Friday, October 26, 2007

Weekly Catchup

I'm working on a few things. I think I mentioned I was doing a historical novella? Well, there's been a slight change in plans and the novella is now going to be about someone you kinda, sorta meet in Mine to Possess. Who can it be?

Also, my tbr pile is calling my name. There's a Julia Quinn on top and I sooooooo want to read it! And I have a couple of ARCs I need to get to. Sometimes, I think it would be awesome to read by osmosis - put the book to your head and download the story. But that would take all the fun out of it, wouldn't it?

So, what have you all been up to? Any plans for the weekend?


Jaded Bee said...

Reading the new Laurell K. Hamilton. A Lick of Frost. It kicks major ass. You should put it on your tbr list.


orannia said...

Ohhh, the new Julia Quin book isn't The Secret Diaries of Miranda Cheever by any chance is it? It's very good!

I'm about to start reading The Lord of the Fading Lands (CL Wilson) and perhaps Sebastian (Anne Bishop) after that. I'm kind of hooked on Anne Bishop ( who's fault is that :) but I can't read The Invisible Ring until next month :(

I'm hopefully doing some more gardening this weekend - there's just something about gardening :)


PS Someone we might meet in Mine to Possess? When is the anthology due out please Nalini?

PPS Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Nalini Singh said...

Jaded Bee - that one's been on the list for MONTHS! I just have to wait for a copy to get to me :) I'm so jazzed to hear it rocks!

Orannia - I'm catching up on JQ's backlist, as she's a new to me author I just fell in love with. I do have the Secret Diaries, too. And now you're making me want to start that, as well!

And isn't Anne Bishop fantastic?!

The antho will probably be out in Oct next year, and you won't exactly meet this person - just kinda, sorta ;)

Happy gardening!

Kat O+ said...

I have an essay due by the end of the day on the scintillating topic of knowledge management. I shouldn't even be here.

Jenny Schwartzberg said...

I'm rereading Dennis L. McKiernan's Once Upon A Spring Morn after gobbling it up too fast the first time. Now I'm leisurely enjoying it. It's 4th in a 5-book series, where he takes fairy tales and turns them into epic novels. Wonderful and intensely romantic stories. I thoroughly recommend them.

As for what I'm doing this weekend, on Saturday I have to help collect the family's winter clothes that were in storage since it's gotten cold here in Chicago. Sat. night I'm going to a wine tasting (Zinfandel) and potluck and bringing Bulgarian Salad, which I'll make up either Friday night or during the day Sat.

On Sunday I'm going to a cafe to meet with other people interested in children's books to talk about them over coffee and pastries. Oh and I hope to dash in the morning Sun. to a rare book fair near my house before going to the cafe at 2.

Busy weekend, plus I have to do reading for two graduate classes, and write a short article... Groan, I think I'm crazy to try to do all this.


Iswari Sharma said...

Hello All! It is my first time writing to this blog even though I have been religously reading it for some time now. I am currently reading Christina Skye's "Code Name: Bikini" right now and I am enjoying it so far. I just got done with "Mine Till Midnight" from Lisa Kleypas and I found it to be very good - typical of her not to disappoint. No big plans for the weekend. Just going to a friend's house for dinner tomorrow night and then they are coming over to our house for lunch on Sunday. A tit for tat kinda thing ;-). Have a nice weekend everyone and happy reading!


Aymless said...

I just starting reading Kinley MacGregor's Lords of Avalon series. It's really good so far. Love that dark knight Kerrigan.

Orannia - let me know what you think of the Lord of the Fading Lands. It caught my eye the other day and I haven't decided if it's worth a read.

Have a lovely weekend all.

Susan said...

It has been a busy week. Last Sunday I ran the 1/2 marathon with my best friend. It was fun. You can read the highlights on my blog. I also submitted a short story to the romance diva's call for submissions... we'll see how that goes - so this week I have been very focus on my straight novel - not a romance. I have had a burst of creative energy and I have doubled it in length in 2.5 days.

This weekend will be low key - I hope - it has taken me a few days to recover from the 1/2 marathon...

Jenny Schwartzberg said...

Aymless and Orannia, I adored Lord of the Fading Lands and can hardly wait for the next book Lady of Light and Shadow which is out next month. Yes they are publishing them back to back to heighten readers' interest. The first one was so fabulous I'm panting for the second!


Kat O+ said...

I just have to say... Lady of Light and Shadows is even better. The fantasy elements get a lot of play and the romance is steamy!

