Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Book Binge & Book Smugglers

I'm over at The Book Binge today, talking about how I choose (or how the characters choose!) who to write about next in the Psy/Changeling series. Swing by and leave a comment - I'm picking a random winner to get a copy of The Magical Christmas Cat.

Also, The Book Smugglers have kicked off a Nalini Singh Extravaganza (I like the sound of that *grin*) with a review of Caressed By Ice.

More reviews of Hostage to Pleasure have come in - I'm hoping to update the sidebar with them in the next few days :)


Anonymous said...

Just finished Hostage to Pleasure. I was so pleased to walk into B.A.M. and find it on the shelf EARLY! I thought it wasn't due out until Sept. 2nd. A good book, although the series is getting bogged down by repititions. Female and/or male with a problem past, helped by pack, same endearments. A pleasing read over all. Much better than the Ice one. I couldn't get into that one at all. The main male character was rigid, cold, predictible and the female seemed too damaged to be a good mate. Hope the rest of the series deviates from the beginning sameness of the last 3 books.

Anonymous said...

Love the series. Can't wait for the next book. On the shelves early. Never happens in my neighborhood. I usually lurk but that brought me out of the woodwork. It's funny how different people's preferences are because "Caressed by Ice" is second only to "Slave" in my personal list. I'm rereading all four to prepare myself for HTP.

azteclady said...

It is indeed interesting to see how differently people see the same books. For me, Caressed by Ice was the best of the first four books, with Slave to Sensation a close second. Hostage to Pleasure is, IMneverHO, the best of the lot so far.

Anonymous said...

Caressed by Ice is my favourite too! I was hoping HtP would have the same degree of intenseness.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree anonymous and azteclady (WRT your comment about how people react differently to books). I love STS but my best friend, while enjoying it, didn't love it as much as I did. VIH she enjoyed more, but she just adored CBI! Jude was a very 'her' character (if that makes sense).

When we discussed it, she made the point that people's reactions to books may stem from where thay are in their lives and how they relate to certain characteristics or situations. We're both in different places in our lives and so react differently. For example, she loves kick-ass heroines whereas I can't relate at all to a kick-ass heroines who is confident and in control....because that isn't me. And if I can't relate to a character my level of enjoyment goes down.

I'll stop rambling now :)


PS I re-read CBI earlier this year (after reading MTP and wanting a Changeling fix :) and got a lot more out of it than I did the first time round. And I have to say, it is nice to see that a character as damaged as Brenna...or Tallie...or as....repressed (is that the right word?) as Sasha can have an HEA.