Friday, April 17, 2009

Links & OOTB Tour: Kiss of Darkness by Jennifer St. Giles

First up today, I've got an OOTB tour with the lovely Jennifer St. Giles!

Kiss of Darkness by Jennifer St. Giles
Out now!

In Kiss of Darkness, a vampire bite has Sheriff Sam Sheridan on the fast track to hell and demons are taking over Twilight Tennessee. He's battling not only to save both his soul and his town, but also his love for one woman, Emerald Linton.

Emerald has a secret that could destroy both her and Sam. She is an angel, and if she can't save Sam from turning evil, then she'll have to kill him, no matter how much of her heart belongs to him.

Sam is determined to take as many demons and vampires down with him as he can and to protect Emerald, but as the seductive dark power in him grows will he condemn Emerald to share his doomed fate, or will they both find a way out of hell?






“In the first of back-to-back Shadow- men releases, St. Giles unleashes hell. With each successive chapter in this pulse-pounding series, the stakes increase. The lead protagonists have been snapping at each other since they met, and the author skillfully builds on that tension to up the sexual ante. St. Giles is on a roll!” 4 stars Hot RT Bookclub.

“In my opinion this series is one of the best. It is definite a keeper. The struggle between good and evil is told in a way that holds your attention. I, for one, cannot wait for the next installment of this entertaining series. You must read this series. It is great.” Top Pick Night Owl Romance

Also, you should go wink at Meljean Brook.

Oh, and don't forget to drop by Beth Kery's blog where she's got guest authors and giveaways galore to celebrate the release of Daring Time.

And most definitely don't forget to come back tomorrow <-- subtle hint. I'm off to edit the final scene in the second Guild Hunter book!


T said...

*Jumping up...and down*

And most definitely don't forget to come back tomorrow <-- subtle hint. I'm off to edit the final scene in the second Guild Hunter book!

Tomorrow? Tomorrow!??! What's happening(any chance of more excerpts of BBF?)tomorrow? Not to mention the EDITING of the end of a Guide Hunter book. *sigh* When will tomorrow come?

azteclady said...

*pays attention to hint

*grabs comfy chair, pajamas, water, chocolate and a book*

*waits (im)patiently*

Anonymous said...

Thanks for telling us about Beth Kery's contests.

I can't wait to see what's up tomorrow :P

Elaine said...

Or... Is tomorrow gonna be the day when we find out whose book it is after Dev's Blaze of Memory? Maybe even BBF's ARC contest... The world is full of possibilities.

orannia said...

*pulls up a chair next to azteclady and offers her a jelly bean*

*looks up at the very tall police officer who is suddenly looming over the chair*

Yes, this is a sit-in and no, I will not move :)

My verification word is 'movent', which is rather similar to movement...but I'm not moving :)

Unknown said...

lol orannia :)
Off to study for an exam, but I'll definitely stop by tomorrow!
Good luck with the editing Nalini..

azteclady said...

*grabs a jellybean*

*looks at calendar*


*tries to get comfortable in chair after mumble hours sitting*

Una said...

Is it tomorrow yet? Since I'm in the U.S.... does that mean I only have half a day to wait?!?!