Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Couple of things

I'm chatting over at The Phade messageboard. Drop by if you're a member and say hi :) Chat's now over. But don't worry if you missed it - I'll be doing another Q & A later this week.

Also, I figured we'd open a spoiler thread for Hostage to Pleasure around Sep 20th. How's that sound? Do you all want to do a chat around that time as well? Let me know and we can set something up.


Shaymless Aymless said...

Works for me. Am ready and very able for chat! *g*

Anonymous said...

Can't get in. All I get is error messages.

sniff, sniff. :(

Ann N.

Nalini Singh said...

Amy - I'm going to start sorting out a date :)

Ann - I'll be doing another Q&A later this week, so I'll give everyone a heads-up about that!

Jennifer K. said...

Well, I've finished Hostage to Pleasure, and I'll say this for you Nalini ... you rock!

As always, I'm left wanting more. Bring on Mercy.

Jennifer K.

Anonymous said...

M. Singh, thanks so much again for stopping in and chatting with us on The Phade! I think we had one of the best days ever for unique visitors. If you'd like the numbers, we'd be happy to supply you with them. :)

Ann, I am so sorry you had trouble accessing the board.

I'll be checking out that Q&A session!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to echo kmont's sentiments: thank you for visiting us at the Phade. We really enjoyed picking your brain!

Anonymous said...

20th sounds good to me :-)