Monday, October 01, 2007

Imaginary Men & Invisible Lives - Anjali Banerjee

I loved Imaginary Men! It's fun but emotional - a great combination.

In a nutshell, while at her sister's wedding in India, American-raised Lina is introduced to the "bachelor from hell" as a future husband. In panic, she blurts out "I'm engaged!"

It's supposed to be a small lie, but it keeps getting bigger and bigger and now people are planning the wedding and her family wants to meet this amazing fiance. Enter an Indian Prince Charming who wants a proper wife (which Lina is not) and things get really interesting.

I don't tend to read a lot of chick-lit, but I I'm glad I picked this up. There's a romantic heart to it that I really fell head over heels for. Since I enjoyed the book so much, I went looking for what else Anjali Banerjee had written and found Invisible Lives.

I really loved this book, too. Where Imaginary Men has a sense of mischief, Invisible Lives has a thread of magic woven into it. Lakshmi, the heroine, has the ability to know the secret longings of others. As she works in her mother's sari shop, she tries to make those dreams come true. Meanwhile, she's set her own dreams aside. Then in walks the completely unsuitable American Nick Dunbar and suddenly her own dreams rise to the surface.

It's just a beautiful, romantic book. Totally recommended.

You can read more about both books at the author's website. (And no, Anjali Banerjee did not pay me to write any of the above. *grin* I did however email her after reading these books and she's a lovely person who I plan to lasso for an interview when her next book comes out).


Prue said...

Cool, do they have happily ever afters. I have gone through a period of getting ones where people die and things. So I need HEA's for a bit. Thanks Nalini.

Nalini Singh said...

Prue, since they're chicklit, it's more about the heroine's journey. But I love me a HEA and though there wasn't a traditional HEA here, I didn't feel cheated at all - I was smiling at the end. I knew the hero / heroine would make it, you know? (These books are definitely uplifting, not depressing!)