Monday, November 03, 2014

Incoming Cover Alert

Two important things! 

First - don't forget to enter the NIGHT SHIFT advanced reading copy contest! It closes in just a couple of days.

Second - make sure to check the blog in just over 12 hours (8am, Monday, EST/New York time), because guess what? I have ANOTHER COVER for you - what could it be??! And yes, it's a paranormal cover, not contemporary (though I have seen the photos for my next contemporary cover and whoa, Gabriel is one smexy rugby god turned CEO).


library addict said...

I am guessing the single edition of Stroke of Enticement maybe...?

Or maybe you have written another secret series you plan to announce ;) (But where you would find the time is beyond me - lol).

Anonymous said...

International cover for Shards of Hope perhaps?