Friday, November 08, 2019

Friday Book Club

The Friday Book Club is now open. What are you reading and loving this week?


AlwaysV said...

I'm still diligently preparing myself for A Madness of Sunshine. Right now I'm reading and enjoying Nicci French's amazing thriller for the first time. Couldn't rate them 5 stars, though, without romance . . . I read the final three books in the series; Dark Saturday, Sunday Silence, and Day of the Dead.

Unknown said...

I just finished archangel's war and loved it! However I need more Elena and Raphael so I hope more if them is on the way. I also am waiting on the new Jane yellowrock book which should arrive soon.
I want to note that its not out yet but I'm really waiting for the next kit colbana book.

library addict said...

I loved Therese Beharrie's Her Festive Flirtation.

I also quite enjoyed Elise K Ackers' Small Town Storm, a romantic suspense/murder mystery set in Australia that I'd had in my TBR for a while. (like AlwaysV, I am anticipating the release of A Madness of Sunshine)

Currently reading an old Jove Second Chance at Love category, Hart's Desire by Linda Raye (aka Linda Turner). It's the last new-to-me book I have by this author who stopped publishing a decade ago. All of her books on her my keeper shelf with many a favorite. I wish she'd been able to finish her The O’Reilly Brothers series.

I thought I was making really good progress finishing up my entire print TBR this year, but forgot I have some old Jayne Ann Krentz as Stephanie James/Jayne Castle books as well. They were stashed in a different spot *eek*. So those will be on my 2020 Must Read list. Oh well, as much as I love reading in digital not all of the old-but-new-to-me books I want are available in that format. So finishing all of my print TBR will have to be bumped to next year.

Kim said...

Finishing your TBR list??! You mean that's a thing??!! Didn't know that was even a possibility!! LOL! IOW, mine's too long, I think to EVER finish!

When I'm reading at all, I'm working on the latest Mercedes Thompson book by Patricia Briggs. So far it holds up to the rest, though it's more gory than I expected. Hope that trend doesn't continue, though the blurb does say something about 'death is stalking them'.

AlwaysV said...

Reread Wolf Rain 💖 Then wrote in and voted for it in Romance Category for the GR Annual Choice Awards! Many of us over there also wrote in and voted for Archangel's War 💖 under "Fantasy" Category.

library addict said...


Not my whole TBR! Goodness knows I have way too many books to read in my lifetime.

No, I read mostly in digital now. I just meant finishing up my PRINT TBR pile. At the beginning of the year I thought I only had the Linda Raye book and 27 or so Carla Neggers books in print that I hadn't yet read. So I made them a big part of my reading goals for the year. And I am now down to just 4 of Carla's books (and one of those she recently released in digital). So I was all happy I wouldn't have a print TBR pile any longer.

But then I remembered that I also have over a dozen of Jayne Ann Krentz' books in print (mostly Silhouette Desire titles written as Stephanie James and a few of her early Jayne Castle contemporary single titles and Candlelight Ecstasy category romances) that were in a separate stack in another room. I checked and they aren't available to purchase digitally yet. So I probably won't be able to get all of those read before the end of the year. Thus I still have some books in print yet to read.

My digital TBR still has several hundred new-to-me books in it. And I don't think I will ever get that down to double digits much less completed.

Patricia Schlorke said...

I'm re-reading Heart of Obsidian after skimming through Tangle of Need. I am at the part where Sahara wandered into Kaleb's home office and walked outside on the terrace. Only Sahara can tell Kaleb he's showing off when teleporting an umbrella over the lounge chair she's laying on with her feet to the sun. :)

Like everyone else, I am anticipating A Madness of Sunshine.

Kim said...

Library addict, I've only barely started into the idea of ebooks, so even finishing a print TBR list blows my mind!!

Anonymous said...

Finished Connections in Death by Robb, waiting for a library copy of her latest 'Vendetta' to finish my re-read. It still has a wait list and I didn't time getting on it soon enough. I also re-read a Dorothy Garlock and read a copy of Julie Miller's 'The Rookie' since I found a used copy. Not as much reading, since I've been busy with crafting as cold weather is here (I need a new scarf) and Christmas approaches.

I have boxes of print TBR and need to tackle some of them. I don't read e-books so all of my TBR is print.

Kim said...

Working on Patricia Briggs "Storm Cursed". Little more gruesome than I expected, but also funny (later on). About 2/3 of the way through it. Looks like I'm probably actually going to finish it before it has to go back to the library! I'm still only sort of reading these days. Always seems like there's something else to do!