Monday, July 28, 2008

San Francisco!!

It's almost conference time!

If you live in or near San Francisco, don't forget the book signing on Wednesday July 31st from 5.30 to 7.30pm at the San Francisco Marriott. This is open to anyone.

I'll also be at the Berkley signing on Friday 1 August from 3.00 to 4.30pm (open to conference attendees).

My next post will most likely be Wednesday of next week (hopefully including conference photos), so see you then. :)


Anonymous said...

I hope everyone who is going has a great time. I'm not jealous at all!

SF won't know what has hit it!

Jennifer K. said...

I'm going! I'm going!

I hope to see you there, Nalini!

My flight leaves at 9:41 tomorrow morning. I'll be in San Francisco by tomorrow afternoon. Whoo-hoo!

Jennifer K.

Barbarita V said...

Have a great time at the conference!
I wanted to go this year but I just came back to work from maternity leave, so no more vacation for me.
I will go to Washington DC next year though, to finally meet Nalini. Wahington DC is closer to CT so I will be able to drive.
I wish you all, the ones that are going a safe and fun trip.

Heather said...

Darn it, no one and nothing ever come to New Mexico. Have fun in San Fransisco.

This and That said...

I'll be there Wed morning, and I think I'm volunteering for the event on Wednesday too! I can't wait, it's my first conference and I'm super excited.

And I still haven't packed! In fact I going shopping tomorrow night after work, I need a skirt! lol Or I might must wait and go shopping when I get to San Francisco, they have awesome shops in that area.

Anonymous said...

If it is any consolation Heather, nothing comes to New Zealand either :) Have a wonderful time Nalini & Jennifer! I'm there in spirit!

Ohhh, Nalini. I was...on the phone last week with...a supplier (I won't say which one) and we started talking about books (not quite sure how I got there). Anyway, I mentioned you and the person at the other end of the phone was like 'I LOVE Nalini's books!'. Our days were both made :)


Anonymous said...

I wish you all a good time in SF!
- It`s a pity, that I can`t come. (Maybe some day...).

Greetings to all!

Anonymous said...

Nalini - first time to u blog....interesting to say the least ! good luck in san francisco...r u visiting Philly as well ?


katie g. said...

So jealous! I want to go to RWA at some point in the future!

Anonymous said...

Nalini - I was just swinging by Dear Author and I saw the loveliest picture of you at the literacy signing! I hope you are having a wonderful time!


KT Grant said...

It was so great to see you Nalini! Have a safe flight home.