It moved the storyline along smoothly. I would love for there to be a short story about Aden & Walker's talk as well as Vasic's visit to Stefan. That really peeked my interest.

Anonymous said...

Hello all,

A lot of people are saying here that the next full length book in the series is going to be Aden's.

However, I cannot for the life of me find this info stated by Nalini anywhere on the blog, or Facebook.

Is it truly confirmed that the next pay-changeling book is Aden's, or is it speculation?? And if it is confirmed, will someone please tell me where to find it??? Pretty please with chocolate sauce and whipped cream??????

Thank you, and I don't mean to sound pushy I just really really want Aden's book, and if he is next, I am going to be so happy



Anonymous said...

Christina -

It has been confirmed that Aden's book is next, at least on Twitter.

And for anyone else still wondering, it has also been confirmed that Alice is NOT the heroine:

Whether we already know Aden's mate or not, Nalini is keeping this a secret, for now:

Maritza M said...

Well I have a theory about Alice and zayid. I think zayid is in cryonic suspension too. Just as Alice was , maybe placed there by those that believed silence would not always be necessary and the two could be together at last. But something happened and they were seperated and forgotten over time.

Unknown said...

I loved this book, but like Library Addict, the non-naming of fairly central characters like Tamsyn & Lara drove me nuts. I found that unnecessary,annoying & really jarring.
The Ming assassination plot.Definately arc ending book fodder,but the attempted kidnapping of Vasic was beyond clumsy, and probably could have been omitted, without harming the storyline.
But, I adored Judd as "agony aunt".Really couldn't stop laughing at that point. And Samuel Rain.... Hello mad Boffin ! How lovely to see a Psy who grew up in relative freedom, until the appalling TR-S got her hands on him.
I'm gagging for Book 14, & Aden's story, but I'm loving Alice, and so hoping for a book for her down the line.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Nalini say that Xavier & Nina would have their own novella a little while ago ? Or is that just wishful thinking on my part ?

Unknown said...

Well, a further thought, but after the comments about Aden & Silver (No, just no ) ... There's Lucy & Nell sitting sadly unmated in Snow Dancer, and just waiting to drag a lonely Arrow into the pack !

Anonymous said...

I love the thought of Aden and Silver Mercant, she is an intriguing character and a strong, leader who would compliment Aden and not drag him down with the past.

I would like to see Aden with a changeling female like Lucy or Rina but I cannot see Aden abandoning his Arrows nor either female leaving her beloved pack.

So happy Ben and Marlee are reconciled, even if the wayward pup ate thee girls cake, lol!

I simply adored Ivy and Vasic, he showed that he is a true warrior in hand to hand combat, not just relying on TK tricks to defend and save himself. I would not mind another Psy-Psy couple, they need love too and to show their people real, natural love is possible.

Amanda said...

my fingers are crossed for a changeling for Aden, Lucy, Rina or someone new - a falcon? but he need lots of affection.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine Aden with Silver; I feel like I don't know much about her (but perhaps that's my bad memory).

I really want to go back to the changelings, but I don't feel like Aden is right with them either.

Anonymous said...

Some of you guys should check out this post Nalini Singh did, it answers some of your questions like:
Is book No. 14 the last and who's book IS No. 14?! And Bastien's novella!!!
What happens after book 14?!
Who will get a book in the future?!
Annnnd so on and so forth!
(The link's below)check it out :D

happy reading :3 haha
(P.S loooooove all her books! EEK! can't wait for the next...and by that I mean I'm desperate :3 )

Anonymous said...

At first I thought Aden could be paired with Alice but then in Shield of Winter, I see the possibility of him with Silver as well :P Since they are teamed together to handle the infections of the net :)

Love Vasic's story with Ivy too! Makes me laugh at some of them 'flirty' conduct between each other :D

Anonymous said...

Seems to me Aden is learning to feel.... even if he is Arrow.... I doubt he is as "Silent" as he should be :)

So he could be a true pair with Silver who seems to me to have perfect Silence and Aden could make her feel... Imagine if Silver is infected and Aden has to save her? Just my fantasy :D