Friday, September 12, 2008

Thanks! & Catchup

Thank you all so much for the comments and congrats - you all rock. :)

Today, I did some work on the book after Mercy's. Can't tell you who it's about yet, but I think you'll be intrigued. *g*

I've also already got a couple of great keeper book interviews! Put your thinking caps on everyone and send me some more.

We haven't done a weekly catchup for a while, so tell me what you're up this weekend, or how the week's gone!


Courtney said...

Ugh, what a horrible week for me! I'm scrambling to get ready for RAW, I'm sick as a dog, I need to clean my house because my mom is coming to hang out with my hubby and daughter while I'm gone, and hubby himself is working mandatory overtime this week so I have to do all this while wrangling a two year old.

And your present isn't even done yet, Nalini. :(

I need a nap.

*hopes the whining wasn't too pathetic*

Jenny Schwartzberg said...

I've been trying to clean up a storage room which has zillions of books in it. Mostly romances. I've given away hundreds so far but I can't make myself give away my favorite rereaders. Nalini's books of course are on the keeper shelves. However, several thousand books are on those shelves. Groan.

I'm also tryint to clear my desk of backlogged gift books and paperwork. I'm juggling all of this with lots of last minute stuff in preparation for my big children's book exhibit opening so I'm very frazzled.

Saturday evening I'll go to a Food Network dinner/potluck. What that means is that guests will bring dishes cooked from recipes from shows on the Food Network or on their website. It's always fun to taste what people bring...

On Sunday I'll have a small gathering of people interested in children's books at a local cafe. Fun!

In between these things, more cleaning up....

I want a very long nap too!!

Barbarita V said...

This is been a great week. I am a naturalized US CITIZEN. I had the Oath ceremony today. I am dancing of happiness.Finally I can vote!

Nalini Singh said...

Courtney - hugs on the horrible week. Just remember, RAW will be so fun, it'll make it all go away :)

Jenny, wow, you're so busy!! Hope you get that nap!


Anonymous said...

I sent a review thingor, but I might do another one. I just read Sugar Daddy by Lisa Kleypas - an automatic, totally EPIC keeper - but it'll be impossible to convey the awesomeness of this book without writing a thesis on it. Can I just wrap it up by saying, 'HOLY HELL, BUY THIS BOOK'? *g*

Anonymous said...

I´m glad, that I´m not the only one who`ll clean up this weekend. (A big hug to my mother in law! - Because she brought up my husband very well. - He`s a real sweetheart; he help me where he can. - ... Though sometimes it`s even for me to much help...*g*).

Besides I`m looking for new books.
(I got two book coupons at birthday). - It`s always a difficult decision. There`re so many good books...

barbarta v: Concratulations for your naturalization!


Anonymous said...

(((((Courtney))))) I hope this week is better for your Courtney!

Good luck with the exhibit Jenny!


*SIGH* I spent Thursday and Friday (which is why I was so late to the party as I've been offline until now) packing up my grandmother's house...she passed away in late July. I have to be honest - it hasn't been a good year (and since last year I lost two family members - my mother and grandfather)....I'm just trying to keep my head above water. The plan is to survive this year and hope next year will be better...

As for the weekend, I managed to weed and compost the vegetable garden, and I've been re-reading Mine to Possess...I love Clay :)

Have a good week everyone!


Mrs. Sands Foreign Language CLassroom said...

Where should I start...I have a pinched nerve in my middle toe, let me just tell you it hurts like heck and makes walking near to impossible..I had to get two cortizone shots and am in a half boot.

I had to call 15 students parents this week0end to tell them that their child is failing my class..

Went to the state fair, managed to buy two Christmas gifts..

Have to make up lesson plans for the next two weeks.

Okay that's everything from NM

ShellBell said...

Currently on holiday in the UK. Pouting because I wasn't able to buy HtP before I left!

Congrats on 20th place on the NYT bestseller list Nalini.

azteclady said...

((((Courtney)))) I hope you feel better soonest!

Jenny, I can't imagine purging... Yes, I'm a book hoarder :wink:

Barbarita, that's the most awesome news! Please tell me you are voting in November?

((((Orannia)))) I'll light a candle for you grandmother and keep you in my thoughts.

As for me... woke up and a cleaning frenzy overcame me. Bathed the dogs, scrubbed the downstairs grout and tile--all of it *faints*--did some heavy loads of laundry, and still have to clean all the litter boxes...

I need a weekend to recover from this weekend :wink:

Nalini Singh said...

Daphne - I haven't read that yet, but it sounds really good.

Eva - hope the cleaning went well! :)


Italian I - ouch! I hope you feel better soon.

Shell - hope you're having tons of fun!

Azteclady - wow! You're a dynamo :)

Anonymous said...

Italian - I hope you are feeling better soon!

(((((azteclady and Nalini))))) - thank you!

Oh, and azteclady - I'm exhausted just thinking about all that cleaning!

Have fun Shellbell!


Heather said...

So I just realized that I was logged in under my class blog. So Italian I is really me..

The toe is getting better, I am in a boot for another two weeks though just to make sure.

Barbarita V said...

Thanks everyone.
azteclady. I will definetly vote!

Anonymous said...

Nalini: I was dazzled *g* !

Anonymous said...

anonymous = ~Eva