Friday, August 29, 2008

Interview, Website & More

I was interviewed by Cheyenne McCray for Fangs, Fur & Fey, and the interview is now live. Come by and say hi :)

And now some links for your delectation.

Meljean Brook is running not one but two contests on her blog.
A winged cat is spotted in China. Dear Author asks if this is a lost Tairen Soul. Talking of Tairen Souls, doesn't C.L. Wilson have beautiful covers? (Also, I think C.L. Wilson should send me King of Sword and Sky early - beaming over a telepathic message *grin*)

The Down Under Desirabelles have reported back from the Romance Writers of Australia Conference.

And in case you haven't been by the website lately, we've updated it. I've answered some new FAQs and updated others. Also, excerpts for ANGELS' BLOOD and BRANDED BY FIRE will be going live September 1st!

Last but very definitely not least,
Visions of Heat recently released in German! Check out the sexy cover to the left. :)


Anonymous said...

Anyone else who, like me, is hanging out for the excerpts of Branded By Fire AND Angel's Blood (TWO excerpts! *orannia does a happy dance* You are too good to us Nalinia :) please raise your hand!

orannia *who is off to check out the interview is case Nalini has dropped some interesting snippets of information...maybe like who the Ghost is....*

Mariana said...

Question, will your books be translated in Spanish as well? My mom saw your cover and about drooled asking what that was ;) I have her all excited about this would be awesome to share with her.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone think the German cover is better than the US cover? That cover is just hot!

felinewyvern said...

WOW!! Love the german cover. Not only is the guy hot but the title is pretty apt too :D

Christine said...

*raises hand in response to orannia*

That German cover . . . *swoon*

Anonymous said...

Thank you for putting my question (about the time span thus far) up under the FAQ's Nalini!! *does happy dance*

And I love your german covers! I need to brush up on my german and these books will be purrfect.

Shaymless Aymless said...

Hand raised and dancing right along with Orannia!

I love CL Wilson's covers. All four are really great. But I do also love those manly chests covers.

Anonymous said...

Another great german cover Nalini!
(Your covers`re a eye catcher in our german bookshops).

Yesterday I got HtP! - The story is soooo good. And I really enjoy reading it Nalini*g*.
- The only bad thing is, that I`ll bombing you with new E-Mail-questions; when I`ve finished it.

And the peek of BbF promises a lot of "hot" pages!!!


Anonymous said...

Mariana, I missed your question, sorry! At the moment, we haven't sold Spanish translation rights, but fingers crossed!