Friday, November 15, 2019

Friday Book Club

Time to talk books! What are you reading and loving this week?


library addict said...

Absolutely loved Shannon Stacey's One Christmas Eve (Cedar Street #2).

I liked Carla Neggers' Finders Keepers (Mill Brook Trilogy #1). Only two more print books of hers to go!

Since I am somewhat behind on my personal reading challenge for the year I have decided to put off my usual annual complete Psy/Changeling series reread until next year. Though I have reread a few of my personal individual faves this year, this will be the first calendar year that I haven't reread the series in its entirety since I first read it in 2013 (which okay, I admit isn't that long but it quickly became a tradition for me).

I am allowing plenty of time (18 weeks) for a leisurely reread and will still read new releases and other new-to-me books in between. So I plan to start the week of January 26th. This is based on an estimated release date of June 2 for Psy/Changeling Trinity #4. If it releases later, well then I have even more time ;)

Patricia Schlorke said...

I finished my re-read of Heart of Obsidian. That book still gets me every time. Now, for something to read until December 3, I picked the Volume 1 of short stories and newsletter snippets.

Song of the Wolf makes me smile and laugh. I wonder if the juveniles who were put on toilet cleaning, thanks to Hawke, ever got out of their sentence? According to Hawke they were cleaning toilets until the end of time.

Poker Night puts a smile on my face when Rome and Jules sneak down and join the game.

All of the stories are great. Hopefully there will be a Volume 2 some day!

Eva said...

The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black and
Dark Pines by Will Dean.
Both books are fantastic!

AlwaysV said...

@Eva . . . Glad to hear that the finale of "The Folk of The Air trilogy" is fantastic! Hope Locke's ending will make my blood thirsty heart sing!

I'm reading (can't say I'm loving just yet) this trilogy today! "The Cruel Prince #1, The Lost Sisters #1.5, and The Wicked King #2." Will wait in line at my library for "The Queen of Nothing #3"‼️

Anonymous said...

I read and enjoyed 'Leopard's Wrath' by Feehan. Currently re-reading 'Allegiance of Honor' which is always great.

Eva said...

Oh yes, it´ll sing (And you´ll start liking Taryn again.)!