Monday, March 05, 2007

Reviews & Photos

First up, over the past week, several wonderful new reviews for Visions of Heat have gone up around the Net. Here are links to those that I'm aware of. If you know of any others, please drop me a note.

Loonigrrl (ARC Winner)
Milady Insanity
Rosario's Reading Journal
Loving Every Moment (Scroll down to Feb 26th entries)
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I know several of the other ARC winners have done reviews in various locations. My thanks! (And if you've done a linkable review and I haven't linked to it, please send me the url!).

Secondly, I'm updating the list of Visions of Heat meme participants and will be pulling up the list to below this post. If you've done the meme and aren't on the list, let me know.

Third, photos! I went to Brisbane, Australia and it was my first time in that city. I admit I would've never thought of going to Brisbane were it not for a concert that was happening in that location. (What concert? Guess. *g*
) But now that I've been there, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone thinking of travelling to Australia. It is the most beautiful river city and there is so much to do - most of it easily accessible through a public transport network of river ferries, trains and buses. Alright, onto the photos! (Click on them to see a bigger shot).

First photo: Brisbane city as taken from the ferry stop on the South Bank. I can't tell you how much I love the idea of a ferry
ride to work!

Second photo: One of the cruise boats that go up and down the river. These look fabulous lit up at night. We didn't cruise but took a long ferry ride instead - the river is beautiful, no matter how you look at it.

Onto the wildlife!

Third photo: This not-so-little lizard fella was waiting for us on the steps down toward the river jetty. Just sitting there, watching the river go by. There's nothing for comparison in the photo but he was huge! Over a foot long - it would've taken both hands to pick him up. Not that we tried.

Fourth Photo: Was taken at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. These kangaroos are fairly tame but it's still exciting to get up close. And you do have to be careful - kangaroos are very strong.

Fifth photo was taken on Tangalooma Island, where we went to see the wild dolphins. The dolphin photos are on my friend's camera so I'll put them up when she shoots them to me. But check out the kookaburra. They just wander around freely on the island. We saw this one as we were going down to the beach.

Sixth photos: The koalas! I'm not usually one for animals in captivity but these sleepy guys need a helping hand with their habitat disappearing, and Lone Pine seems a pretty nice place.

And I'll leave you with this photo of the wild lorikeets at Lone Pine. Their colors are so brilliant that once they fly away, you can't imagine how they could be hiding up in the trees, but they are.

I have a ton more pictures but I figure that's enough for now! Hope you enjoyed the mini photo-tour of Brisbane!


May said...

Love the pics!

There's a bookshop specializing in romance in Brisbane, I believe. I wanted to go when I was there in 2005 (passing through to the Gold Coast), but it's kinda difficult to drag your dad and two monkey brothers with you.

Not to mention we would probably get lost on the way there--we rented a car.

casee said...

Great pics! Thanks for sharing. :-)

I found Visions at Borders last week and read it over the weekend. LOVED IT. Now I can't wait for Caressed by Ice. *sigh*

Julie said...

Great pics, Nalini!!

Neyjour said...

Welcome back Nalini! I'm glad you had a good time, and thanks for sharing your photos with us! I especially enjoyed the ones of the animals. :)

Jennifer K. said...

Excellent photos. Glad you got back safely and had a good time.

You should post a new excerpt from Caressed by Ice to celebrate your return. *hypno eyes* You know you want to. Something different from what you've already posted.

Jennifer *just call me ole Give-Me-An-Inch-and-I'll-Ask-for-a-Mile*

Nalini Singh said...

May - Rosemary's Romance by any chance? I went in there and met Rosemary. It's an awesome bookstore - a romance readers paradise!!

Casee - thanks!

Julie - glad you enjoyed them. I have a ton more that I'll probably be inflicting on all of you periodically ;)

Neyjour - the animals were sooooo cute, esp things like the wombats.

Jennifer - No, must not fall under hypo eyes spell. Must resist... *g*

Jennifer K. said...

I think my hypno eyes are on the fritz. They aren't working. *knocks self upside head a couple of times* *blinks*

OK, here goes ... *hypno eyes* Nalini, You. Want. To. Post. A. New. Excerpt. Of. Caressed.
*blinks eyes off*

So, you feeling an urge to share? A really, strong, overpowering, you-must-give-in-to-it urge? You should be.