Saturday, March 17, 2007

Golden Rose & That Which Has No Name (Yet)

I've been a bit scattered this week because of a number of things, but mostly because of That Which Has No Name (see below). Which is why I forgot to announce that Slave to Sensation has been nominated for a Love Romances Golden Rose award. It's in a somewhat unexpected category but it's a reader award, so the nomination makes me very happy. :)

Now, onto That Which Has No Name a.k.a. my cough. I swear, I've had it so long, it feels like it's taken up permanent residence in my body. Therefore, I think it should have a name - as all uninvited houseguests have. So today, I ask you to Name My Cough (insert gameshow music). To help you get a feel for this character, I'm giving you his/her main characteristics:

Capable of sneak attacks

And...the clock starts now!


LesleyW said...

Well going by acronyms that would make it Japic.

LOL - or Japicosa for a girl.

But that's probably a bit of a mouthful.


Pamk said...

what about haccky

Nalini Singh said...

Lesley - I think Japic is too sweet and gentle for this thing. It's like a beast monster! grrr

Pamk - hmm, I see possibilities... ;)

Bebe Thomas said...


Hope you feel better.

Jennifer k. said...

I find you interesting you feel the need to name your cough. Do we get an ARC of "Caressed by Ice" if we pick one you like? I think we should. Of course, you know I like to take every opportunity to pry some information out of you.

What about Barf a Lung? Sicko? Attack of the Killer Cough? Hack Attack? The Reflex? Shake, Rattle and Ralf? Ralphie? Lugie? Spasm? Destructo? Dr. Death? Sneaky? Sanity Stealer? Vi(rus)?

Jennifer K. said...

*sigh* I find you interesting you feel the need to name your cough. *rolls eyes*

I guess that means it's time for bed. I hope you feel better soon.

Nalini Singh said...

Thanks, Bebe :)

Jennifer K - I'm so onto you and your hypontic suggestions *g* Sanity Stealer also has possibilities...esp at night while I'm trying to sleep!

And what does it say about my psychological state that I'm trying to name my cough *frowns thoughtfully*

clare said...

Nalini ~ Hope the cough doesn't stick around for the naming ceromony. Feel better.

Jennifer ~ Your posts always make me laugh :)

Jennifer K. said...

Do you ever wonder why guys feel the need to name their "things?" Sometimes you get the feeling they really do consider it a separate entity.

Clare, thank you. I'm so disappointed my amazing hypno eyes haven't had any noticable effect on Nalini yet. I may have to rethink my strategy.

I wish she didn't live so far away. I could tell her she's won free cleaning service, for instance, and snoop through her office in my amazing disguise. It's too bad my cleaning skills are somewhat lacking. She may get suspicious when she sees the haphazard dusting and spotty vacuuming. That, and me kicked back devouring her latest, yet-to-be-released work. ;)

lisa scar said...

how about "go to the doctor and get it checked out"

Jennifer K. said...

Yeah, I like Lisa's suggestion.

Go to the doctor. Get some really good drugs. Tell the cough to take a hike because you need your rest so you can write books for us.

catslady said...

well maybe PITA - pain in the @ss but that won't work because it's not your @ss that hurts lol.

congrats on the nominiation.

Nalini Singh said...

Lisa / Jennifer - I was hoping it would die a natural death but the drugs are starting to sound oh so good.

But in the good news dept, I was able to use my pitiful state to justify reading the latest Laurell K Hamilton book last night. I love Merry and her band of sexy faerie men!

Catslady - thanks and LOL!

Pamk said...

Lol Jennifer if only that would work. I could clean real good for an arc hehe

scooper said...

How about Ratbastarde? BTW, Congrats.

Shelley Munro said...

Nalini - The cough is obviously male. Hook it up with a blind date and wave it goodbye ;-)

Nalini Singh said...

Scooper - LOL!

Shelley - aha, maybe that's it!!! *g*

kaitlin said...

Here's a good old wive's tale that actually works! If you're congested, take a plain white onion, chop it up, wrap it in an old towel and pin it under your shirt against your chest. Seriously, by the next day the congestion will be breaking up.

As for naming your cough, I'm thinking "I coughed up a lung and all I got was this lousy >>insert word here<<"