Friday, November 14, 2014

On Edits...

A: So I was reading these editing notes you made on the latest draft.

N: Yes? Trying to decipher my handwriting?

A: No, I've perfected that arcane skill. I wanted to know about this bit.

N: Which one?

A: This one that says "corpse of trees". Did you mean "copse of trees"?

N: *laughing hysterically* Yes, yes I did.

A: Excellent. Glad to know you haven't switched genres into zombie tree porn.


library addict said...


ST said...

:)) Zombie Tree porn indeed!

Unknown said...

I'd read that though ;)

Patricia said...

Lol...has Lijuan regenerated enough that she's take over the trees (or your writing Nalini)? Hmmm.... :)

azteclady said...

I'm not much into zombies, but I would probably give it a shot if you wrote it.