Saturday, October 20, 2007

Guest Author: Linnea Sinclair!

Today's guest is the otherworldly Linnea Sinclair, whose hero Branden Kel-Paten is one of my faves. Not only does Linnea write awesome books, she has written the a very unique blog for today, so check it out.
To thank everyone for making this week of guest bloggers so awesome, I'm going to give away one of my books (winner's choice) to a random commenter on this post. (Winner will be announced in the comments.)


I've become totally addicted to LOLCats and icanhascheeburger. For those of you scratching your heads in wonder, those are the sites where people upload photos of cats doing just about anything you can imagine, along with baby-talk-type titles for the photos that are either snarkily funny, overly cutesy or just down right bizarre.

One of my favorites is Happy Cat has Run Out of Happy:

more funny pictures

I can so relate. It seems whenever I'm asked to blog or respond to interview questions, this witty author runs out of witty.

That never happens with my characters. Well, okay, rarely. But when I'm writing about my characters it's so much easier to find this turn of phrase, that snarkism, that jolly-ha-ha. Or that intense, scary moment.

When I want to write about being an author, the creative mind becomes disgustingly business-like. I start thinking about print runs or cover art or how I can promote the genre. Which most readers just don't want to hear.

Sometimes I think readers would prefer if authors were more like their characters: swashbuckling, larger-than-life (if I keep munching on any more Fritos, my thighs may certainly achieve that goal), exuding a certain authorly je-ne-sais-quoi.

Charisma. I Has It.
more funny pictures

The thing is, an author's day is usually fairly bland. Wake up, read emails, work on chapter, read more emails, get coffee, work on rest of chapter. We write about these buffed-out, seductive people--while we're sitting there in old sweatpants, a faded t-shirt and lime-green crocs.

At least, I am. Nalini, I suspect, wears well-oiled fighting leathers, stiletto-heeled boots, and swigs three fingers of Jack Daniels, straight, as she dictates her novels to an equally-as-well-oiled-near-nekkid-stud-muffin.

Or something like that.

See how easily the imagination kicks in? See how easily the author slips behind the scenes and lets The Wild Thing out on stage?

That's why I think authors are LOLAuthors. Until you put the words around us, we're just ordinary people. But give us an image and let us pad it out with words and we shed the dingy sweatpants and icky t-shirt and launch lustily out into the wild blue yonder.

Well, not literally, of course. I have this large glass sliding door in my office and a sight like that would likely annoy the neighbors.

But we are, for the most part, unassuming folks.

I would feel a lot better if I could go to reader conventions and do book signings in costume. I think then I'd be a better fit to what my readers expect to see. I certainly have had my share of… “You write that?” from strangers when I've handed (okay, when I've forcefully shoved) my bookmarks in their direction.

I suspect part of that reason is I write science fiction romance. I'm not quite sure if it's the romance image I don't meet or the science fiction one, but which ever, I get raised eyebrows and that question. And yeah, I write that.

Like I said, it might be easier in costume, perhaps the Beam Me Up kind, where the image of the author fades into that of the character or story.

lolcat - cloaking device operational
more funny pictures

I think the Wizard of Oz had it right when he told Dorothy, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”

It's really all about the story, the characters, the conflict, the will-they or won't they, the holding your breath as you turn the page.

That's what we're all about.

Words on a page. And even captions.

lolcats funny cat pictures

BSP: The Down Home Zombie Blues will be out November 27th. If you like a bit snark, a big dash of adventure, some major romance and want to know how a Florida cop would handle one kick-butt outer-space babe, check it out.

Until then, here's something for you LOLCat and Star Trek fans to enjoy: click here .



Jaded Bee said...

Oh my god, I almost burst some vital organ laughing at all those cats. I have a cat that looks almost identical to the one that is blended in with that blanket or whatever and she has so much attitude, I swear if she could talk, she'd sound something like Bam. Thanks for the great laugh. I needed it.

ps I would give my left kidney for one of your books...but I think you already know that. lol.

Anonymous said...

I love all those kitties! Have you seen the america's funniest home video's of cats that talk? Its hilarious! Glad to see you here today:)

Sara Hantz said...

Those cats are soooooo funny!!! I haven't laughed so much for ages. Thanks for sharing!

Linnea Sinclair said...

Glad my blog attracted some giggles! Jaded, no left kidneys needed. I have contests. I give the things away (books, not kidneys). They also show up (books, not kidneys) on bookstore and liberry shelves with aplomb.

Any one in particular you like? Hugs, ~Linnea

Jenny Schwartzberg said...

