Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kay Stockham - His Son's Teacher

Kay Stockham has made me a fan. I flat-out adored this book.

First up, here's the blurb:
Nick Tulane ordinarily won't admit weakness in himself or in those he loves. But when he learns his son is about to fail in school, the single father is desperate to find a tutor. And Jennifer Rose is perfect.

In fact, Jenn might be too perfect. Nick's starting to fall for the attractive teacher, and he can't let that happen. Because opening up to Jenn means sharing the secret that has always made him feel like an outsider in his own family. Still, with his son showing signs of following in his footsteps, Nick can't keep the truth hidden. But once she knows, will Jenn accept him weakness and all?

There's such emotional depth in this book. Nick and Jenn both have things that make them feel less than good about themselves (in Jenn's case, it's her weight), and because of that, they don't believe they could ever be good enough for each other.

But this book isn't about misunderstandings or things a simple conversation would solve. It's about the kind of emotional scars that can hurt bone deep. For example,
Nick's secret is tied deeply to who he is and how he sees herself. The same with Jenn. His Son's Teacher tells the story of these two finding themselves as well as finding each other.

Kay Stockham managed to tear out my heart and make me smile at the same time. Yes, there's a lot of emotion in this story, but there's laughter, too.

Also, Nick is hot. *grin* Seriously, I have a crush on this hero. You will, too, after you read this, trust me. He's just wonderful.

For an excerpt, check out Kay's website.

Have you discovered any new authors recently? What made you fall in love with their work?


Cybercliper said...

Right now I'm reading C.L. Wilson's Lord of the Fading Lands Tairen Souls books and they are awesome!

Tracy said...

This was a good one. The next one is just as good. I just have to find the 3rd one now (I know...just point and click!). I'm definitely a fan!

Dietingfashions said...

ohhh Tulane. Brings back memories of good times.

orannia said...

This sounds like a lovely book Nalini. I wonder if the library has it?

New authors. Two: Deanna Raybourn, who writes a brilliant Victorian romantic suspense series (although it is light on the romance, but it fits :) and Julia Spencer-Fleming, who writes contemporary romantic suspense.

Ang from Oz said...

Sounds great Nalini!

Tabitha said...

I just discovered Kay Stockham recently too. I read "Her Best Friend's Brother" last week and it was a good read. I'll add this to my list now!

Danni T said...

Just read Sharon Ashwood's Ravenous and Alexandra Ivy's Guardian's of Eternity series. Loved both of their books.

azteclady said...

In the past year alone I've discovered way too many authors to list.

And no :grin: I'm not complaining!

Una said...

Like Azteclady, I've discovered several new great authors I've enjoyed reading. I've already mentioned in another blog here about Anne Bishop and her Dark Jewels series (VERY good).

However, another author I discovered this year is Alyssa Day and her Warriors of Poseidon series. Very yummy male characters with exciting stories. I found her by reading a short story in an anthology that is taken from this series. It was her mythology that got me. The premise was fascinating (and as I love fantasy/paranormal) it was right up my alley.

Kay Stockham said...

Nalini, thanks so much for the compliment! What a wonderful post. I have to say, Nick is probably my favorite of the brothers. Shhhhh! Don't tell the others that! He was just so yummy. Although, Ethan is very close. In, who am I kidding? I love'em all! LOL I fall in love with all my heroes.

Thanks again for a wonderful post! As to your question, u just found Rachel Gibson. I love her sense of humor.


Kay Stockham said...

I hate it when my phone changes my words and I don't catch it.



Kat said...

Ohhhhh a book about a single DAD. That's a good way to my heart. I was raised by my dad. Its always nice to see an author remember that that sometimes happens.