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Guest Author: Kaily Hart

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I'm delighted to have Kaily Hart visiting us today! I've spoken about Rise of Hope, the start to her intriguing new Fabric of Fate series on the blog, and now Kaily's going to tell us about her journey to publication.

Please welcome Kaily to the blog everyone, and don't forget to enter her contest!

I’m a writer! Wait…I’m a writer
Kaily Hart

I met Nalini last year at a small writing conference in the US when we both happened to be breakfasting with Lori Foster ;). We also had an opportunity to get together again at the Romantic Times convention in Chicago earlier this year. Nalini is gracious, friendly and just…well…super nice. It might seem such a bland description, but I can’t honestly say that about a lot of people, especially one as successful as Nalini. It might also have helped that we’re from the same hemisphere and slice of the world :-). I was a huge fan of her work before we met and I don’t know…knowing the creator of those books is a nice person has made subsequent reading experiences that much richer. Does that seem weird?

That meeting was just one of many surreal moments I’ve had since I started on this particular journey. I’m a writer. An author. A published author. Many of the writers I know or meet always knew they wanted to be writers. Many talk about making up characters and crafting stories from the time they could hold a pencil. They often mention it being a ‘calling’, something that pulled at them throughout their lives so that not to write was never an option. A lot of them yearned for it, ached for it, felt as if there was no other option for them. Me? Nah. I never, ever would have guessed I’d end up a writer.

I never really knew what I wanted to be when I grew up and I cycled through many options—artist, psychiatrist, scientist, fashion designer, accountant. See a trend? Yeah, I didn’t either LOL. Many of my friends knew their path, knew from an early age what it was they wanted their career to be. Not me, so I ended up doing a business degree (because it seemed like a good idea) and I majored in Information Technology for goodness sakes LOL! I landed a spot in a prestigious graduate development program. I was recruited by a company from NY and moved to the US. I had a successful career as an independent consultant, I created and built my own IT services company, worked at the highest levels of corporate America. I was the mega type A over-achiever :-), on my way to take over the world. Well, not quite, but I was on a very different path and a lucrative one at that. Oh and along the way I’d also managed to have 4 kids. I said over-achiever, right?

So what happened? I decided I needed to spend more time with my kids. Yep. I was going to get more involved at the kid’s schools. I was going to take time for myself—get fit, take some classes, relax. Only…I couldn’t LOL. I needed to do something…more. I’d always read, all different things, but I had a secret preference for romance. And one day I just decided ‘I was going to write one’. And if you knew me, you’d know that once I set my mind to do something, I just do it. So I wrote that book. And then another. And another. And…gulp…before I knew it, I was a writer. Huh.

I’m often asked where I get my ideas. My first thought? I. Have. No. Idea. Not anything I can specifically put my finger on, anyway. As with most writers, I can make up a story about anything, anytime, anywhere. Inspiration is everywhere and it’s all a constant stream going in. I probably forget 90% of the ideas I get before I have an opportunity to capture them (and sometimes that’s a scribble on the back of a used snow cone wrapper I’ve found in the car from a kid’s birthday party). Don’t laugh. I did that once LOL.

The funny thing is…now? If I had the choice to do anything, be anything, it would be a writer J. I’ve found my niche, my groove, the thing I think I might have been meant to be. I’ve enjoyed all the things I’ve done professionally, but I love being a writer. Some people think writers are born. That might be true for some, but I’m thinking for most of us, it’s a long, hard road to make ourselves into writers. At least a writer someone would want to read! And the exciting thing? I’ve just started this amazing journey and have so many more books and stories to tell so stay tuned.

So…what about you? Are you doing the ‘thing of your heart’? If not, what would it be if you could choose? Or are you like I was, still wondering, searching? A random commenter will win their choice of my ebook backlist.

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emmad said...

I enjoy doing what I do but don't think is my ultimate. Unfortunatly in the scheme of things what I would like to do would really neccestate a hugmoungous lotto win.

kylie said...

I would love to tap into the dormant creativity of my youth - to draw more, to sing more and to write more. Perhaps some time soon...fingers and toes crossed!

fishgirl182 said...

what an inspirational story. unfortunately i am not really doing something that i truly love right now though i don't hate it. i think i am still trying to find my niche in the world. hopefully i find it soon! :)

Fedora said...

If I stop to think about it, yes, I'm blessed to be doing what I want--taking care of my family and reading :) Congrats on living the dream, Kaily! And thanks for sharing your journey!

Kaily Hart said...

Nalini, thanks so much for having me today!

Emmad - I didn't have a lotto win, but I did stick with my first career until I was in a position to fund my second :). May you pick good numbers!!

Kylie - I think many of us probably dampen that creative spirit we had when we were younger. Practicality kicks in, I think. I've got everything crossed for you.

Fishgirl - I'm glad you don't hate what you're currently doing. You'll find your niche eventually!!

Kaily Hart said...

flchen1 - that's awesome! And thanks :)!

Scarly said...

