Monday, June 30, 2008

New Excerpt & Links

The website has been updated...and we've added an excerpt from "Stroke of Enticement." Hope you all enjoy it!

Also, I wanted to give you a heads-up that Lora Leigh is running a contest with some amazing prizes. It closes July 4th, so you've still got a few days to enter.

And just in case you haven't already seen it, Sherrilyn Kenyon and St. Martin's Press are offering a free download of Seize the Night, as part of the leadup to the release of Archeron (who will be his heroine?!!!). The download offer ends July 3rd.


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, thank you so much Nalini! *bounce bounce* I'm off to read the excerpt right now!

I hope you had a good weekend?


PS And thank you for the heads up for Lora Leigh's contest and Sherrilyn Kenyon's giveaway.

azteclady said...

*covering eyes* I will not give in, I will not read the excerpt, I will not give i... Oh crud *off to read the excerpt*

Anonymous said...

..ohh, can´t await to read it..

ShellBell said...

loved the excerpt - thanks Nalini. Can't wait for the release of The Magical Christmas Cat - stories by two of my favourite authors!

Anonymous said...

Helen Gonzalez says....

Ooooh!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you Nalini!!!! I love the teasers you give us!! Hope you are having a blast!!! Take care and thanks for the heads up on Lora Leigh and Sherrilyn Kenyon, I totally forgot and now I have to see how the contest ends and read some Kenyon!! FUN TIMES!!! LoL Helenhikaru

Ashley said...

Wow!! A great way to start off the week! I can't wait to be able to read this next story! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Nalini
Angels Blood is listed for release at 03.03.09. That's great because it's my birthday! What a wunderful present! I'm really curious how your vampire world will be.

Thank you for the excerpt

Jennifer K. said...

Nalini! I am so excited to see you'll be at the RWA Convention in San Fran this year. I'm going, too!

You can be sure I'm going to stop by and bug, uh, I mean, say hello. I'll be at Lora Leigh's RAW in Sept., as well, so I'll be bugging, uh, I mean, saying hello to you in person twice this year! Whoo-hoo!

Are you bringing any advance copies of psy/changeling or anything else with you? Cause that would be doubly awesome.

See you there.

Jennifer K.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer - no advance copies alas...except in my head *g*

Jennifer K. said...

Awwww. *frown* That stinks, Nalini. I think you should bring some advance copies of EVERYTHING.

I'm coming to San Francisco *cough, cough* just to see you!

Jennifer K. (not always completely truthful, although I am very glad you'll be there so I can say hello)