Thursday, April 16, 2009

Glimpse Inside A Writer's Brain

I need a word.


It means something is coming.

Hmm, arbor?

Isn't that related to plants?

No, it's like "And she knew it arbored great things."

Are you sure?

No, I know it's wrong. I just can't figure out the right word so I think you should put arbor in until we figure it out because it's making me CRAZY.

How about the thesaurus?

Good idea, but we need a synonym to look up first and I got nothing.

Huh. [Arbor] it is.

Some time later...

Augur! The word is augur! *Dance of joy ensues*

You know, all of a sudden, I can think of lots of synonyms.


Kayla said...

When I write, I usually try to get the perfect word for my sentence (or I might stay up till 5:00 A.M. annoyed and frustrated at the sentence.)If only I wasn't such a perfectionist... (I think it's genetic!)


Nalini Singh said...

LOL, Kayla. I actually find it helps to let it go for a while. The answer usually comes when I'm working on another section.

Tez Miller said...

Have never heard of augur before - thanks for expanding my vocabulary :-)

Pissenlit said...

Oh ya, I've had that happen before. Even if it's not important, my hindbrain won't let up on it and so I'm liable to suddenly blurt the word out in the middle of a conversation that has nothing to do with it. :)

Bridget Locke said...

I had that happen to me the other night. The word I was looking for? Can't remember it now but seriously spent 45 minutes sitting at my 'puter tapping my chin thinking "I know I know this word." *sigh* Epic Fail!

Anonymous said...

**big grin** Two days ago I left a single message on my mothers answerphone. ...It end in an frustrated giggling, because I simply forgot the right word and my call end in a funny description about the required word... (I was very frustrated:)).


Christine said...

Inside a 'writer's brain?' Seriously? Oh, Nalini, that's me in every day conversation! ;P

Courtney said...

Just imagine doing all this with pregnancy brain. Ugh.

Courtney <--- hasn't written any fiction in about 8 months

Anonymous said... has an online reverse dictionary. good for those days when you have an idea of what you want to say but the actual word escapes you. Yes, since starting online college I use it ALOT! LOL

Una said...

I hate it when that happens! Usually for me, leaving it alone is the best way to have it pop back into your head, unexpectedly. The problem, when it does, I gasp it out and smile big...not good when in a crowd of people at the store. They stare at you wondering why you shouted out "augur" or something else.

Jeanne Ryan said...

I'm not sure if you've seen this

"Right after returning from this last conference, I read a new book that I would indeed say is a really great story and a new twist on an overdone genre. I wish I'd read it before the conference so I could have used it as an example. Angels' Blood by Nalini Singh. It's the start of a series, and is about vampires, vampire hunters and angels. Vamps and their hunters are way common in paranormal romances nowadays; angels are newer but look to be heading toward overused territory. But Ms. Singh's book just...stunned me. Blew me away. I love it, it will easily rank on my top-ten list for the year. Her development on the character types is unique; her vampires were intriguing and her take on "angels" was fantastic and startling. Her world building is superb and incredible. This is the perfect example of "not the same-old-same-old". And it had the effect that editors and publishers want from readers--it sent me immediately to the author's website to find out what other books she had, when the sequel to this one would be out. (Aargh, not for a year! Torture! But two novellas in the same world will tide me over to the next novel.)"

Christina said...

I hate those moments! I usually put in some odd symbol (like >>) to know to come back to that point, or bold the word.

The word usually comes when I am working on another section, too, Nalini, or after rereading the passage fifty times.

orannia said...

LOL Nalini! I can have that problem. ANd yes, it does help to do something else entirely! Or something relaxing...I often have epiphanies in the shower for example :)

And hint noted :) I'll be here tomorrow with bells on (not literally :)