Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday Links

Dear Author has the wonderful Sharon Shinn's first sale story. Her Archangel is one of my favorite books - here's a link to her website, where you can read excerpts of her books.

Over on Word Wenches, Mary Jo Putney has up a great post celebrating the 20th anniversary since the publication of her first book - she talks about the changes she's seen, as well as what makes a writer hold on for the long haul.

The AAR Top 100 Romances Poll is open, and the first set of interim results have already been posted.

Are you in a book club? Nancy Martin has up an interesting post about book clubs over at The Lipstick Chronicles.

And if you like contests, check out these Fresh Fiction ones - links on the Knight Agency blog.

That's it for this week. Have a great weekend everyone!


clare said...

You've already got two books listed on the romance poll :)
I'll have to have a think I don't know if I could list 100 romances.

BTW I recieved my copy of An Enchanted Season this morning -BIG THANKS- Luckily I had the morning off work because I sat and devoured it immediately. I LOVE Tamsyn and Nate, great to see the start of a couple that seem so established and confident of each other in the other books. Anyone who's not bought this you seriously need to!
The cover is pretty and sparkly, the story is great.

The more I read of these characters and their world the more stories I want!

Nalini Singh said...

Clare - Thanks! I really loved being able to go back and write about Nate and Tammy :) :)