Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Ten Year Anniversary Celebration Giveaway #1

Thanks for all the great comments everyone! The random winners are:  Jessican H., \.Sabrina./, maered, shortyal2008, Jessica Z., J.A. Whiting, aikka88.

Congratulations! Please contact me at naliniDOTassistantATgmail DOTcom within 72 hours to claim your book : )


Hi everyone. As Nalini is currently in Germany for the Frankfurt book fair and also to do some book signings there I thought we'd start off the giveway with some German and French editions of the Guild Hunter novels.

 Click here to view contest rules.

 To enter the giveaway for one of the above books*, just leave comment on this post with the answer to today's question: If you could be any one of the characters in the Guild Hunter or Psy/Changeling series who would you be and why?

*If you have a language preference please include this at the end of your comment : )


Sabine said...

I think i would like to be Honor. Even if she went through hell she got out stronger! And with dmitri she "found" a love that is so bone deep and true!

I am german, so IF i be so lucky a german book would be awsome!!!

Stefanie Skye said...

I think I would be Sara. She isn't mentioned all that much compared to other characters but I feel that she does very well at keeping up with her important and complicated job of running the Guild. I really admire people who take on difficult jobs; and believe that eventually if I were in a similar position I would do at least half as well as Sara does.

If I win a french version would be awesome. I'd love to test my memory and see how much french I have retained from high school.

Manulifee said...

I want wings, no wait ... I'd also enjoy elena's sense of smell or ... having this "otherness" part of yourself ... damn. all those experiences are sooo cool and extraordinary compared to "just human" ... I mean, really, having a snake side? how does a snake view the world? instincts? how does it feel? ...

I guess my answer is any "not human" character with strong otherness.

I only can say two sentences in french, so just german please. I won't be able to enjoy the french books.

adgj11@aol.com said...

Sasche. She is intelligent, all she does is well thought out. I like her personality.

Now i have to look where the book signings in germany are...

sabinefengler@rocketmail.com said...

Ashaya Aleine, she is a very strong woman, after all did she not only survive in the PsyNet for very long, playing the perfect Psy, but as well, what her twin did to her, but didnt lose herself by all that and she even managed to protect Keenan with all that to top it all off.

If i have the luck to win, a German book would be awesome, coz I cant read french at all

Yakori said...

Hmm I think Sienna, she has such a strong will, the right sense of justice and Humor.
Not least, she has Hawke^^

I would be happy about a German Book

Unknown said...

I would like to be like Faith from Visions of Heat and have vision what the future will bring to me and my family. And to have a Jaguar like Vaughn at your side would be the best. Someone who could really protect you from all evil things in the world. :)

I would like to win a german book.

Greets, Nici

Cosette said...

I would like to be Faith NightStar. She has such a great gift. And even she was separated from the real world for so long, she found her own way. She met love and fought for it. Now she is independent with a strong man to back her up and she is using her gift self-determined.
I would prefere a book in german

Anonymous said...

Looked at a list of all characters from both series, my mind kept circling back to one each: Nikita Duncan and Jessamy.

Nikita because she has protected her daughter, her family, even though it might not be 'Psy' to do so, and even when questioned, she can always come up with an answer. Plus, she just doesn't seem to die.

Jessamy because she is a booklover like myself, a strong and yet still so fragile angel whose story made me smile and tear up. Plus, Galen is wonderful.

If I had to pick one, I think I would go with Nikita, in part because I think it's about the most unique answer I have, and in part because how awesome would it be to make your attackers brains into mush? (Violent, who? Me?)

And I would love a German copy, since French is totally un-readable for me.

Unknown said...

I think I would love to be Tally. Her story as a human with Clay really touched me! she is so fierce so protective of what's hers. She is perhaps not a changeling but her human heart and soul are so bright!
Her story with Clay...what they have tohether..their bond..so strong as haith said:) how fiercly he loves her..how angry he was as he saw her after those years..well..I could sqa so many things here:)

I love the scenes as they were arguing their "friendly "kissing ..
or how she and clay took care of John and Noor:)

well so it is TALLY for me..for so many reasons more:)

I speak german and French alike ..preference for german..but most important..i want a book:)


Binichen90 said...

I love all of Nalini's characters, but if I had to made a decision, I would be Honor. She is such a strong and open-minded person and she grews everyday with her deeds. I like that a lot when someone is growing and developing so well. And with Dmitri she has someone who is supporting and loving her from the bottom of his heart and just the way she is. For me that is true love and everyone should experience it.

