Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Kraken King - Meljean Brook

A book rec for you today!

You all know I love Meljean Brook's work. She's also a friend, but we first became friends because of how much I love her work, so if this recommendation is biased, it's only because I'm a fan. :-)

Much as I adored Meljean's Guardians series (which by the way is now complete), I think her Iron Seas adventures are becoming my favorites of her books.

The Kraken King is the newest book in her Iron Seas world.

The interesting thing is, this book is being released in serial form, with a new episode releasing each week (each of the episodes is around approx 80 pages I think). But don't panic if you hate serials - the entire book will be released in one go once all the parts are complete. So you have a choice to read it in installments or wait for the full book.

I'm not usually a serial format reader (too impatient!), but I decided to try this because (1) Meljean! (2) I don't have too much reading time at the moment, so these bite sized pieces are perfect, and (3) The heroine of the book, Zenobia, writes serial adventures herself, so this seemed the perfect way to read her story.

I finished Part I last night and I loved it!! The chemistry between Zenobia and Ariq is intense and raw and just delicious. The world Meljean describes, with her Krakentown created of the hollowed out metal shells of sea monsters, her airships and more, is so well realized and so unique.

Here's the link to the excerpt for Part I on Meljean's site. Do check it out even if you think this isn't your type of read. You might be happily surprised!

I can't wait to read Part II, which I've also downloaded. Now, of course, I have to resist the urge to e-mail Meljean and say, Give me the rest now or else I'll loose the kraken on you!

Are any of you following this story? What do you think so far? If you are a Meljean fan, which of her books would you recommend to newer readers?


Janhavi said...

Nalini, I found Meljean's books from your recommendations in fact- and I absolutely love them, so thanks for that :D I hope others will give it a try. I think Guardians are still my favourites but I also thoroughly enjoy Iron Seas, especially Heart of Steel.

I just began Kraken King Part II today- I also dont have much reading time right now so the serial installments are great.

Vorpaks said...

I am really loving the serial format for these books. In fact, I would love it if Meljean released Zenobia's books in serial format as well. How much fun would it to be to read the adventures of Archimedes Fox?

Christa said...

I have enjoyed her books previously, but am trying to wait. Each serial is about $2 so the book will total $16 by the time all 8 parts are released. I guess it is cheaper than a hard cover but is a bit above my price point for a novel on kindle typically.

azteclady said...

I can't deal with serials, because I cannot stop in the middle of a story once it's gripped me--which the excerpt for the first part has already done.

So I'm going to wait until it comes out in print, to keep with the other, awesome, installments in the Iron Seas series.

LynnD said...

I am loving this. I have read Part 1 and am hoping to get to Part II either tonight or on the weekend. I am enjoying the serial format because, like you, I have very little "fun" reading time these days and I can't afford to stay up way past my bedtime because which I do when I'm completely absorbed in the book. The length of these is just perfect. The only thing that I wish we could have is a book club kind of discussion to speculate about what's going to happen in the next installment.

Connie said...

I too got into Meljean's books because of Nalini's recommendation. I think I may have mentioned this at book club a few weeks ago.

I wasn't sure I'd like the Iron Seas series but I love them! The Iron Duke was my personal favorite and I loved the novella that followed Mina Wentworth and the Lost City. SPOILER; We get to revisit Rhys and Mina 8 months after their wedding.

My only gripe is novellas can be a little expensive but I know that's not the author's fault. I tend to prefer full length novels unless they feature favorite characters, then I'll splurge.

I took the plunge and bought The Guardians series but not had time to read them yet. Too many work commitments.

I too shall wait for The Kraken King to come out as a complete book:)

Connie said...

Duh! Couldn't even get the title right and it won't let me change it. Sorry! Mina Wentworth and the Invisible City! It really is a good story! LOL

Nalini Singh said...

@LynnD - Meljean's going to set up an open thread on her blog for discussion. I'll post a link soon as it's up! :-)

Nalini Singh said...

And the discussion thread is up on Meljean's blog:

Kit B said...

Well, I found Nalini's books (which I *love* and have introduced my daughter to) through Meljean's writings. SO a bit of a reversal of some people's experience! :). I prefer the Iron Seas world and am deeply enjoying the serial format of The Kraken King!

Jen Twimom said...

I am also a long-time Meljean fan, and especially one of The Iron Seas series. I have never been a fan of serialize novels. However - I have been BLOWN AWAY by the story so far (I've had the pleasure of reading up through part 6 for review purposes) I am reading it one part at a time - I didn't sit down and read all parts together. I am impressed by how each part is an individualized adventure, but not a separate story.

Whether you read it in parts or as a whole - The Kraken King (and the entire Iron Seas series) is WELL WORTH the time!