Wednesday, October 03, 2007

An Enchanted Season

An Enchanted Season is now officially out! :-)

I'm supposed to be working on another novella today, but I'm having to fight the compulsion to grab some hot chocolate, a blanket and a keeper book. Cause you know that nice weather I told you about? History. Hail just clattered against my window. The trees are being whipped by wind outside. It's a day made for reading I tell you!

Must. Not. Look. At. Keeper. Shelf.

Instead, let's talk keepers today. What books do you have that have made it through purges, changes in taste and style, even house moves? Share some of your all time keepers (while I go back to the frontier...yes, I'm writing a historical novella!).


tvaddictgurl said...

I tend to collect authors rather than just individual books. If I really like an author I'll keep everything of theirs I buy (Margaret Atwood, Kelley Armstrong, Kim Harrison, Jim Butcher, and yes, even LKH). Even, if maybe I don't necessarily like certain books as much I'll still hold on to them because I like having sort of a whole collection of that person's work.

Amy said...

I am the same way, When I find a author who's books I really love I collect all their books. I started reading Nalini when her first Sil Desire book came out and I have bought, read and kept every book she has written since then. Other Author's who's books I keep are Diana Palmer, Lucy Monroe, Lori Foster, Sarah Morgan, Sharon Sala/Dinah McCall, Catherine Anderson, Christine Feehan, Lora Leigh. I also re-read books all the time so if I read a book and think I will read it again I keep it. I have a bedroom that has been converted into a library room. The last count I had 2,362 books on my keeper shelves. I read at least one book per day sometimes up to 3 and Most of the time I will re-read at least 5 old favorites per week.

Anonymous said...

Like tvaddictgurl I collect authors. Lynn Veihl, Christine Feehan, Janyne Ann Krentz,and of course Nalini Singh.My husband hates my books...we've moved twice and the majority of boxes are books. I don't give them away or loan them.

danetteb said...

Happy Release DAy!

My keepers are all over the house, I have a shelf that has been overflown. I even find them in my car :d

ShellBell said...

I spotted An Enchanted Season on Fictionwise yesterday, so guess what I read last night! Absolutely loved it! I loved the opportunity of having a closer look at Tamsyn and Nate.

I'm like a lot of people, I'll collect all the books of a favourite author. Every now and then I do a cleanup of the particular books that I don't like so that I can make more room on my bookcase. I have various formats - paperback, hardcover and ebooks - probably over 1000 books. eBooks are definitely great storage wise! As to my keepers: Christine Feehan, Jude Deveraux, Stephanie Stevens (have only ever found one book so I don't know if she has written any more), Laurie McBain, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Nalini Singh (a must have), Julie Garwood (historical novels only), Judith McNaught (up to and including Remember When), Shirlee Busbee (older books), Johanna Lindsey (older books), Iris Johansen (all of her LoveSwept books), Georgette Heyer (Regencies), Elizabeth Elliott, Jilly Cooper, Patricia Cornwell, Sergeanne Golon, JR Ward, Kresley Cole, Elizabeth Vaughan, Stephanie Laurens and several Harlequin authors - Michelle Reid, Lynne Graham, Helen Bianchin, Margaret Way. I have even kept a couple of my favourite Barbara Cartland books just as a reminder on how much writing styles and tastes have changed over the years!

Nalini Singh said...

I think I have to agree - I collect authors, too. Except for the odd book that just grabs me. I also have a keeper by an author who only appears to have written two books! (Unless she changed her pen-name).

Then there are the make me crazy keepers. Books that drive me insane for one reason or another but I have to keep and reread!!

Anonymous said...

Lisa Kleypas's Wallflower series has a special place on my keeper shelf :)

Kat O+ said...

When we moved house a few years ago, I gave away two tubs of category romances to my aunt. I still miss some of them. :-(

I collect anything by Patricia McKillip, Laura Kinsale, Eloisa James, and Kathleen O'Reilly. I also keep books from the following series: Psy/Changeling ;-), BDB, Bridgertons. Also, Kathleen Woodiwiss's The Wolf and the Dove (she's Mum's favourite romance author). I'm thinking of collecting books by Meljean Brook and Shana Abe. My most reread romances are Enchanting Pleasures (EJ), England's Perfect Hero (Enoch), The Longest Night (O'Reilly), Slave to Sensation, and Romancing Mr. Bridgerton (Quinn).