I'm German and my French isn't that good :D so if I will win it would be great to get a German version.


Michelle Santiago said...

sienna. because i LOVE hawke.

Rebekka said...

I don‘t know. There are two characters that I think are really interesting.
On the one side there is Tammy. She is such a lovely person but she is also so strong (she almost died when she tried to save Lucas family). And then she does what I want to do when I finished school. Help people whenever I can.
And on the other side there is Sascha. First off all she is Lucas wife ;) But she is strong. She went against her own mother to be free but she still loves her and Nikita loves her to on her own way. And then she is an Empath. There ir's like Tammy, that I could help people .

If I win a german book would be great because. I don't understand one word french.

Wrayth Lethe said...

Oooooooo the choices! Well first choice would be an angel/archangel (so raphael, caliane, illium etc) because wings and flying, oh yeah! also their power. ;)

But being able to turn into some kind of big cat? that would be choice two!

I'd love a german book, and if not available, I'd like a french book 3 (I have 1 and 2)

Thank you so much!!

Diane said...

I'm hoping for a book for Holly so my choice is her. I want to find out how she survives, who or what she becomes and who will be her savior! Is she vampire or angel? And if another angel has been born, will she be evil? I hope not!
I would prefer a French book, number 1 please.
Thank you.

\.Sabrina./ said...

Very hard choice but I think I'd like to be Sienna. Even though she never was able to have a real childhood and live without worries and sorrows, she never gave up and fought for the ones she loves, especially her little brother (and Hawke of course :-) )
I think she would be a very good role model for a lot of teenagers these days holding very good values.

Only speaking very bad french, so only german book please :)

Thank you for the contest!

Jessica said...

I'd like to be Sasha, Faith or Sienna because I like their powers and that they were strong enough to break silence! Sasha is first choice because I know her the longest and liked her from the beginning. And Faiths power can be difficult - I think I would hate to see the future, because it's impossible to prevent everything. And Sienna... she's cool!

I would like a german edition and signed :-)

Jessica Hamel, CH-Safnern

Sylvie B. said...

My English very bad is then excused me for my faults.
I would like to be an angel like Elena, to be able to fly in the sky that must be magic and then there is Raphael… <3 <3.
I would like to gain volume 3 of hunter of vampires in French.


Sylvie (Belgium)

Laura said...

At the beginning i mst say that my english isn't good.

I like to play Elena or Sienna,Indigo,Mercy because they all so strong ;o And they have so wonderful men's like Raphael,Hawke,Riley and Drew ♥

Aww i love this books.
All this womens are on of my hero's

Holly said...

Sasha! I like following her journey as she figures out what an E-Psy can do.

German or French is fine. Signed would be awesome.

Anonymous said...

It's really hard for me to chose which character I'd like to be. Well, on one hand I love cats (the big ones) - so, maybe I can be a member of DarkRiver, like Mercy. And I don't mind having Riley on my side ;o)! On the other hand I like the idea of an eternal life, so I'd chose Elena - not to mention the opportunity to live with Raphael ;o)! So, I think I'll have to ask the dice to decide...

Since I speak german and french, I don't have a preference here - I just really LOVE the Books and would be so happy to win one!

Lovely Greetings from Berlin, Juliane

Anonymous said...

Hi *waving*

such a difficult question. You do have so many great characters in your books.

So if you force me to choose I would love to be Lara. She now has a wonderful mate with Walker she is able to stop even Hawke. Lara is so caring and loving. She will be a great mum for Marlee and Toby.

so have fun in Europe.

*hugs and kisses*

aikka88 said...

I love both series! But if I have the chance to be one of the characters, it would be Katya or Ekaterina. To me, she is one strong female, who faced death more than once and still came up alive. Her will and determination is admirable and she fought until the end.

To be her would be an honor. Mad mad love to you, Nalini and to your books!

German book would great!


Teodubois said...

I would like to be Sasha, her power allow her to help other members of the clan without violence ad her story with Lucas is so beautiful !
I would prefer the book in french, i would be very happy if Nalini Singh sign it !

Anonymous said...

I'd like to be Illium's HEA, whoever she may end up being. Not only is he smart and kind, he's fun!

andyflo1207 said...

