Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Merry Merry

These Snarkface greeting cards made me laugh. Enjoy!


little alys said...

Weren't those adorable?
Do you also read Debbie's "Will Write for Chocolate" comic? It's one of my favs. :D

KT Grant said...

I like the card about not getting hit with a snowball in the face. tee hee.

Courtney said...

LOL Good find, Nalini. I can't believe stores are getting ready for Christmas already. There's still Halloween and the American Thanksgiving.

I'm trying to figure out what book (or books) to do for the reader interview. So far it's a tie Between Lover Awakened by JR Ward and Jane's Warlord by Angela Knight. Maybe I'll do both along with a few others :)

Anonymous said...

Ies wants them :)

And I completely agree courtney! Is it just me or are the stores jumping the gun earlier and earlier each year with Christmas decorations?

And I haven't heard of Jane's Warlord so I'll keep my fingers crossed you review it :)

Nalini Singh said...

Alice - yes, love her comics!

Katiebabs - I'm considering getting the Christmas Birthday Suckage one for someone I know *g*

Courtney - I know! Look forward to seeing your interview. :)

Orannia - Jane's Warlord is very good. Futuristic and sexy.