Oh, and Harry Potter!

Casee said...

After the Night by Linda Howard. Actually, all Linda Howard books. Some of my copies are so beat up, but I refuse to get rid of them!

I say indulge! Look at that keeper shelf. ;)

Joyce said...

Some of my keeper authors are Robin D. Owens, Amy Fetzer, Cherry Adair, Linda Howard, and Deidre Knight. Also can't forget to mention Nalini Singh.

Dariel said...

I also collect authors, but not always all their books. I have Christine Feehan, Sherrilyn Kenyon, JR Ward/Jessica Bird, Nalini's (of course), old Linda Howard and Elizabeth Lowell, Kim Harrison, Kelley Armstrong, and Marjorie M. Liu. I could go on and on. I hate to give any of my books, but I'm running out of room. I think I have over 5,000 books, with a massive TBR collection that I keep adding to. I need an intervention!

orannia said...

Hmmm, I'm obviously in a minority. I mostly collect books, not authors and I get most of my books from the local library, although there are some authors that are 'must' - Nalini, you're definitely on my 'must have list'...did I tell you I pre-ordered Mine to Possess from Barbara the day after I finished Caressed By Ice?

Usually, if I read a book and like it I hunt it down (e.g. Knave's Wager by Loretta Chase and Knight's Move by Jennifer Landsbert).


DeeCee said...

I have whole walls of bookcases that are filled to overflowing. My closet has tubs of books that I refuse to get rid of. And my worst habit is that if the book I love I'll buy multiple copies of the book (in all the various forms). I think at last count I had 5 different editions of the same book.

I collect all things: Linda Howard (even her god AWFUL hardcovers that I buy at bargain sales), Suzanne Brockmann, Nalini, JR Ward, Shannon Mckenna, Karen Marie Moning, Kathryn Shay, Karin Slaughter, old Lora Leigh, Shiloh Walker, Sharon Sala/Dinah McCall, JK Rowling, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Anne Elizabeth Bennett (Little Witch will stay with me until the day I die), JRR Tolkien's LOTR series, Cherry Adair, old Maggie Shayne, Janet Chapman, Linda Lael Miller (Willow is still one of my favorite historicals), old Virginia Henley, Rhyannon Byrd, and a whole bunch of other authors I can't remember.

Kat said...

I'm an author-collector as well, lol.

My keeper authors are you (obviously), J.R. Ward/Jessica Bird, Sherrilyn Kenyon/Kinley MacGregor, Lora Leigh, Shelley Bradley/Shayla Black, Julia Quinn, Julie Garwood, Lisa Kleypas, Christina Dodd, Candice Hern, Anna Campbell, Eloisa James, Meljean Brook, Sabrina Jeffries, Jacquelyn Frank, Angela Knight, Kresley Cole, Christine Feehan, Nora Roberts, Catherine Coulter, and Emma Holly. There's probably more I'm forgetting, lol.

clare said...

I tend to collect authors, keeping books I rate less in order to have the lot.

I do have odd books that have grabbed me Sandra Brown's 'The Witness' and 'Envy' are keepers though I don't read her other books.

I held on to Susan Kay's Phantom for years before I decided that however highly I rated it wasn't a book I'd re-read. (recommend it though)

Ones that I keep boxed but always hold on to and pull out less frequently would be older favourites; things like Margery Allington, Patricia Wentworth, Agatha Christie, Alistair Maclean, Neville Shute.

Oh and old hb childhood favourites that I'll never willingly part with; Enid Blyton's Adventure series, ELizabth Goudge's 'Little White Horse'

Am I the only one fighting the urge to pop the kettle on and go rip open boxes for a treasure hunt?

Lami said...

Hi Nalini.
On my keeper shelf are some great books, but the one I will never part with (not for all the dark chocolate in the world) is Mackenzie's Mountain by Linda Howard. I have a major crush on Wolf, and it has not diminished over the years. The book itself is held together by tape and hope.

Lami ;-)