MaryKate said...

orannia - I hope you love Lord of the Fading Lands. Jenny I agree, I've been haunting multiple bookstores on the outside chance that it might be shelved early. SIGH. Such a brilliant book!

I've got a lot going on this weekend. Big going away party for a really good friend of mine today. She leaves for South Africa tomorrow to work for World Vision for six months. Then I'm going to see The Putnam County Spelling Bee (broadway show) tomorrow afternoon, then a concert tomorrow night. Then big, big, big football game for my Redskins on Sunday. SIGH. I'll have little to no time to read. But if I do, I'll be reading New Moon by Stephanie Meyer. I finished Twilight this week and was completely blown out of the water by it.

Casee said...

I plan to catch up on a lot of reading this weekend!

Hey--I'd be happy to take a few of those ARC's off your hands. *g*

LesleyW said...

Are you still intending to write about the territorial wars at some point Nalini. Or has that idea been shelved indefinitely?

ShellBell said...

I've been plotting and planning all week. My mother and I have made the decision to go to London for a holiday next year, so we've been working out finances, flights etc and hope to book our tickets next week!

I added CL Wilson to my wish list ages ago - I want it in ebook format, but haven't seen anything yet.

I plan to tackle books 2, 3 and 4 of Lynsay Sands' Argeneau series this weekend - had to cave in a buy them in print format as I couldn't find them in ebook and I have books 5 and 6 in ebook just tempting me to read them!

blackroze37 said...

tobgosh i would love to sneak a few of yall authors tbr books! lol

Jaded Bee said...

Okay, so I just finished "A Lick of Frost", and in my oppinion it was the best she's written so far. I honestly cried at one point. I was thoroughly upset when it was over. I'm one of the most impatient people I know and I don't know if I can wait until next fall to get the next Merry book. But yeah, it was totally worth the $20 or so I paid for it.


Nalini Singh said...

Welcome Iswari!

Great book discussion - makes me want to go off and order a whole lot more books, but I'm trying to be good (imagine a halo).

Lesley - yes, I think I will write about it. It interests me. And I do have an almost complete novella. :)

Kat said...

Hey Nalini,

Which JQ book are you reading?

My copy of the new Kresley Cole and Anne Stuart books showed up early so lucky me I'm reading WDOAWN tonight or tomorrow.

I'm seeing We Own the Night tonight (love Joaquin Phoenix) then it's class all day tomorrow *pout*

What's the historical novella going to be about? And can you drop us any more tidbits about MtP or....dare I ask...Dorian?

Kat <--who did retail therapy today and came home with a mini leopard

Chriss said...

I can't wait till Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night by Kresley Cole comes out, and I'm picking up Karen Moning's Bloodfever at the same time. Just a few days! Kat, let me know how it is, I can't wait.

In the meantime, I just finished Yasmine Galenorn. I am looking for some of Erin McCarthy's backlist after reading her contribution in An Enchanted Season, and I have some Robin D. Owens to catch up on.
If only I had time to read them all this weekend.

Nalini, is the antho going to come out before or after Hawkes story? (not to sound impatient . . . ^_^)

Tracy said...

I finished a series last night and now am trying to decide what to read next. My tbr is amazingly small but I have Mary Balogh, Jayne Ann Krentz, Karen Ranney, Melissa Mayhue, Joey W. Hill & Christina Skye to choose from. Decisions, decisions. Maybe you can just get another book out tomorrow and there would be no competition! haha! All these other book suggestions have my eyebrows raising in interest though. I need to write some of these down!

Other than reading I'm just doing some house cleaning, laundry and then hopefully a very fun Halloween party on Saturday night.
Have a great weekend!

Keira Soleore said...

Nalini, you're lucky you have just a TBR pile and it only calls your name. I have a bookcase that hollers my name, sometimes even calls me nasty things, because I add to it faster than I can deplete it.

Nalini, any more caterogies from you? A historical from you would be rad. Someday, I hope!!!

My weekend plans include the Wee one's ballet and music classes Saturday morning and the booksigning at the Emerald City Conference in the evening. We have a foreign move to watch on Netflix. Pumpkins will also be carved. There will be some bike riding involved. Looks to be a good weekend with as much as time spent outside in the rare fall sunshine.

Nalini Singh said...

Kat - it was "To Sir Phillip with Love" and I broke down and read it. It was soooo good! And that mini-leopard sounds adorable. Did you name him yet? :)

Tidbits hmm? Let me think about it.

Chris - LOL, the antho will be out next year ;)

Keira - no categories lined up in the immediate future, but who knows?...