Monday, October 27, 2008

Psy/Changeling Series - Reader-Collated Info

I'm setting up this thread as a result of a discussion in the recent Q & A, where several readers volunteered to collate some general information about the Psy/Changeling series ie. things like when a character was first introduced, how he or she is related to other characters, and any other relevant facts.

So this thread is for things already established. If you'd like to speculate on future books or storylines, swing by the Hostage to Pleasure Spoiler Thread.

Everyone is welcome to join in! :)


Nalini Singh said...

I'm going to leave this up to you all, so go for it however you like.

Probably general character info is what most people are interested in, so maybe bullet-points with things like where a character was introduced, their race, etc, might work.

The one thing I ask is that there not be a synopsis of the plot of each book - don't want to give away the whole story. :)

Now turning it over to you!

Bridget Locke said...

Hey, Orannia, why don't you email me and we can go over it all together? I'm sure there'll be something each of us forgot. Zoe already has. We can compare and come up with a great system for keeping track. Just a thought.

good . bad . books @ gmail . com (no spaces).

If we all work together, we'll probably get EVERYTHING put together and make it all nice and pretty. :) Let me know!

Shaymless Aymless said...

This certainly looks like fun. Will have to contact Bridget now.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if the next book after Branded by Fire which I was totally surprise of the choose. I just knew it was Andrew that Mercy was speculating to and when I read the excerpt and relize it was Riley. WOW. The question I wanted to know was in the next book, will you finally have Hawke and Sienna mated? A woman that gives a man that much grief has to be his mate.