Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New Orleans, Germany, France, Belgium

Hi everyone, here are the details about Nalini's upcoming events/signings in New Orleans, Germany, France and Belgium. - Ashwini


Romantic Times Convention

Marriott Hotel
Canal Street
New Orleans

Thursday 15th May
Panel: HEA the Paranormal Way
11:15am to 12:15pm
 2nd Floor, Studio 2 (Preservation Hall)

Friday 16th May

Panel: Holding Out for a Hero: Authors Dish on Their Masculine Enterprises
11:15am to 12:15pm
2nd Floor, Studio 8 (Preservation Hall)

Panel: Laughter is the Best Medicine
2nd Floor, Studio 2 (Preservation Hall)

Saturday 17th May

Giant Book Fair
11am to 2:00pm
3rd Floor, Grand Ballroom & Mardi Gras Ballroom ,
*Open to the public and tickets can be purchased for just the Giant Book Fair (you can buy at the door or pre-order your ticket).

Penguin's Lemonade Social
2nd Floor, Gallery 1

A chat with Nalini Singh
2nd Floor, Gallery 3

FAN-tastic Day Party
2nd Floor, Preservation Hall


Love Letter Convention 

May 24th-25th, 2014

GLS Sprachenschule,
Kastanienallee 82,
10435 Berlin
Book Signing

Saturday 31st May, 11 am
Mayersche Buchhandlung Köln am Neumarkt
Neumarkt 2
50667 Köln


Milady Tour


Signing and Q&A

Monday 26th May, 4pm-8pm
Chez Bragelonne
60-62 rue d’Hauteville
75010 Paris


Tuesday 27th May, 6pm-8pm
Fnac Bercy Village
49-53 Cour Saint-Emilion
75012 Paris



Wednesday 28th May, 4pm-6pm
Librairie Molière
Boulevard Tirou, 68
Entrée par le côté Hall Albert
6000 Charleroi


Anonymous said...

It says "Signing and Q&A" at one point. The latter part will as always be something we'll be able to enjoy on your blog/homepage some time after the events, I hope? :-) Since many of us blog readers can't attend any of the events it would at least take the edge off the disappointment.


miki said...

i'm so happy!! when i discovered you were going to come in Belgium i couldn't believe it ( now i must decide what is better...; going to Paris or in Charleroi... charleroi is nearer but i hope at Paris we could get more books signed.... i need to check
but i'm so , so happy!!

Will be there some swag? since usually it's only for Us events?

nalini.assistant said...

The Q&A in Paris is a live event, so it won't be available to put on the blog. However, Nalini does do Q&A's for readers at various times of the year, so keep an eye out for the next time a thread opens on the blog.

nalini.assistant said...

Miki - I'm afraid there won't be any swag. Since we're traveling from New Zealand, it's too difficult to bring along.

See you at the events!

Tineke said...

Wow, I thought I read wrong when I saw you're coming to Belgium. I live on the other side of the country, so it's still not very far away, but my exams start at the end of May, so I'm afraid I can't come... It seems I have a difficult choice ahead of me.

Nalini Singh said...

@Tineke - exams are more important. :) You can see me another time as I hope to be back again one day.

Tineke said...

Yes, you're right. And I would like that, so I hope you'll be back another time. Thank you very much for your answer and I hope you'll have a nice time.