Saturday, March 24, 2007

Demon Angel - Meljean Brook

I am very sleepy right now. It's all Meljean Brook's fault. Her Demon Angel kept me up way past my bedtime.

For two thousand years, Lilith wrought vengeance upon the evil and the damned, gathering souls for her father's armies Below and proving her fealty to her Underworld liege. Bound by a bargain with the devil and forbidden to feel pleasure, she draws upon her dark powers and serpentine grace to lead men into temptation. That is, until she faces her greatest temptation—Heaven's own Sir Hugh Castleford...

Once a knight and now a Guardian, Hugh spent centuries battling demons—and the cursed, blood-drinking nosferatu. His purpose has always been to thwart the demon Lilith, even as he battles his treacherous hunger for her. But when a deadly alliance unleashes a threat to both humans and Guardians in modern-day San Francisco, angel and demon must fight together against unholy evil—and against a desire that has been too long denied...

Who will be the first to succumb?
I was hooked by Hugh's and Lilith's characters in the anthology where they first made their appearance. That novella was about another couple but from the first glimpse of these two, I just wanted to know their story.

I am absolutely delighted to report that
Demon Angel lived up to my extremely high expectations. Hugh is not only sexy, he's got the whole quiet-yet-capable thing going on. Sigh. Then there's Lilith - she could've been unlikeable but she's not. She's a witty, funny and a perfect foil for Hugh.

The relationship between the two of them was beautifully developed, all 800 years of it! I really liked the buildup through time, as they met each other again and again. And when they do finally come together, it's absolutely right. I don't think either of these characters would fit with anyone else.

The author's voice just works for me - smooth, lyrical, easy to read. And I can't not mention the world-building, it's so vividly done. My favorite secondary character? Sir Pup, the hellhound. Hand's down. I vote he should get his own book.

I also love the cover for
Demon Angel - it looks almost like a painting, don't you think? Next up is Demon Moon and I tell you, I'm chomping at the bit for that vain vampire Colin's story!


LesleyW said...

This one's in my TBR pile. It's quite thick so I'm thinking I'll be taking it on holiday with me when I go away over Easter.

My copy of Twilight by Stephenie Meyer finally arrived, so I have been reading that over the past couple of days. I don't usually read YA books but I've really enjoyed this one.

meljean brook said...

Oh man *blushing madly*

My sister wants a story about Sir Pup, too -- she keeps telling me to hook him up with a unicorn. Which is ... um, okay, it probably tells you a lot about my family.

Lesley -- I hope you enjoy it!

Nalini Singh said...

Lesley - isn't Twilight just amazing the way you keep reading it? I just found myself unable to stop and I don't read much YA either.

Meljean - tell your sister she's a genius! *grin* Sir Pup rocks!

LesleyW said...

LOL - Now I'm curious about who Sir Pup is.

May said...

Lesley, you have to read Demon Angel. Sir da bomb. He's the first dog I've ever read about that I liked--I'm not an animal person.

And Nalini? Demon Moon Rocks.

Jennifer K. said...

May, have you read any of Katie MacAlister's Aisling Grey books? I love Jim, a demon who's Aisling's sidekick. He's in the form of a big, drooling Newfoundland. Very nice series, by the way. I always eagerly await more. Jim's da bomb, too.

Of course, Nalini HAD to go and preview another book/author that interests me. Sir Pup sounds awesome. *sigh* I'm going to turn into a hermit who does nothing but read. Oh ... wait. I already am.

Nalini Singh said...

Lesley - you'll have to come back and let us know what you thought of Sir Pup. :)

May - you are such a tease! But I'm in a good mood because Meljean sent me the ARC of DM. Yippee! Now I just have to keep my paws off it until I get some serious "do not disturb" time.

Jennifer - just think of it as a favor from one hermit to another *g*