Je suis absoument fan de cette saga et vraiment nul en anglais alrs je tente ma chance en Fraçais.
Si je devais être un personnage je serais Raphaël, car il incarne la puissance et la virilité. Chacune de ses apparition me fait frémir et j'admire son charisme.
Encore merci pour ce concours,
A vientôt je croise fort les doigts.



luthienlinwelin said...

I think I would like to be either Tammy, Mercy, or Indigo. All three are shifters (which I would LOVE to be as my physical abilities are pitiful)and strong, independent women. All of them also have wonderful, loving families and gorgeous mates XD

I would love any of the Psy/Changeling books in either German or French (I'm taking classes in university, and reading something I actually like would go a long way in improving my language skills).

Martina P said...

I would like to be Sienna. She is strong and neve gives up. She fights for those she loves. And of course she has Hawke by her side XD I would prefer German book and signed please.
Thank for the contest!

CourtneyLee said...

I would want to be Brenna because JUDD! And she's been thorugh hell and come out stronger. And she's a wicked awesome hacker.

I have them all in English, so I'd love them in French. I haven't spoken it in years, but I got my Bachelor's degree in it and studied in Basse Normandie, so it would be very cool to read them in French. Et j'ai compris la majorite de ce que Amandine a ecrit, alors peut-etre je comprendrai cette saga en francais.

(I probably mauled that sentence. Ugh.)

shortyal2008 said...

Talin...I seriously love Clay and since she's with him I would want to be her.

Or Elena because she has Raphael and also has wings!!

If I win I would like a German copy.

Angi said...

Hard to choose, but maybe Sienna.

Anonymous said...

I think I would be Sienna Lauren because she is so strong. Her character are awesome and I have so much respect for her. She is so strict with herself in many ways and that's why I would be her.

In the Guild Hunter Series. I would be, gosh so many great characters, Raphael :D although I am a female XD
I choose Raphael because he is an archangel and strong, very strong. And of course he has his own territory XD

(German and please sign it :) )

Thanh Truc Nguyen

Toot's Book Reviews said...

I'd love to be Sasha, she's warm and friendly and Lucus.....Yummy!!

Unknown said...

"If you could be any one of the characters in the Guild Hunter or Psy/Changeling series who would you be and why?"

Hello. I would really like to be Indigo from the Wolf Pack of the Psy/Chanceling Series. The reason is, that she is really strong and powerful. I also have deep blue eyes similar to Inigos eyes I imagine. One more reason is that she is very reasonable, self confident and elegant which are all good and important characters a modern woman should have.

If I win, I would like to win any book of the Guild Hunter series in the German language as I don`t speak French unfortunately.

I cross my fingers for me *smile* and which Nalini Singh a pleasant stay in Germany!!!

Anonymous said...

Helen G.

Gosh hard ?...
I think I would pull ahead with Elena, I love Sascha but I think I associate more with Elena. I would totally love to win. I love the German covers... just a bit more but I do read a little French. So I would go with a french book of Nalini's please?!?! Loving the comments and thank you Ashwini! Have a great one Nalini!

Katy said...

I think I would be Brenna from "Caressed by Ice" because she has 2 wonderful over-protective brothers but still got very independant, and of course for her bravery to come back from an abduction, even more. She's so strong, that she got the icy heart of Judd Lauren melted <3

If I win I would like French books, well because I live in France (^_^)

Barbara T said...

I think that I would like to be Sienna. She is a strong, smart independent woman. Sienna is not affraid to go after what she wants, and that would be Hawk. It was great to see that with his help she was able to control her powers. Together with Hawk, Sienna was able to become a very valuable member of the pack.

Snowhoney said...

If I could be anyone? Oh that must be a trick question!
An angel maybe? Or a Guild hunter must have an exciting life, too. I would love it! I would enjoy it as much as I can... but although a changelings life could be very interesting and as my friends often say I am very emotional and impulsive... I guess I might be a changeling :D anything cat-like probably cause I love sweet things and if I'm treated in the right way I nearly start purring :D

Oh I speak both languages fluently, so I don't mind what language I get ;-)

maered said...

Love Honor, just cos she has Dimitri and he is my favourite character. And Ashaya cos of Dorian.

J. A. Whiting said...

I think I would totally want to be like Elena. I like how she kicks butt and takes names later type of attitude. She is a warrior, but a lady. I like strong women in my stories and she is one!

