Friday, September 24, 2021

Friday Book Club

 Time to talk books! What are you reading and loving this week?


AlwaysV said...

The Dragon's Daughter and the Winter Mage by Jeffe Kennedy. Book 3 of the spin off series (the second generation) ~ in the Universe of The Thirteen? Kingdoms! So crazy loving this Universe! The most captivating Fantasy series and spin offs in my reading world! Unbelievably Fantastic!

S-R-B said...

The first book in a new series by Annette Marie from her Guild Codex world, The One and Only Crystal Druid, just came out and I've already blasted through it and am really looking forward to the next book because there's just so very much that needs answers, especially because of the revelations in the (literal) last pages. Likely to reread earlier book with the titular druid from this series in coming days - if not just all the previous Guild Codex books. I love them all.

Eva said...

Just finished part I - Imp and the Beast - by Stephanie Hudson and now I´ll begin with part II - Beast and the Imp. I really love her Afterlife world.

library addict said...

I liked Veronica Scott's Tratus (Sectors New Allies #14).

Also enjoyed Lindsay Buroker's Swords & Salt trilogy: A Question of Honor, Labyrinths of the Heart, and Death from Below. The series is a spin-off of her The Emperor's Edge series and serves as a prequel to her Chains of Honor series. (Honestly that's not as confusing as it sounds!). Straight epic fantasy, so no romance yet but there will be in the Chains series.

Nemo said...

Booked for Murder from Librarian Vigilante series by RJ Blain. I love these librarians in action! šŸ˜‚

David Ivory said...

1000 days in Venice - by Marlena De Blasi

This is the second in my foray into stories set in and around Venice - because why not. The first The Girl from Venice by Martin Cruz Smith is a romance set in the dying days of WW2 with an undertone of suspense.

1000 days in Venice is a fictionalised memoir, muddled with good food, scenes ridiculousness, and of place. With laugh out loud moments of sheer absurdity and fun I'm enjoying it immensely.

Next might be Iain Banks Transition since it continues the Venetian theme but at a right angle.