I'm in further education doing subjects I enjoy, but I no path, no drive to become anything. I go through fases of what I want to do. One week it was a teacher, next a police officer, then a journalist... The list goes on. And because I don't know what to do I don't know where to go next. University of straight into work. Hopefully soon I'll find something and KNOW!

Sammy said...

Sometimes I am just glad I have a job that keeps the cogs turning in my brain and that pays enough to support my book habit!! But yes, do occassionally dream of what else could be (and also when oh when am I going to win that lotto). Thanks for sharing your story Kaily.

Kaily Hart said...

Scarly, I think when you stumble across it, you'll know. I just kind of went with the flow for the longest time. I enjoyed it, I was successful at it, but it didn't feed my soul. I hope you find the thing that feeds yours!

Kaily Hart said...

No problem, Sammy. Yes, you can't underestimate the value of a job that keeps the intellect alive :). And I think we'd all like to win the lotto!

Dana said...

I am not sure I have a "thing of my heart". I have a nice job that I enjoy and a great time after job with my family. I often thought- maybe some people just not have "that thing"...
Good luck!

Lora said...

I'm not doing something I really love, though that would be awesome. I'd love to be an archaeologist or historical research of some type, though I'd also like to draw or paint or sing for a living. Or even bake cakes and cookies, if I oen business. It kind of makes me a bit sad that I'm not doing something I love, but I do like where I live, and it's a small town, so opportunities are limited. Oh, or I'd like to run a library or do family histories for a living. :)

T said...


It's kind of funny but i'm at a cross road in terms of what i want to do with my life. Did a business degree, got on the corporate merry go round and am likely getting off it due to other things happening.

It's exciting but also scary cause i haven't dusted off my resume since getting into my first job.

I'm thinking back on all the things i wanted to do when i was a kid, from being an F1 technician to a statistician to a writer/ poet to a painter to something in publishing.

Some things are past but hopefully I'll find something exciting for me after a little break.

Do count me in for the back list. Hope i can catch up on it in my break.

Kathleen said...

I am at college and while I thought I was going to end up majoring in chemistry so I could get a job, I chose to do French instead and I am absolutely loving it. Definitely the right decision!

Shana S. said...

I remember that lunch! : ) Can't wait to read your book. I love my job. I initially wanted to be a police officer but after injury it didn't work out. Now I'm a 911 dispatcher and I get to help others without the danger. It's fun and I can't imagine doing anything else.

Kassy Whetten said...

I am a photographer/graphic designer and full time mom. :) I love all the jobs but sometimes I wish I could branch out and do something else. Not sure what.

Sera said...

Knowing what you want to do is a talent not everyone has. I see my self as very fortunate that I know what I want to do and that what I want to do suits me very well

I like my job. It's challenging. I have nice collegues and I get to travel. Exactly what I want. Will it be the right for me in ten years. I do not know. I change every day.

Stephanie.P said...

I've noticed that the best writers, the ones who I enjoy the most, are the ones who have an eclectic list of careers in their biography. And cats.

Personally, I'm following my calling as a professional artisan (that's artisan, not artist, there is a difference) which essentially means I'm a professional craft-a-holic.
I started out studying jewellery design and manufacture, and since then I've branched out into stained glass, embroidery, engraving, crochet.... You name it, I've either tried it or have plans to do so. I spent a year in New Zealand learning how to carve Greenstone and I am currently studying ceramics three days a week.

These days I sell jewellery and, of all things, pinback badges and related items, online and at the occasional market. I'm not sure I'd call myself successful, but I make enough to get by and I'm happy with my life. Theres not many people who can say that.

Stephanie.P said...

Hmm... Pity we can't edit comments...or delete and replace. I just realised that as a professional artisan I really should have given myself a plug and casually dropped a website...

Like this

Nice and casual...

Kaily Hart said...

Dana, sounds like you're enjoying what you have now and that's awesome!

Lora, your ideas sound great. I grew up in a small town, so I know how that is. You can still do the things you love, even if you don't make a living at it :).

T, sounds just like me! It's great that you have an opportunity to perhaps go in a different direction. Good luck!

Kathleen, that's great! Way to go. French is hard :).

Shana, you do?? :) Wow a 911 dispatcher. My first thought was you would be great to chat to for research! So glad you're doing something so wonderful and something you love.

Kassy, well it sounds like you already have a lot going on. You have such a wonderful creative outlet. Hope you find something else complimentary.

Sera, yeah I think a lot of poeple put practicalities first. Sometimes, you have to do what you have to do. Glad you're in a good place right now!

Kaily Hart said...

Stephanie, I have cats too! LOL Professional artisian. That is SO cool :).

Shana said...

Yup I excited about your book! You can contact me for any questions you have. So far Lori is the only one that takes advantage. If I don't know the answer I have lots of officers and detectives that do! ; )
I'll send u a FB friend request.

Kaily Hart said...

Shana, awesome!! Thank you :). I'll look for your request and likely want to pick your brain at some point.

SCARLY, congratulations on winning!!!! Thanks to everyone who commented. I really appreciated and enjoyed your thoughts.