Friday, March 23, 2007


See that can on the left? It's hot chocolate mix. But guess what you see when you open the lid? Curls of real chocolate. That's right, the can is full of luscious curls of dark chocolate that melt to make the most velvety, mouthwatering delicious...mmmmmm

I could say the devil made me buy it but it was all me. I went. I searched. I bought. Then I drank. And licked my lips.

So, that's me (and strangely, I feel no guilt...must be magic chocolate *g*). Now you - what's the most indulgent thing you've done lately?


LesleyW said...

Chocolate wise, I ordered a Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg. Salivating at the thought of it. :)

Extra thick shell stuffed with mini chocolate eggs.

Prior to that I bought a coat. LOL - most people have a thing about shoes, but I love coats. It was in the sale though so not really an indulgence as such, except for the fact I didn't really need to buy it.

Nalini Singh said...

Oh that Easter egg sounds divine!

I had a funny conversation about coats yesterday with someone. I was like, "Why do you need another coat? Don't you have a bazillion already?" And the response was "You can never have too many coats!!" So there you go, another coat fanatic. Me, I'm into handbangs!

Kat O+ said...

Ha! I have one of those at work. :-) But my favourite hot chocolate is by Valrhona and it comes in liquid form (in a kind of super-sized tetra pack). If you see it in the shops, you HAVE to try it. It's liquid gold.

My next indulgence will be a pedicure, because I can't reach my toes anymore. :-)

clare said...

I love chocolate. so, tempting to phone hubby and get him to raid the shops on the way home now...

Got Green&Blacks organic orange hot choc mix which is yum and a bar of galaxy already though :)

me being indulgent tends to be a book order LOL. Talking of which came home sick yesterday, really down and what was there waiting for me? visions of heat, bound by marriage and the last ghostwalker book. Late and yet perfect timing. Vaughen :)

May said...

Have you tried Ghirardelli's Sweet Ground Chocolate?

It's even better.

But my personal favorite is some Valrhona chocolate melted in milk. ;)

kathy said...

My indulgence is the spa. I have an appt this afternoon for a body treatment. Now that winter is finally over, I need to slough off some dead skin. Then, I'm going to hunt the local bookstores for Anna's book. :-)

danetteb said... you've got me wanting to go look for that hot chocolate....I indulge dove milk chocolate pieces and cadbury milk chocolate with roasted almonds.(and I wonder why my diets never work *g*)

Nalini Singh said...

Kat - how many more months?? (Being very nosy here *g*)

Clare - hugs on being sick, but I'm very glad you loved Vaughn :)

May - I went to the G factory in SF and oh-my-gawd!! Mmmmmm....

Kathy - oooh, sounds nice.

Danette - chocolate is a food group. Seriously. :D

Kat O+ said...

Nalini, I have about two months to go. :-)

Hey, any plans to do booksignings in Oz? Can we tempt you with chocolate?

Nalini Singh said...

Hee, Kat, great bribe! And wow, only 2 more to go!!

What part of Oz are you in? :)

Kat O+ said...

Sydney--not too far at all! :-) Even if you don't have an official signing, if you're in the area, I'm sure we could organise a bit of a squee party over tea. Just, you know, be prepared to be grilled about Hawke! *lol*