Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm back!

I'm back! How're you all? Tell me what you've been up to.

I've just completed a draft of Mercy's book and now I'm going to have a read and see how it all flows. I like to work with the whole book, rather than editing and finalizing sections, so I'll be doing further drafts - but I tell you, this book is sizzling ;-)

Talk to me - what's your news?


azteclady said...

Yay!!!! Welcome back, Nalini! It's great to have you back.

So.... Mercy's done, is she? :gleaming greedy eyes:

My news? Hmmm... I'm knitting and cross stitching like a mad woman, because my brother is visiting in a few weeks, and he'll be hauling the stuff back home, for Christmas' presents for the family.

(International shipping = beyond my budget)

I'm also reading and reading and reading and... oh, writing a review here and there :grin:

Anonymous said...

How does it feel to see the light again?

Nothing exciting going on here except for the storms. My husband and I learned a valuable lesson - check the weather before taking the boy to the pool. Getting caught in a torrential downpour and then hearing tornado sirens go off does not make me a happy mama.

We finally heard that we bought our first house. The seller's bank finally accepted our offer - DO NOT USE INDY MAC. Sorry, I have to say that. They took 3 months to tell us that our offer was good. And it was our first offer no less. Anyway, I'll be a first time homeowner soon.

Oh, I'm reading Magical Seduction now too.

Anonymous said...

LOL Azteclady - no, Mercy isn't done. But we're on the way :)

Wow, you're so organized with your Christimas stuff! I bow my head in awe!

Jackie - it's pretty bright out here *g* Hope you're all ok with the weather - we saw the tornados on the news and they looked so terrible. But yay on your first home! That must be so exciting!

Christine said...

Hi Nalini! Welcome back and congrats on your progress with Mercy's book! :)

I've been busy with end of the school year activities with my kids- two more weeks left until summer break! Right now we are in a freak heat wave and schools were closed yesterday and will be today as well. I don't ever remember that happening in the past-not even when I was a kid. But tornadoes and floods are even more dangerous, so I hope everyone in those regions stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I'm so excited about Mercy, I literally just squee'd when I read that. :D

I'm going back home to London today (been living in Canterbury for the past few months), so i'm excited about that. I watched Penelope last night - has anyone seen this movie? It's sweet, funny, moving, adorable, and slightly eccentric - all the things I love! And looking at the delicious James McAvoy never hurts. ;)

bel_78 said...

Congrats on that, Nalini :) I´m eager to read that book, too :)

nath said...

Welcome back Nalini!

It's great to hear that the first draft is done. Is that the most difficult step in writing a book?

Nothing special... but it's mighty hot... actually no, not hot, but HUMID in Montreal :P

Barbarita V said...

Welcome back! I bet Mercy's book is going to be pretty HOT. This will be a great summer reading.

Kati said...

What polite readers you have, Nalini...not me though! LOL!

So, give us a teeny, tiny something from Mercy. Anything. The first line, a tidbit about her hero, a setting, something -- anything.


Hope the time off was productive. We missed you around here!

Courtney said...

Welcome back, Nalini! We missed you, but it was okay because you were writing Mercy. :)

I haven't been knitting much because I've been overdosing on great books. Last week it was Lover Enshrined, Nightkeepers, and Kushiel's Mercy. The thought of another great book makes me dizzy. LOL

My sister is having her baby shower next month so I have to get my rear in gear and finish all the stuff I'm knitting and crocheting for her. Also my daughter is turning two in a week and we're gearing up for her party. My parents and sister care flying up for it, too, and this is so exciting! (I live far away from my family so anytime they come see me it's wonderful.)

How are you besides working herd, Nalini?

Courtney said...

Oops, I meant working HARD, not HERD. Though I suppose it works if you've been taking sheep-chasing breaks! LOLOL *wink*

Anonymous said...

HI Nalini,

Welcome back! I'm so glad that you've finished the first draft of Mercy's book! I'm adding my pleas to MK's - pleeeeeease give us a little Mercy titbit...just a incy one? Ohhh, and as a bribe - I'm not sure whether you knew that the cover (and blurb) for the new Anne Bishop book The Shadow Queen is out:


(I hope the link works as it wouldn't let me cut and paste is).

