Saturday, June 21, 2008

Weekly Catchup

What's everyone up to? Plans?

After a week of afternoon blogging, I've decided to go back to morning blogging. (Except when I sleep in *g*).

So, give me your news? What's happening?


Gail Leinweber said...

I'm headed off to Vancouver to play tourist. I'm going feed sea otters at the Vancouver Aquarium and I have a list of museums and bookstores to check out.

bel_78 said...

I am already in Amherst, Massachusetts, and it is a beautiful place, with wonderful people. You wouldn t believe the enourmous number of squirrels that you can find in UMASS :=)

This weekend I will have some classes, and will try to make time for purchasing some gifts for my family back home.

bel_78 said...

By the way, I forgot, the new title rocks ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm going to be spending the next week packing the apartment so we can move into our new home on the 29th. After three months of dealing with the bank from Hell (the sellers have been awesome, can't say the same for the bank), we finally get to close on the house we want!

Maura Anderson said...

Finishing "Giving Thanks" so I can start working on "Bittersweet" before my editor hurts me - bad.

Plus house cleaning and trying to NOT work on anything for the Evil Day Job, no matter the temptation.

Sayuri said...

It's my birthday today. SO I'm off to finally see SATC film. Whoop. We are going to smuggle champagne into the movies and enjoy a proper girlie flick.

Just started Sookie Stackhouse series (while waiting impatiently for HTP) and I am loving it. Quite looking forward to the HBO adaptation now.

Also read a Karen Marie Moning and much to my shame thouroughly enjoyed it.

Manged to glom a whole load of Jessica Bird backtitles and am now in love with every one of her heroes. Simutaeously. I'm such a hero whore. *grin*

Anonymous said...

Sayuri - Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy SATC - my sister's been bugging me to see it with her, but my feelings are kinda "meh" about it; I prefer to leave things off as they ended on the TV show.
I haven't read the Sookie books, but I managed to get my hands on a leaked copy of the pilot episode - it was okay, but nothing amazing. As for Karen Marie Moning, she has a few books that I'm totally in love with, but some others that were underwhelming. I still continue to buy her books, though. No shame in it! :D

Anonymous said...

I've been playing with my new puppy :D

little alys said...

Everyone's plans sound so exciting! Please do sleep in a rest, ms. Nalini. We need you happy and healthy to write more. :D Do take care of yourself. Since I'm on another continent, I'm happy with either blogging form-as long as you blog ;) well, even if you don't. ^_^

Gail-Have fun with those adorable otters!

Bel_78-Woo UMASS, nice. You're so thoughtful, getting gifts for family :)

Jackie- Congrats on the house and the movie!!!

Maura-No evil day job, no no no. But books...yum. ;)

Sayuri- Oh my gosh! Happy birthday! Have tons of fun! Even the crazy kind. Teehee.

Daphne-No shame at all! I'm sure we all do that with different authors. *cough cough*

Mee- A new puppy!!! *gushing and squealing*

For me: job hunting so I can get the heck out of my current work place. >_< Otherwise, hiding from the heat.

Nalini Singh said...

First up, a big happy birthday to Sayuri!! :)

Gail - sounds nice. Hope the weather cooperated!

Bel - that's so funny, when I went to the US I was fascinated by the squirrels, too :)

Jackie - yay on the house!!

Maura - happy writing :)

Daphne - I'm on the fence about the movie, too, but I'm leaning toward seeing it.

Mee - aw, so cute :)

Alice - hope you have a lovely weekend, too. :)

Sayuri said...

Just so you guys know, the film was great. If you liked the series you should go see the film.

I was even rooting for Big and I'm an Aidan girl.

KT Grant said...

I drank a whole lot of sangria for my birthday. So, I am very happy at this moment :D

Anonymous said...

Her names Cookie :
I'll take more pics ready for sample begging ;)

Anonymous said...

A bit beleated, but Happy Birthday Sayuri and katie(babs)!!

Mee, your puppy is gorgeous! Oh, and Jackie good luck with the packing!

Gail/Bel - I hope you have a wonderful time!

I *shock horror* actually bought a pair of shoes on the weekend. OK, sneakers, but that is pretty much what I live in. I'm still in shock that I actually got to do something non-family-related.

a very bouncy *see new shoes --->* orannia

Anonymous said...

I just finished Mine to Possess and lurved it and ran online to find when the next one comes out. SEPTEMBER???!@%$&$&%^*%^!!! Whyyyy do I have to wait so long??? Forget blogging - you should write faster! :)

Anonymous said...

What am I doing this weekend? Tracking down your backlist. ;)

little alys said...

Sayuri-That's what I've been hearing about the movie. And of course, lots of people saying Adian is a much better choice. ;)

Katie(babs)- Teehee, wait until SF.

Mee- Soooooo cute!!! Shall I start the begging now :D ?

Orannia- OMG, shoes!

Ciara- Ya coming to SF? I have all her backlists. Hehehehehehehehe. *cough* We talk email ;)

little alys said...

P.S. Thank you, Nalini! My weekend was hot and full of books and ice cream. ^_^

Anonymous said...

LOL Ciara. Methinks poor Nalini would have to write 24/7 to satisfy our need for Changeling stories :)


Courtney said...

My daughter turned two and my parents and sister flew up for her party on Saturday. I was so excited to see my sister because she's six months pregnant with her first baby and I got to see her baby belly for the first time!

I'm knitting a ton of stuff for her, so that's what I've been up to besides getting ready for family. Today we just relaxed and recovered.

Tinuke said...

Just finishing up with exams with the three kids and my tax, then off to England and driving lessons which I am really looking forward to. Plus spending time with my mum and getting some time to read all the books in my tbr pile

Shaymless Aymless said...

Still trying to make a dent in my TBR. It seems to grow faster than it shrinks. I think it is secretly multiplying when I am not looking!