Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Angels' Dance E-Book

Look! The gorgeous cover for the US/Canada version of the e-book for "Angels' Dance". I adore it! 

This is Jessamy and Galen's story, originally part of ANGELS' FLIGHT. So if you bought Angels' Flight, you already have the story - this is for folks who only wanted this novella from the anthology. Release date: December 31st

In other exciting news, my UK publisher will be re-releasing ANGELS' FLIGHT in January, so if you're collecting the UK editions, you can grab the book then for a matching set.

There's no date yet for the stand-alone e-release of "Angels' Dance" for the UK & Commonwealth, but I've made the request, so watch this space!


LuigiGirlNZ said...

Love this cover!

Sherri L. said...

Love the cover but already have angel's fight :)

Saiqa said...


Unknown said...

Oh gosh! Nalini! This is so beautiful!

Unknown said...

Yes! UK edition's finally coming out yay!