Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Question Time

Spring has arrived in New Zealand and Nalini and I are both enjoying seeing our gardens coming back to life.🌱🌸🌼

What are you most enjoying about the change in seasons where you are?


library addict said...

The cooler weather. Or at least I will be if/when it arrives.

Patricia Schlorke said...

What change in seasons? Texas has pretty much has three seasons: cool, hot, and very hot. It's extremely rare that Texas has any snow - like in February.

I sometimes wonder if Texas is on the same latitude as New Zealand. :)

If we have a change, it's the cooler and drier weather.

Eva said...

It is autumn in Germany now.
I like the beautiful autumn colors of the leaves and the last nice, mild autumn days.

Nemo said...

As Eva said: as I am also from Europe, the colors of all those leaves are gorgeous!