Friday, March 16, 2007

More Good News, Chat & Clay's Book

In the good news department, Visions of Heat, as well as hitting high on the Bookscan list (yipee!!), hit #14 on the Waldenbooks overall mass market list (double yippee!!). Thank you to all of you for the support! :)

Also I'm doing a chat this afternoon NZ time/Thursday night US time (confused yet?). Here are the details. Hope some of you swing by:

Thurday March 15 - 9pm Eastern
The Knight Agency Chatroom

For New Zealand, that's Friday March 16 - 2pm.

If you live in another timezone, you can do the time conversion by using the Meeting Planner at the Worldclock. I love that site. May it never go off the air.

This week I did some delicate surgery on Clay's book - title: Mine to Possess (does it work for you?). Okay, the surgery wasn't so delicate. I kind of cut out twenty pages. The pain, the agony! But I think the book will be better for it.

So, what have you been up to?


Sweet said...

Love the title !!!!!! ( I love alpha possessive heros ) I've got a feeling that under all that quietness Clay is something to behold.
20 pages, say it aint sooo Nalini. Well you'll just have to put parts of them up as teasers or something on the site. We can't let those pages go to waste. Now can we.:)

Barbara V said...

I am agree with sweet. The title is great. I am all for the posesive type of heroes. Those 20 pages can be added to the changeling section as delted scenes. Probably not now, too early Ah?

Kat O+ said...

I'm really intrigued by Clay after reading Visions of Heat.

And...I'd love the read deleted scenes, too! It keeps us readers from sequel starvation while waiting for the next book. *g*

Nalini Singh said...

I think I will put up those pages sometime but alas, it will be after the release of Mine to Possess. Talk about spoiler filled! That section could give away wayyyyyyy too many things. I also have some deleted scenes for Caressed By Ice that I can put up soon after it's release (also spoiler filled!).

Clay is very interesting - all smouldering intensity!

clare said...

you tease! lol

abby said...

LOL... at what Clare said. My exact sentiments.

I'll look forward to the deleted scenes when you can post them. But at the same time, that's so far away since you said Caressed by Ice is released in October! :( But it's okay. I'll have Sts and VoH to read if I'm ever in the mood for a pys/changeling story. hehe

And loving the title!

abby said...

Oopsy... meant to say Caressed By Ice is released in Sept. Still too far away, but it's sooner than October. lol

Lis said...

Love the sound of deleted scenes :) Look forward to reading them