Saturday, July 05, 2008

Weekly Catchup

I had a great meeting with my local writing group today - the turnout was small because of the freezing weather (it hailed on the way home! I could see little bits of ice flicking off the windshield), but we had an excellent time nonetheless. Lots of information shared, and as always, I came home feeling inspired.

So, what're you all up to?


Anonymous said...

"..feeling inspired" - This sounds very good Nalini. (- I know, this is a very selfish thought, but I can´t await Dorians story:-)).

Today we`ve 26 degree.
I´had just a wonderfull capriolet tour whith my husband. It was simply fantastic:-).

This week I´m on schooling. I´m not to be keen to go. Especially, when it`s so hot. - But on the other side... the schooling building is surounded by vineyards:-).


azteclady said...

Well, I should clean the house... but I'll probably just read :grin:

Hope you are having a good weekend!

Casee said...

Freezing weather. Yuck. The warm weather didn't come quickly enough to Boise. I really don't care how many 100 degree days we have. It's better than the cold. lol

Just enjoying a three day weekend. I'm planning on reading the new Linda Howard and am keeping my fingers crossed.

Shaymless Aymless said...

Doing laundry. Why don't clothes magically clean themselves!? And reading of course.

Jenny Schwartzberg said...

It's the Fourth of July weekend but I haven't been out yet. Looks nice and sunny but I was buried in revising an exhibit script for my exhibit on 700 Years of Children's Books to open this fall. I've just shot it off to another editor and plan to get outside to do food shopping for my family. Hope it's as nice as it looks outside!

Tomorrow I go off to a fancy French brunch with some Meetup friends, but otherwise it's a lazy weekend now that I'm done with the script!
Jenny in Chicago

ShellBell said...

The cold rain and hail this weekend has been a good excuse not to have to mow the lawn so I have been attempting to reduce my TBR pile. I never seem to be able to get under 150! Currently reading Jennifer Armintrout's The Turning. Have also been tidying up my family history research in preparation for my trip to the UK in September - 61 sleeps to go!

Anonymous said...

There are days during the summer I want the cold weather back and then comes winter and I want the hot days back. It's too bad there isn't a place where the weather stays the same all year long. Well, there probably is, but it probably has a high cost of living. :)

This week my husband and I are wrapping up our first week in our new home. It's been so exciting buying stuff for the house and actually being able to modify anything we want. Plus our son can't get enough of the backyard. He's only 16months and this is the first time he is allowed to go out whenever he wants (taking into consideration our schedules). It feels so good to be in our own home after 10 years of apartment living.

Bridget Locke said...

Hey, Nalini! :)

I'm writing! Yup, after a long dry spell, I'm writing again. It's not much, but at least words are being written. That's always good, right? :)

Other than that, life is good. Work is slow, but that allows for more writing. Trying to actually finish a manuscript for a change. Keep your fingers crossed, ok? :)