WOW - everyone is so industrious! Congratulations on your first house Jackie! Unfortuately, last week was...h*ll...to put it mildly. I received a phone call at work from the ambulance service - my 87-year-old grandmother had to go to hospital. She was released on Friday and (fingers crossed and touch wood) is well but I had a very messy 3 days trying to follow-up with the doctors (who never had her case notes) and also find care for my intellectually disabled aunt (who lives with my grandmother). I have a feeling my grandmother will have to move soon, probably to a retirement village, so I will have to find both her and my aunt a suitable home and get them moved... I'm not going to think about it now as there is just too much to do and just me to do it. It's a good thing I have books, that's all I can say :)


PS Courtney - I'm hoping to pick up Lover Enshrined this weekend! Fingers crossed it has arrived as I can't wait to read it!

Anonymous said...

Helen Gonzalez says....

Welcome back Nalini!!! We've missed you a lot!! So good to hear about Mercy....any hints??? Pleaseeeeee....well at least its good to hear from you I am so excited I finished my school and I am now a college graduate... whohoo!!!!! I have a Bachelor's in Liberal Studies now all I need to do is find a job!!! Anybody hiring??? LoL Helenhikaru

KT Grant said...

I am melting from the heatwave in the north east of the US!! But I am all for sizzling in your books :D

Were the bats kind to you in your cave?

Jenny Schwartzberg said...

Welcome back Nalini! Congratulations Helen on your graduation.

I join the chorus in begging for a taste of Mercy!

As for news, I just got a yummy flier printed up for my children's book exhibit and am handing it out to all and sundry (grin).

I'm off tomorrow to the Children's Literature Association Conference in Bloomington, IL and will of course be handing the flier out! And listening to sessions about all my favorite children's books!

Feeling hyper!


Anonymous said...

Nalini - you're back! Hi! I can't wait to hear more about Mercy and her man. On the book front, like some of the other ladies here, I've managed to read K Cole's latest and am finishing Lover Enshrined with Nightkeepers up next. News? Looking for a new job as my present one is becoming more stressful by the hour. Getting ready for the summer - although I've had a fine taste with the recent heatwave here on the East Coast...and, and, well, it's good to have you back!

Nalini Singh said...

MaryKate, I'm holding firm - no Mercy hints...yet *g* Who do you guys think her hero is?

Congrats on the graduation, Helen!

Christine and Kylie, stay cool in the heat wave :)

Daphne, I haven't seen it but it sounds interesting. I'm going to go look it up. James McAvoy...:)

Thanks, Bel.

Nath - personally, I love doing first drafts. Right now, I'm editing, editing, and that can be tough, but once I get into it, it's really consuming - I just get lost in the words. :)

Barbara - yes, you better have gloves ready for this book *g*

Courtney - that was a good typo - off I go to herd my sheep *g*

Katiebabs - bats were cool - they just like to hang about you know.

Orannia, so sorry to hear about your grandmother. Hope she feels better soon.

Jenny, have fun at your conference!

Christine said...

I was thinking maybe Mercy's mate is Riley. I don't know why... maybe just wishful thinking. Not to mention I'm anxious to officially tie the DarkRiver and SnowLeopard Packs together. :D

Kati said...

SIGH. Christine, seriously, it's like you and I have the same brain.

I think it's Riley too. He's the only one who seems to be able to get a rise out of Mercy. Plus, can you imagine the fireworks? :shivers:


Anonymous said...

OK, I know I'm a little slow today, but I'm with Christine and MK...Ohhhh, MK - now you've got me thinking about the fireworks between Riley and Mercy - he really does rub her up the wrong way doesn't he...at cats so hate that :)


Anonymous said...

It`s just wonderfull that you`re back Ms. Nalini!

Mercy`s hero? - That´s a really difficult question. - My first thouht: Riley. My second thought: Walker.

What I`ve done in the meanwhile?
- I`ve finished my first thesis for the schooling week in July. (I´m really glad that`s finished, because writing during my stressful work isn`t easy).
- Since a few weeks I´m a proud owner of two sweet Australien parrots. (Finally a new domestic animal. - When you´re used to have a pet, than it`s hard to be a long while whithout).



Saskia Walker said...

Welcome back! I missed your posts!