Monday, April 20, 2009

NZ/Aus Author Series: Yvonne Lindsay

Winners: Thanks for giving such a warm welcome to Yvonne. She's chosen the winners of her giveaway and they are - Una, Azteclady & Tracy. Congratulations! Email me at nalinisinghwrites AT gmail DOT com with your mailing address and I'll pass it on to Yvonne.

Today, we kick off a new
monthly series of guest blogs with writers from my part of the world.

First up is fellow Kiwi a
uthor and my good friend (and not just because she put me in the dedication to her latest book *squee*), Yvonne Lindsay!

Everyone, please welcome Yvonne!

Pssst - she's come bearing gifts!!

Thanks, Nalini, for inviting me to join you on your blog!

Well, this month is a month I never dreamed would come along. It’s the month that sees the release of my tenth title with Silhouette Desire. Frankly, I’m totally amazed.

Seeing PRETEND MISTRESS, BONA FIDE BOSS on the shelves is super exciting and I’m in the mood to celebrate :-) so I’m giving away one copy of each of the three Rogue Diamonds books (CONVENIENT MARRIAGE, INCONVENIENT HUSBAND—SECRET BABY, PUBLIC AFFAIR—PRETEND MISTRESS, BONA FIDE BOSS) to three randomly chosen commenters.

When I brainstormed the Rogue Diamonds mini-series, I had no trouble dreaming up the close knit powerful alpha trio of friends. I think it was a comment from an interview given by Keanu Reeves, where he mentioned demon riding, that started the ball rolling and gathering plot outline in my head. These guys are definitely risk takers.

As usual, for me, finding the women who deserved them was a whole lot harder (I don’t tend to share my toys and my heroes are pretty much the same.) When it came to Adam’s story I had a string of ideas running through my head. I wanted more than your average mistress, more than your average boss/secretary story—all of which meant that Lainey needed to have a big backstory, one that was powerful enough to drive this book and, coincidentally, this hero to the end of his tether.

I’ve always been drawn to the story of Pygmalion, of the statue, Galatea, brought to life and love and I started to play with how this could work in a modern setting—with a twist. Of course, there always has to be a twist. Why would she prefer to be the inanimate ‘statue’ like woman who flew under a man’s radar? What would drive her to risk that anonymity? And so Lainey Delacorte came to life.

Thinking about it, fairy tales, myths and legends often have a strong influence on my stories, even when I’m not fully conscious of it until the book is done. What’s your favourite tale of old?

Contest Closed.


Alcott said...

Add me to the contest please. The book looks great!

Anonymous said...

Oh my God! I've just finished reading the excerpt forPRETEND MISTRESS,BONA-FIDE BOSS -- looks so good! I'm going to have to do some happy hunting to weed out other titles by Yvonne at my local bookstore.

...Now I'm going to go around wanting a Kiwi Alpha Male. :P

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on number 10! What an awesome accomplishment.

Lisa J said...

Ten, that's great!

My favorite tale of old would be Cinderella. It is hard to choose just one, but the 2 ugly stepsisters and the terrible stepmother just make the story so much better.

Anonymous said...

Cinderella. I especially like reworked, more modern versions like Ever After (the heroine is more modern minded if not the setting) and Ella Enchanted (I love her protest of unfair Giant working conditions, when the prince makes an appearance, instead of throwing herself at him).

Danni T said...

I would like to be entered in the contest. Mmmm.. my favorite legend or myth, it's really hard to choose. I love Greek mythology(love Hades & Persephone) but I'm going to have to go with King Arthur/Camelot or I really like Robin Hood. I also like Sleeping Beauty.

Blodeuedd said...

The old fairy tales are fun, but ever since I was a little girl I have loved mythology. I used to fall asleep listening to this tape of Greek Myths like Icaros, Phaëton who set the world a fire and the rest.

Those I love.

Congrats on your books :D

Yvonne Lindsay said...

Hey, Alcott, you're in!

Smilecarnival, so glad you enjoyed the excerpt. Just quietly, Kiwi Alpha Males are the best ;-)

Trinity, thanks for the congrats.

Lisa J, Cinderella is a favourite of mine too.

Katy, I loved the "Ever After" version with Drew Barrymore. Makes me smile every time I remember the scene where she takes 'whatever she wants' with her and it's the Prince.

Danni, yes! I'm sitting here nodding at all your favs.

Blodeuedd, Greek mythology has some wonderful themes. I remember as a kid listening to many stories on a Sunday morning radio show and always loved Diana and the Golden Apples.

maered said...

My favourite fairytale is Beauty and the Beast. Looking beneath the surface to the person inside - and falling in love with that. Just love it!

Tiff said...

Ten is amazing! Congrats.

Linda Conrad said...

Sorry I'm late to your party, Yvonne! Hi!
How could my favorite fairie tale be anything but Cinderella? I think I write that story over and over in different ways. LOL
Can't wait to read this book!

Christine M. said...

I love Greek Myths (mythology from all over the world has fascinated me ever since I was 10 y.o.) and one of my favourites would be the story of Orpheus and Eurydice.

azteclady said...

*waving hands wildly* Me, me mememememememe!!!


Okay, that's done.

I am not sure I have one favorite, but I've always been intrigued by Arthurian legends and mythos.

Best of luck with the 10th and may it be just the beginning!

Mandi said...

Congrats on your tenth one coming out!!