Amelia said...

I would like to be Tamsyn!! I take care of people.

I want a French edition!

Lashawn said...

I would like to be Elena, she has such an interesting life.
I'd love a signed French book.

Janina said...

Who would I like to be? I am unsure if it would be Elena or Illium's partner.
Elena: She has the amazing luck to become an angel in a very rare way - and she has Raphael on her side.
Illium's partner: He is the character besides Elena and Raphael I loved to most from the beginning. His very special appearance, his humor - everything! Maybe I'd even prefer being his love to being Elena. Yeah... I think so :)

If I win, I'd like to get a German copy, please, as I can hardly say and understand more than "bonjour" in French =)

Jen said...

Brenna because she has Judd AND she's a wolf. I would have said Sienna but I want to be a wolf and have a hot guy lol :)

lastiffany said...

Mercy, I would love to turn into a big cat.

Unknown said...

I think I would like to be Jessamy, or Nimra. I always feel we have the same nature, I have the same insane love for books like Jessamy, and the same insane and bone deep love for pets as Nimra (I have a labrador and she loves your books too, see here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4659153086480&set=a.4659132965977.2196012.1522994478&type=1&theater)

Thing is, I really can't wait for September 2013...until then, it'll be torture! =( In the meantime, since you're in Europe, I really hope to be able to come to Wien or Hamburg, let's see..

I really hope to win, if so, I would like the german ones, because I'm Italian, I read your books in English and I speak German as a second language, so...finger crossed!


Caroline said...

Ashwini! 'cause she's awesome and I fell in love with her character and her weird way of thinking the moment I read about her (o^_^o)
greetings from Switzerland ;)

Julia said...

That's a hard question..But I think I'd like to be Sascha because I believe I have much in common with her. And to have a big bad cat all for myself? Meow^^
Since I already have all the books in English and live in Germany I'd like the books in German.
(Goes to pray to whoever to win)

Zuzana Vaclavova said...

I would like to be Mercy because of her giving heart and the way she's tough.

From the angel series I would like to be Ash coz she kicks ass with style lol.

I would like a german book as I read german.

Thanks and fingers crossed.


Kelley Wilson said...

My best friend said check these books out and see what you think. I did and the rest is history

Emily said...

I was browsing Books-A-Million online when I came across Branded by Fire. I was intrigued by the description and bought the right then. Once I received the book, I was hooked, I read it three time with in 48 hours. I immediately went searching for more books by Nalini and discovered the Hunter's Guild series as well. I started to buy all the books in the Psy/changeling series which was up to Blaze of Memory at the time and also bought Angel's Blood. I started to read from the beginning and fell in love with the books. Whenever a new book, on both the Hunter's & Psy/Changeling comes out I start rereading from the beginning. Sometimes I do that just for fun. I also bought all the novellas in both series to complete my collection. I am sure I will need to buy another set of my books soon since I have read them so many times the binding is a little weak on some. Especially my favorite ones and I can't tell you how many times I have read those. I just enjoy both worlds so much. There is a depth of detail in the writing that just makes the characters come to life in my head.

Emily said...

Oops, Didn't mean to post the one above here.

I would like to be to to be Elena in the Hunter's series. She has such a strong personality and she can kick some serious ass.

In the Psy/Changeling I would like to be Sienna. She is powerful and yet vulnerable at the same time. She is also very intelligent. She also has Hawke as a mate, need I say more

Unknown said...

i would be elena because she so strong minded, sexy,strong and tough. elena takes no rubbish and gets what she wants and more.
She manages to get the inhuman archangel gabriel to fall in love with her and respect her.
Elena would be someone i wuld envy and want everything she has.
she also gets to have major AMAZING SEX with gabriel. She lets her guard down with him but still remains herself and does not become under his thumb.
I love that elena is so powerfull in her own right and shows everyone that she can not be oushed around.

Unknown said...

oh though one i feel like i am all the women in the phy/changeling series because there all so strong and fierce. some days i think im strong like andria or mercy i give as good as i get. some days i feel like i am hiding like tammy but i know i would be sienna. apart rom the obvious fact that hawke is by far the hottest and sexiest of all the male characters. (followed closely by a number of others ha) i completly relate to her i often fell older then my age. but most of all i have found my hawke and just like her try to push him into realising what it is we share. sadly i am still waiting for a cabin by the lake. however i am headover heals in love with this series and wait with baited breath for book 12! i would love the books in english if i would be so lucky to get them thank you.

caralee loonat said...