Hi Linnea and Nalini,

Fun to see that two of my favorite authors like each other (smile). I adore that last picture of a cat reading and I noticed that the text is in Asian characters. I wonder if it's a translation of a romance? Hmmmm.

Jenny Schwartzberg

Anonymous said...

I love LOL cats! Thanks for the great post :)

Patrice Michelle said...


LOVE the cats! LOL! Cracked up at the picture you painted of authors. Why do you think we live in our dream worlds? What an awesome cover for Down Home Zombies!

By the way, anyone who's ever met Linnea knows she's a classy lady and super nice to her fellow authors! *waves* to Linnea!


Sue A. said...

Thank you for sharing those awesome cats with us! A little cat therapy makes my day better.

Lily said...

I really laughed at all these pictures... they are so cute! are ready for Halloween :-)

Nathalie said...

Sue is right... just what I needed today after all the work I had to do.

aym said...

I love those pictures. I know when I'm feeling down, I go and find my cat to see what she is up to and it always cheers me up.

Allison said...

Linnea, looking forward to DHZB and your Intergalactic Bar and Grille is fabulous. And I love your Meez, it is adorable! Yes, your love of/for cats is quite clear. Thanks for the fun links.

Christina said...

Those pictures were adorable! Thanks Linnea!

And while the life of the author may not be as glamorous as we all like to think, at least you still get to dream up some amazing characters!

Jennifer K. said...

I luv the cats. Thanks for turning us on to them. I have three myself.

And I figure if you want to write in a T-shirt and sweats, that's OK with me. That's what I'm wearing when I read all my lovely books ... that or a similar casual variation.

lisa scar said...

will have to check sinclair's books, sounds interesting

Wendy said...

Those pictures are hilarious! especially that last one - So cute!

I'll definitely be checking out that LolCats site. :-D

Miki said...

Hi, Linnea!

I think we're often surprised when famous behind-the-scenes people become public. I always have to give myself a little shake when I've just finished a HAWT romance novel, then see the author picture at the back of the book and she looks like my grandmother! Of course, my grandmother had eight kids and always had a twinkle in her eye when she looked at my grandpa, so that book might have been right up grandma's alley, too. ::wink::

And how often do the radio personalities we listen to match up with their voices?

For Lisa Scar I say: DO! Linnea's one of my favorite science fiction romance writers. My favorite book is Gabriel's Ghost, but I sometimes think it's just because it's the first one of hers I read.

And Linnea? So excited about the Zombie Blues release - and it just has to do well, since it's release date is also my birthday! ::wink::

Alyssa said...

I love the cat pictures, especially the cat who has run out of happy. I'm battling a cold (or some such thing), so I know just how the kitty feels.

I read Finders Keepers this week and really enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to Zombie Blues.

Pamk said...

I loved finders keepers and am looking forward to Zombie coming out soon.

Pamk said...
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DeAnn G. Rossetti said...

Linnea, that was a great blog article, complete with funny cat photos! Nice!
Personally, I think you look quite glamorous as an author, certainly better than this scruffy reporter!

Linnea Sinclair said...

And no one checked out the Star Trek LOL Cats link on the end of my blog? ::sighs theatrically:: Oh, c'mon, kids. It's the cat's meow. Or tribble's purr... ::grin::

Thanks all for your kind comments. Great to see so many of you here annoying the lovely Nalini. Yes, we were tablemates at a book signing. RWA National? RT? The days blur... I only know she was a delight. ::grin:: ~Linnea

Robin said...

Linnea, the Star Trek Cats were hilarious! It brought back glad memories to this original trekkie's heart. (g)

Robin Greene

Pam said...

Love the Star Trek cats, lol.

Gabriels' Ghost was my first Linnea read years ago, and I loved Games of Command.

Dragon Lady said...

jeeze ... I almost missed the cat in the "cloaking device - operational" picture!

I'm so looking forward to DHZB!! I just handed Finders, Keepers over to my daughter to read. Working on making another convert Linnea.

MaryK said...

Waiting . . . waiting . . . for November 27th!

I've seen the LOLTrek before, and it's hysterical. Are you a Spock fan? To me, some of your heroes seem to have Spockish characteristics which I think is great. I've seen Nalini's CBI hero compared to Spock, but I haven't read it yet. Hey, a Spock inspired anthology!

(Sorry, I couldn't resist. I'm not stalking you. Really.)

MaryK said...

P.S. - Linnea, I've been wanting to let you know how much I've enjoyed the short stories on your website. I especially like Rhapsody in the Key of Death. Your author's note says that you have another story about how they met. Any chance you'll post it soon?

Kat said...

