Friday, July 02, 2021

Friday Book Club

 Time to talk books! What are you reading and loving this week?


library addict said...

I liked Meljean Brook's Demon Blood (The Guardians #6), admittedly I liked the heroine much more than the hero but this series has so many fun plot twists! Started Demon Marked (The Guardians #6) this morning. Really hoping I will have time to finish up the series this weekend, but we shall see.

I also read the deleted scenes from Tangle of Need for the first time. I have reread the entire series multiple times and did not know ToN had deleted scenes as I don't remember them being on the site back in May 2013 when I thought I had read everything. I was so happy to discover new-to-me Psy/Changeling content :)

I totally blame the tiny font of "includes deleted scenes" in the red ribbon of the paperback cover. Kiss of Snow, Heart of Obsidian, and Shield of Winter paperbacks all had a YOU CAN'T MISS ME fake decal to say there were deleted scenes. LOL. My own fault since I only own the earlier books in paperback and from KoS onward in hardcover (plus all of them in digital). Plus I wasn't on the newsletter back then *gasp* Anyway, just putting this out there in case anyone else missed the fact ToN has deleted scenes (or any of the others).

AlwaysV said...

I've just discovered the Chronicles of Ixia by Maria V Snyder.♥️ OMG! Her world building was super amazing! I mistook the first three titles I read as a trilogy: Shadow Study, Night Study, Dawn Study, plus a novella ~ Diaper Study. But they turned out to be Books 4 - 4.5 ~ 5 ~ 6 instead! By then, I've already fallen so in love with this world & the characters.

Now I'm backtracking & beginning from Books 1 ~ 2 ~ & 3 : Poison Study, Magic Study, & Fire Study. I'll skip all the novellas for now.

I loved the running theme/fact/philosophy: We didn't need to win every single battle~ Just made sure We Win the Entire War!

My Fourth of July reads!

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