Thursday, September 25, 2008

RAW Pictures & Winner

First up, the random winner of the signed copy of Devil's Bride is Frances (who had a question about CBI - the answer is on pages 297-8 :)) Congrats! Can you email me your details (nalinisinghwrites AT gmail DOT com).

As promised, here are some pictures from RAW. (This set is mostly of the authors as I want to double-check with the reader attendees as to whether it's ok to post their pics up.)

I had the most wonderful time - the mood of the entire weekend was upbeat and fun. Getting to meet readers and authors I've only spoken with online before was the absolute highlight. :)

Now, onto the pictures! I have to start with a photo of me with Lora Leigh - I was a huge fan of Lora before we met in person, but now I'm an even bigger fan. She is just the loveliest person. It was so much fun chatting with her.

These next photos were all taken at the book signing on Saturday.

Jennifer Estep with a gorgeous poster of Jinx. I had total poster envy!

Jacki Frank with the cover of the first book in her new Shadow Dwellers series. Hot Gossip: Hypothetically speaking, I might possibly have misspelled Jacki's name when I signed a book for her. In return, she might possibly have added a few extra vowels to my name when she signed an ARC of Ecstasy for me. *grin*

Diane Whiteside with her awesome cover!

The lovely Mary Wine and Kay Stockham. I keep seeing Kay on dance floors - the last time we saw each other was at the Harlequin party in San Francisco. But we officially introduced ourselves to each other this weekend.

Now, I've got some photos from the Masquerade Ball!

Mary Wine in a show-stopping costume - the picture really doesn't do it justice, it was so beautiful, from the fabric to the actual workmanship. Everything was authentic - down to the shoes!

The beautiful Anya Bast with a masked stranger *grin* This was my first time meeting Anya - she's an absolute sweetheart. Her new book "The Chosen Sin" looks really interesting. And the cover - yum.

This next picture was taken on Saturday afternoon.

Jennifer K (who used her hypno-eyes on me to get me to reveal all sorts of secrets!), author Jasmine Haynes/Jennifer Skully, and Sara, a lovely, lovely bookseller who gave me a wonderful guided tour of the city :)

I have more pictures, but I think this post is already ginormous enough! More tomorrow!


Yvonne Lindsay said...

Awesome pics, Nalini, and welcome home! That mask of yours is definitely a work of art. And that Kay Stockholm, are you sure she isn't a beauty queen?

Anonymous said...

It looked amazingly entertaining! The costume was gorgeous, and I may have to buy Jinx because the poster did look fabulous!

Something that has been driving me insane after reading HTP, Nalini, is what is the x designation of Psy? (If you can't say, can you say when we may find out? It is driving me insane!) Could this possibly be Sienna's mysterious designation? It is driving me batty!

Anonymous said...

Ooh - fab pictures Nalini. Who is that masked stranger? Lol! Thanks for posting those. WoW - the cover for Anya Bast's novel is just beautiful.

azteclady said...

Those a sooo great!

And I have total conference-attendee envy now.

Well, I've had it for a while, it's just getting worse ;-)

(and congrats to Frances!)

alanajoli said...

I think I have poster envy over Jennifer Estep's cover poster, too. (I'm pretty excited for that book to come out!) Your mask is quite lovely. :)

Also, I caved and bought Enchanted Season today, and I was not disappointed. I've been wanting to read that story ever since I found the first chunk of it on your site. It made me cry through most of the middle, because I just hated seeing Tamsyn in that much pain! Even knowing it had a happy ending didn't prevent anguish in the middle--which just reiterates to me exactly how good a writer you are. Anyway--thanks for the excellent storytelling!

Anonymous said...

WOW! What amazing photos - thank you Nalini! It looks like it was a fantastic conference...azteclady I have conference envy too!

Congratulations Frances!

Jennifer A. Ray said...

Nalini, it was fantastic meeting you at RAW! You made everyone feel welcome and it is very much appreciated.

Not to mention I adore your stories!

Frances said...

OMG! I won! I am sooo excited for this book, I've heard awesome things about it!
OK, off to email Nalini! Thanks so much!

Jennifer K. said...

Whoo-hoo! That's right! My hypno eyes must have worked because I DID get some clues from you. And I loved every minute of it!

By the way, I greatly enjoyed getting to sit down and chat with you, Nalini. It really was a highlight of my trip.

I was so glad you were able to come to RAW and I hope you'll be able to make your way back to West Virginia for next year's get together.

You rock, girl!

Jennifer K.

Barbarita V said...

Thanks for the picture. It look like that conference was lots of fun!

Anonymous said...

Christina - my lips are zipped on the X designation, but it's very, very important...

Alana - I'm so glad you loved the novella! I really adored writing it :)

Anonymous said...

Nalini, it was great seeing you at RAW! It was definitely a fun time, and I'd highly recommend it. :-)

Unfortunately, I was about 50 miles up the interstate when I realized I'd left my camera at home. So no pictures from me. Sigh ...