Those are some hilarious pics. I'm almost afraid to click on the links for fear I'll become distracted for hours :)

Nalini - have you been holding out on us? If we raided your home would we find your stash of leathers, whiskey, and well-oiled studs? LOL.

Hope you both have a wonderful weekend!!!!

Kat <--who would totally bypass the alcohol and men to raid Nalini's computer files for her WIPs ;)

clare said...

I love LOLCats outta-happy is a fav of mine. The TrekkieLOLS where hysterical. My cat has stalked off embarrassed by my giggles!

I've never actually met any authors except online (insert 'The UK is cool too' Banner) some very glamorous author pics about though.

Only read one of your books Linnea (Nalini championed it) and I have to say the Furzels rule!!

tam said...

I love those cat pictures, they make me wish I still had my cats.

tetewa said...

Enjoyed the pictures of the cats it had me cracking up. Down Home Zombies looks like my kind of read!

Linnea Sinclair said...

Yep, LOLCats or the Icanhascheezburger site can become really addicting--so fair warning. But if you ever need a good giggle, that's the place to hang for a few minutes. Or more. ::grin::

And yeah, Crystal, I love the talking cats video. The one who says "Don Piano"--I lose it everytime I hear that.

Classy lady? Me, Patrice? ::Linnea looks around in alarm:: U in my likker cabinet, drinkin' mah booze? ::eviler grin::

Allison and all, glad you enjoy my Bar & Grille. I try to find fun stuff to put there just so you call can waste time when you're supposed to be working ::eviler eviler grin:: The dart board game actually works and is pretty cool.

Maryk, actually Scotty was always my favorite. Okay, I lusted after James T but I had a big soft spot in my heart for Scotty. Might have had something to do with the accent...

Short stories: I just haven't had time ::hangs head in shame:: You do not want to know how behind deadline I am. What was it Douglass Adams said--I love the sound deadlines make as they good whooshing by? ;-)

The Down Home Zombie Blues (Nov. 27) is a bit different for me as it combines two of my loves: law enforcement (I'm a retired private detective) and SF. Oh, and romance, but that goes without saying, eh? And it's set in Florida, which is a first for me. The funnest ;-) thing was writing Jorie--my intergalactic space babe--and having her try to interpret our world through her experiences (or lack thereof). I mean, if you were from another star system and were plopped down here, would you know what traffic lights were? Christmas decorations? (Especially the ones of the fat man in the red suit on people's lawns).

The book starts in the middle of December, which is rather kinda neato, given its release date is Nov 27th. That means you can be reading it on the "actual" dates the action happens. And no, I didn't plan that. Bantam just slotted me there and later I realized the parallel. Cool, huh?

Clare, maybe I should do LOLFurzels! ;-)


Joyce said...

Linnea, Loved the pictures, especially the cloaked cat.

Do your characters talk to you?

Linnea Sinclair said...

Hi Joyce,

My characters talk to me, yell at me, sneak up on me when I'm least expecting them to... and then at times they're damnably silent and simply refuse to cooperate.

Not unlike children, I suspect, but at least they never ask for the car keys... ;-) ~Linnea

Gail said...

Anyone in need of more cuteness can head over to

catslady said...

I just love your sense of humor. And lucky for me, I have 7 cats so I get to see this funny behavior all the time lol.

Linnea Sinclair said...

Gail: OMG, squeee! Too cute.
Catslady: my (sick) sense of humor comes directly from my belief that in life, you can cry for free. So if you're going to pay money for something (ie: books) it dang well better at least give you a grin. ;->
hugs all, ~Linnea, off to an ice hockey game shortly (which at my height or lack thereof, is the only way I do things: shortly)

Nalini Singh said...

And the random winner of one of my books is: LISA SCAR

Please email me at nalinisinghwrites @

Congrats! :)

Jaded Bee said...

Sorry I didn't reply as quickly as possible...My niece kidnapped my computer, the lil devil. But, I like all of em, the only ones I've gotten to read, I had to borrow them from my guy's sister. The stores around my house never seem to have them in stock or something. Evil. But I'm excited to read "The Down Home Zombie Blues"...if I can ever find it. lol.


Casee said...

I loved Games of Command! It was a book that stuck w/ me for days after I was finished with it.

I'm sure you get asked this question all the tiem, but do you have any plans to continue the "series"? More specifically do we find out what happens after the end of Games of Command?

Linnea Sinclair said...

Casee, My publisher said they're not looking for direct sequels at this point. However, that being said, the GAMES universe is one I'd like to play in again.

It much depends on my sales figures. Sad, but true. If things sell well, the publisher says, Do More Of This. If it doesn't, they say, What Else Do You Have? ;-)~Linnea