My favorite are probably the arthur legends, although my husband is big into greek mythology so we have had some good discussions in that area:)

Erika said...

I love Greek Mythology. I actually took a class on it last semester. I'm a big fan of Apollo's messed up love life. He never seemed to get the girl. Thanks for the contest.

Minna said...

Looks like a great book!

Nat said...

Congrats on #10!! :)

I love, love the movie Ever After, I think I've watched it at least twenty times. It puts a great twist on the original Cinderella story which was one of my favortites.

Una said...

I loved fairy tales, Aesop fables and greek and other cultural mythology/stories as a little girl. My most favorites were the story of Cinderella, The Lion and the Mouse, Little Black Sambo, the story of Icarus and Persephone.

tetewa said...

I'd like to be included for all!

Unknown said...

Congratulations on your tenth release! What a great accomplishment =)
I've always loved stories about Native Americans and their life-styles. However, I have to admit that I don't think I'll ever be too old for disney and thier fairytales =)

Tracy said...

I'm with Danni and love Persephone and Hades. My 6 year old loves that story too so I get to read the kid version to her on a regular basis which is very cool.

Congrats on your 10th title and please enter me into the contest - I'd love to read one of these books.

twalls said...

I haven't read Silhouette Desires for a while now. Reading about these books is making me want to read them again. :) I like most fairy tales, but I think the one I love the most is Beauty and the Beast. The whole loving someone for who they are rather than for how they look.

Lisa N. said...

Congrats on the release! I love reading Greek myths and seeing how they can be modernized to fit in current stories. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of your book!

orannia said...

HI Yvonne *waves*

Hmmm...I LOVE fairy tales. My grandfather used to work for EMI and he used to give me the audio tapes of various fairy tales - my favourite has always been the tale of Sleeping Beauty as told by one of the servants :)

As for my favourite fairy tale, I going to pick one most people wouldn't know (unless they used to listen to the radio stories on a Sunday morning many years ago) - Molly Whoopie!

All the best with the release!

Yvonne Lindsay said...

Maered, yes, Beauty and the Beast is another favourite theme of mine too. I did a B and the B story last year and loved writing it.

Thanks Tiff.

Linda! Thanks for dropping by. I'm thinking Cinderella is probably a strong favourite in the fairytale department.

Christine, I'm off to refresh my memory on Orpheus and Eurydice.

Hey, Azteclady! Nice to see you here. :-) Oh yes, Arthurian myths and legend. Definitely.

Mandi, you and your hubby must have some great discussions. Mine's more into anything with wings (and we're not talking faery wings either.)

Erika, another Greek fan. Poor old Apollo. Maybe he needs a modern tale to get his story straight with the girls.

Minna! Hi there!

Nat, yes, I'm so with you on Ever After. And every time her father falls from that horse and dies I weep. (Actually I always find something to weep over in every Disney cartoon movie too. My kids get so embarrassed.)

Una, wow, what a lovely diverse range of tales you enjoy.

Hi tetewa. All comments are in the draw for one of three books and there will be three winners. Good luck.

Eshani, down here in NZ we don't get to hear a whole lot of Native American lore but I understand there are a wealth of stories there.

Tracy, thank heavens for the kid versions of these things allowing us to continue to enjoy them.

Twalls, oh, I do hope you come back to Desire as a reader. There are so many great authors producing really wonderful work. One of my latest proposals to my editor is a B and the B story in reverse. I'm hoping she'll go for it because for me, as a writer, there are so many depths to plumb in that kind of story.

Lisa N. Thanks for the congrats, and wow, another Greek myths fan.

Yvonne Lindsay said...

Wow betide you Molly Whoppie, if you e'er return again!

Argh. That still sends chills through me, Orannia. How wonderful growing up with all those stories in audio. Do you still have them? (And do you remember the story about the dogs with eyes the size of saucers guarding doors. I don't remember the whole story but used to have nightmares about the dogs. And Peter and the Wolf.)

Yvonne Lindsay said...

Actually, that was meant to be 'woe' not 'wow' {snigger} Wow is what happens in Desire books ;-)

Nalini Singh said...

Hey Yvonne! It's great to have you on the blog.

I love a lot of the old fairy-tales, esp Beauty and the Beast. I even used the theme in one of my Desires.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't seem to help myself. I was at the local book store, saw PRETEND MISTRESS, BONA-FIDE BOSS, and scooped it up.

Don't want to spoil it for anyone, but itissogood. :DDD

Yvonne Lindsay said...

Hey, back at ya, Nalini. I have adored every one of your Desires. Wish you could fit some more into your busy schedule.

Smilecarnival, now I know why you have that name. You've certainly made me smile! So glad you're enjoying PM,BFB :-)

felinewyvern said...

Nice book Yvonne. Like the sound of it and will be adding your name ot my auto hunt a tthe library from now on.

Yvonne Lindsay said...

Thanks, Ilona!

Anonymous said...

Yvonne, it's the truth! You had a wonderful emotional conflict going on (angst, my love!), and your male was ALPHA. It was sizzling all the way around. My only complaint? Why'd it have to be so short! Sadly, I read very fast...and I gobbled it up in under two hours.


Now we all know why I don't read a lot of Harlequins.

azteclady said...

oh yay!!!!


Thank you, thank you, Nalini and Ms Lindsay!

*off to email*

Yvonne Lindsay said...

Smilecarnival, thank you :-)

Azteclady, Una, and Tracy, warmest congratulations on your wins!