Monday, March 05, 2007

Visions of Heat Meme Participants

Thanks for everyone who's joined in the memeing (yes, I made up that word *g*), whether to enter the contest or just for fun. I thought I'd put up a list so we can all visit the participants and check out their different answers. Oh, and as long as you've left your comment on the contest post, don't worry if your link isn't here - it just means I haven't had a chance to add the link yet. I'll be updating this post through to the end of the contest.

Update: As you can see, I've figured out how to make a table - thanks to Jennybrat and Jane. But now I can't work out how to delete the huge white space below! Anyhoo, scroll down to see the nifty table with the list of participants!

Amy SNeyjourjennybratJen (aka Sassy Devil)
NatsuchanCaffeyDanetteJulie K
Angelle K
KrisMG BradenCarylAngie T
SusanCaseeShannonNightowl Romance
JuliaRosarioMariaHey Tonight
PamkJennMad Dance Chica
Kelly's KittysEmma SinclairShiloh Walker
AnneDeb RSamantha
ShellyAmandaYvonne Eve Wallus
KaitlinMalevolent MayAmy
LisaLesleyWAurora Black
Jennifer YRobinBecka
ShellywNatasha MooreEmber Case


LesleyW said...

LOL - I think I need to work out how my MySpace page works.

Nalini Singh said...

LOL Lesley! Are you on myspace? Friend me!

Shiloh Walker said...


I'm a total meme addict and while I won't turn down an ARC if you should feel so inclined...*G*... don't enter me in the contest. I had fun just doing the meme.

Kaitlin said...

I find it odd that when I click on PamK's thing, it takes me to MY blog on myspace. I don't understand how that happened. Unless it's just my computer that's going wonky. LOL! Wouldn't surprise me at all. :)


Jennifer Y. said...

Same thing happened to me Kaitlin.

Oh, and I posted Nalini...I don't know if you saw my comment in the post below.

Nalini Singh said...

Thanks for the heads up guys. The link for Pamk was wrong. All fixed and I've updated your links too! :)

Lis said...

Just put mine up on my blog :o)