Thursday, April 09, 2009

NYT Article

On romance novels in the current climate.


Chris said...

That ties in nicely with what Keri Arthur posted.

T said...

I wonder whether the sales are high or low for Nalini's books. Probably high. *g*


twalls said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who considers books as a necessary part of my life. I always tell my husband he's lucky. Some girls want clothes and jewelry...give me a book any day.

Christine said...

Great article, Nalini. Thanks so much for the link.

When I read this:And in the first three months of this year Nielsen Bookscan tracked a 2.4 percent rise in romance sales compared with a slight decline in sales of general adult fiction for the same period.

my first thought was, 'Of course! Everyone was out buying Angels' Blood'! ;)

T said...

LOL! You're right, Christine!
I bet there will be another decline in July (when Branded by Fire comes out) for adult fiction. I certainly won't be buying any adult fiction in July!


Una said...

Twalls - my hubby is thankful about my book addiction. He has the T.V. remote all to himself and gets me to cuddle up next to him and be quiet! =) (hahaha)

Christine - I completely agree!

Books have always been an inexpensive (if you play it right) escape. Plus unlike movies, you can always reread a book and find nuances you missed the first time. With the economy the way it is, everyone is looking for cheaper entertainment, with book swapping stores, there you go! And let's face it, with romance you are typically (I admit not always) guaranteed a happy ending! =)

Tina - you are so right...I have my "Mercy" money getting squirreled away just waiting for July!