Friday, April 10, 2020

Friday Book Club

The Friday Book Club is now open. What are you reading and loving this week?


library addict said...

I didn't have as much reading time this week as I wanted. So just finishing up Allegiance of Honor. Next up in my complete Psy/Changeling series reread will be Echo of Silence.

Loved you-know-who's grocery list in the newsletter (and yes I am totally counting it as a short story going forward).

Also super excited about the main characters in Archangel's Sun (being vague in case people haven't read the newsletter yet).

Hope everyone is staying safe at home and making the best of this situation.

Frasc said...

Becoming by Michelle Obama
The Proposal by Mary Baloch (audio book while sewing masks)

Just finished re-listening to Shards of Hope as I was sewing masks.

Anonymous said...

Rough Magic, by Jenny Schwartz

S-R-B said...

Finally cracked open How to Love your Elf by Kerrelyn Sparks and realized it's been so long since I read the first three (some names were a great big ??? for me) that I put it down and started up with How to Tame a Beast in Seven Days instead to get reacquainted with the world and characters.

Unknown said...

Also read Rough Magic, by Jenny Schwartz and it was very good, although a bit confusing at points. There's a lot to cover in order to wrap up the series so I may re-read next week and make sure i caught everything.
I read a few alien romances but the only rather original one was The Pet Project: Unnatural Selection by Amanda Milo. I was cautious about this one - it's the second in the series and I haven't read the first. Plus, it sounded really dark. And it is dark, but also not at all. The chapter from the alien's perspective at the end really makes the story. A lot of reviews online mentioned that it made the reader look at her pets in a new way. It didn't affect me that way, but then my pets have pretty awesome lives, so maybe now I'm looking at other people's pets in a different way.