I think I would like to be ehlena to be able to have the skills and talents as a guild hunter along with her newness of being made into an angel. it would.be an exciting adventure.

Naziah said...

I would be Sienna Lauren! She is a trouble-maker with extensive powers, awesome. And I like the idea of an older man with a dominant streak ;)

She's an protective older sibling like me. I love her kick-ass personality... with a soft side!

Unknown said...

Hawke Snow would be someone I would want to be... He is a kick ass male knows how to smile but its very matter fact about and never lies to you.

I cant help it I have to be honest I love his power and the fact that it never gets to his head. Hawke is a great example of some one in power who uses it to better his people and not just himself

KSM said...

I would like to be Eleana because I like her no nonsense approach to life and her ability to be fearless when needed.

bn100 said...

I'd choose Honor because she's very strong and brave.

DeeCee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DeeCee said...

Sascha, mostly because she's surrounded by such amazing people. Her strength, devotion and Lucas. :)

German please.

AquarianDancer said...

I would love to be Tammy because she is the centerpiece that the pack revolves around.

AquarianDancer at gmail dot com

Patricia said...

I'd either be Honor, or maybe Sorrow. Honor, because I think it'd be great to be the type of person she is: The one who can forgive, and get past things, and grow so much stronger. Sorrow, because I feel like there's lots of potential in her. Though, being Bluebell would be kinda awesome, too. Just to finally know his story. Though, maybe I don't really want to know.. I mean.. There's only so much pain.. Yeah.. Um.. ;)

I'd prefer a German copy for my BF. I *think* she learned French in High School, for about three years, but German's her native language, so.. ;D

Iulia Lesley said...

I'd like to be Faith, because I feel we were so much alike before she'd met Vaughn. Their story moved me in ways I can't explain!

I prefer the German books since I come from Germany :D

Linda J. said...

Hello everyone, I think I would like to be Faith cause shes an F-Psy. In my opinion Seeing the future is so cool plus we have both long red hair;)
ps: I would like the german editions, should I be picked.
Linda J.

Christina said...

I would love to be either Sienna or Elena! I love both of them, and of course I love their mates :)

Either French or German. French would be my first choice but I would love both/either!

Jules said...

Okay that´s really hard but I think I´d like to be either Brenna or Elena.Brenna because-quite obviously^^- she´s mated to Judd =D and Elena because I just adore her....would be tough though, since both of them had to go through so much.....oh, and I´d love the German version, my French is more than just a bit rusty^^

Seralina said...

It is very hard to choose. All the characters are unique and all of them have qualities I admire. But if I could choose just one I would choose Elena. Being abel to fly would be wonderful. And she is such a strong person. Plus I also have a lot of sisters I am very protective of.

I would like to ein to French version.

KarinKat said...

I would like to be either Sascha, who is intelligent, sensitive and is on the receiving end of Lucas' love - or Tammy, with her warm heart, her gorgeous men - the adorable twins and Nate. Her home always full of love and people.

Liz C said...

If I had to choose it would probably be Mercy, I love how she is strong protective, a real tease ... and of course she comes with Riley ^^. Seeing as I live in France I'd love a signed French book. Thanks for the giveaways.

Anne said...

i would like to be tammy. she is a strong woman and same time so lovely and kind and careing about everyone..and she has nate ;o)
her story to get nate was so cute and awesome, i've read it three times till now..

i would like a german book

Anne Kühne said...

I think I want to be Jessamy cause she is such a strong angel though she is so fragile and she also love book (like me). ^^

I would like a german book.

mell61 said...

It has to be Faith - then I'll know whats coming up for Kaleb, Aden, Kitt, and all my other fictional friends! And of course how many and which combination of pup/cubs/kids will be arriving shortly!

Jessica Z said...

I would love to be Elena. I want to fly! And there is Raphael :)
German version please!

Divya S said...

I would love to be Mercy from BRANDED BY FIRE. She's a sentinel, kick-ass, funny, brave, and best of all, has one Riley Kincaid in possession. :)

Divya S

email: divyasriramn@gmail.com

Angie Hiatt said...

I would want to be Sienna, I think. She has awesome powers and she has Hawke!