Monday, October 20, 2008

Lisa Kleypas

I blame the bloggers in romancelandia for my new addiction. I admit it – I’d never read a Lisa Kleypas novel until about two weeks ago. In my defense, I’m really, really choosy about my historicals, so great as Ms Kleypas’ books looked, I wasn’t convinced they’d work for me.

Then she came out with Sugar Daddy. A contemporary. I resisted. If I’m choosy with historicals, I’m downright picky about contemporaries. Then she wrote Blue-Eyed Devil, and I swear, I couldn’t go to most of my favorite blogs without tripping over a glowing review for this book.

It was too much. I had to know what everyone was talking about!

I opened it one Saturday, proceeded to ignore every other person in the house, took it with me to dinner, then to bed. Needless to say, I was hooked.

Next, I got my hands on Secrets of a Summer Night, wondering if I’d like her historicals even half as much. Shall we just say that I went through Autumn, Winter and Spring in rapid succession, and am now waiting to devour A Wallflower Christmas (Marcus is my favorite by the way).

I also have Sugar Daddy (calling to me in a seductive whisper saying read me, read me...). I’m an addict. I hope all you LK bloggers are happy *grin*

The awesome thing about coming late to the party is that Ms Kleypas has a delicious backlist. So, help me feed the addiction – which Lisa Kleypas book should I read next?


Anonymous said...

You have to read Mine Till Midnight and Seduce Me At Sunrise. They are so deliciously yummy you won't be able to put them down.


Barbarita V said...

I discovered her a few months ago, her historicals are pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Dreaming of You - Sarah Fielding and Derek Craven. One of my favourites


Marg said...

Suddenly You, Again the Magic or Where Dreams Begin. Also totally agree on Dreaming of You.

Pam P said...

Must read Dreaming of You, one of my alltime top faves, and Hardy in Blue-Eyed Devil reminded me a bit of Derek in Dreaming of You. Other faves - Worth Any Price, It Happened One Autumn, Suddenly You (not part of series)., Again the Magic, Where Dreams Begin. Don't have Seduce Me at Sunrise yet, next week I hope, sounding likes it's going to be a keeper.

Kimberly said...

OMG Nalini - I can't believe you've never read her, lol.

After AWC you should read Again the Magic. It's actually two love stories in one, and the heroines are Marcus's (from IHOA) sisters. Remember when Annabelle walks in on Olivia and Gideon are in Secrets of a Summer Night? *grin*

After that I recommend The Hathaways. Mine Till Midnight starts that series, and the hero, Cam, you will remember from (my favorite Kleypas book) Devil in Winter. And Sebastian and Evie appear so I *squee* over it. The second book in the series is Seduce Me At Sunrise which came out on September 30th. It's calling me, but I haven't had time :(

If you ever need the book order for Kleypas, I have her over on my blog ;)

Hope you're having a good week,

ShellBell said...
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ShellBell said...

I loved Lisa Kleypas' Wallflower series (Secrets of a Summer Night etc), and have a couple more of her historical romances in my TBR pile and A Wallflower Christmas on my Wish List. I haven't read any of her contemporaries either - very picky about the contemporaries I read.

Christine said...

Clearly, you must read them all.

So far I have only read Lisa Kleypas' contemporaries, which I absolutely love, but have her Wallflower quartet, plus Mine Till Midnight and Seduce Me At Sunrise on my TBR shelf.

I get such a kick that bloggers convinced you to check out Lisa Kleypas' work. I love it! =)

Kati said...

Oh, I have to join the chorus, Again the Magic, is a must be read! McKenna is simply delicious. It's my favorite Kleypas historical.

Of course, Dreaming of You is considered to be her best of her historicals, and it is divine. I just have warm fuzzy feelings for Again the Magic.

Pretty much any story Lisa writes where the hero is blue collar or from the wrong sides of the tracks are fantastic. Where Dreams Begin is wonderful as well.

OK, I could go on and on! :grin:

Anonymous said...

omg, Nalini, you really must read Sugar Daddy, I just loved that book! Talking about it makes me want to reread it, lol

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, Lisa Kleypas writes some of the best historical romances. Sadly, I haven't gotten around to her contemporaries but I'm sure they're really good as well.
Anyway, I recommend my two favorites Suddenly You and Lady Sophia's Lover. The characters are unforgettable in both books and I can definitely re-read them many times without getting tired of them.

Gail Leinweber said...

My two all time favorites from Kleypas are Dreaming of You and Suddenly You. Consider my voice added to chorus.

Nalini Singh said...

I love hearing what everyone's favorites LK books are!

I'll be reading all of them rest assured - but I find myself torn. Part of me wants to gulp the entire backlist, but the other part wants to savor each book.

Cam's book is a definite must read very soon as I met him in the Wallflower books, and Derek Craven's book as well, since he's mentioned so often. Of course each time I look up one of your recommends, I go oooooh... There is really no help for me *g*

Cindy W said...

Nalini, SAVOR! That's what I'm doing w/ Julie Garwood. I only have about 3 books left to read on her backlist, and I just want to wait to read them. Historicals don't get much better than Lisa Kleypas and Julie Garwood.

Ana said...

Oooooo better late than never! so you are a Marcus' girl? I am a St Vincent fan all the way.

I second Dreaming of You and then Hathaways next! ; )

Anonymous said...

Midnight Angel.

little alys said...

Welcome to the club, Ms. Nalini. :)
Do take your time with the books. They're all wonderful, but my personal favorites (aside from the Wallflowers) are:
Dreaming of You
Again the Magic
Worth Any Price
Suddenly You
Marcus is in 2 of those books.^_^

If you can, read the new Hathaway series first, since you're finished the Wallflowers. It's better continuation. :)

P.S. At RWA this year, aside from you and Marjorie, Lisa Kleypas was the person I wanted to meet the most, I saw last, and nearly cried when I met her. The three of you made my year ^.^ And all my new friends. :) A trolly could have smacked me down on the way out and I would've been happy. ^_^

Mariana said...

I'm with CY, 'Dreaming of You' is ABSOLUTELY lovely. I LOVE Derek Craven.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, I just love Lisa Kleypas. Blue-Eyed Devil is such an amazing book!

I third (or is it fourth) Again The Magic. I read it earlier this year (on MK's recommendation) and just loved it. There is a scene near the end that leaves you breathless!

Bridget Locke said...

Well, you've alread read my favorites (the contemps and Secrets of a Summer's Night), but you HAVE to read Dreaming of You. It's like the quentissential historical romance. :)

Yay for finding her! Have you read Julia Quinn too? :)

Nalini Singh said...

Love Julia Quinn - esp the Bridgertons! :)